My name is Pang Tiantian (a pseudonym, but it can be used as the real name of Panda Run.)

Probably February 2015, during the Chinese New Year.

I did not go back to my hometown and spent the New Year alone outside.

It was really boring at the time, and I was watching TV series on my computer at home.

I don't read novels on weekdays, and I have almost no contact with online texts. I have read Ding and Huiming, the best artist in the early days, and I also watched a little bit of Panlong and Doupo.

Yes, I have just read so little online novels, and they are all from many years ago.

Let's continue talking about my watching TV series. Watching the foreign TV series The Walking Dead, then my head was full of zombies.

I am a fan of fantasy. I don’t know if there is anyone like me. Every night I know that if I close my eyes, it is all fantasy.

So that night, she fell asleep and dreamed, with zombies in her dreams.

When I got up the next day, I wanted to write a short story about a zombie, so there was the beginning of a dangerous city in the last days. I wrote more than 20,000 words without eating in a day. I was so excited.

My original intention of writing the book was just to be cool, and I never thought about embarking on a career path.

I remember that I wanted to find a place to upload the novel. I also knew a certain point, but at that certain point, the web interface was too complicated, and I didn’t figure out how to register the author, so I came to the aspect, in aspect. I registered an account on the Internet, randomly named the book "Dangerous City in the Last Days", and started writing.

There is no idea at the beginning of this novel, no outline, and the panda does not know how to write, and does not know what is called poisonous grass and fairy grass, thinking about it anyway.

In a blink of an eye, I wrote two hundred and sixty thousand words. I don't know what a contract is, and I don't know how to sign a contract with an editor.

Here I want to thank two people. One is the author Niuniu. He saw my novel and told the editor. After reading it, the editor felt that it was OK, so he signed a contract with me.

The second person who is grateful is that the editor's box lunch is so big. Although he is no longer arrogant now, he really led me on this road of writing novels.

Yes, I’m on the road. Today, August 6, 2018, the issue, I will write the entire book three words at the end of this chapter.

A novel of three years and four months is now over. Perhaps only one knows how many nostalgias and emotions there are.

I lit a cigarette, sitting in front of the computer and beating the content of the battle, one after another.

Then evaluate yourself.

"Doomsday Crisis" is a very unsuccessful web essay. It has no outline, no main line, full of poisonous spots, pig's feet lacking personality, too many characters, the later story line is too messy, the brain is too big and the narrative method is too white. Too many memories are added, there is no climax of a small plot, and no very good pig's feet are shown.

In short, this book has too many complaints, so it has been complained and even abused by countless readers.

At first I was indignant at these nasty readers, but now I have to finish the book but I am grateful.

I know why these readers would abuse this book. At least there are a few readers who like this book very much, but Panda failed to do better. Let this book be liked by readers. This is Panda's fault.

So for Panda, the next step is thanks.

Thanks to those obscure readers who have supported Panda with subscriptions for three years.

Thanks to the readers who have added me WeChat to send me red envelopes and leave messages to encourage me in the past three years.

It was you who gave this book an end. It was you who gave this book more than six million words. It was you who put Panda on the path of at least a semi-professional writer. Thank you very much.

Pandas are good enough to pee. Today, "Dangerous City in the End" is only finished, but another new book "The Good Doctor" was actually finished early. The urban supernatural power category. Panda wrote very carefully, but the grades are not good. 2.4 million words, readers who have time can come and have a look.

Panda is now preparing for the third book, which has basically been finished, but the title has not been finalized with the editor.

I hope that readers who like Dangerous City will also like Panda's another doomsday book.

This book Panda will try to write some regrets that were not able to be written in the dangerous city.

Thank you all again.

This testimonial may have to charge a little bit of vertical and horizontal coins. Panda actually considered whether it was inappropriate to do so. Later, I wanted to do it. Since it is a testimonial, I should share it with some readers who really care about pandas and like pandas. If they don’t like it, then It is estimated that I will not come to this passage.

Thanks again.

I recommend Panda again to publish on the Zongheng Chinese website, another book on Zongheng APP, "The Good Doctor", which is the story of Qin Yue and Qi Hao.

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