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Indeed, in terms of interest relations, the offensive is now gradually weakening, but there are not many forces that can be used, and these forces are eight out of ten. Nine of them are not far superior to the strength of the black clothed door, and it may not be cost-effective to chew hard bones.

"In this case, you will take the lead this time, bring a valuable gift, and go to Yongzhen Peak to meet the master, and apologize to him. Remember that you must do this matter grandly. It is best to let the world know that we are soft. It’s enough to give up the face of the pill after surrendering. He should just stop there, otherwise he won’t be able to get any benefits if we die."

Xiuzhu heard that the Heiyi sect had three masters as representatives and brought a lot of gifts. When he was about to come up to Yongzhen Peak to apologize to Wang Yin, the wine he had just drunk spewed out.

The person you killed them almost wiped out their sect. Not only did they dare not do anything, but they also took the initiative to come to the door to apologize, which is too awesome!

After talking about the matter to Wang Yin, Wang Yin's reaction was rather flat, except that Gao Xin and Xiuzhu were required to deal with it by themselves, and he did not come forward.

His main purpose is to get emotions. When the disciples of Heiyimen are chased and killed, the negative emotions are simply screened, but when the disciples of Heiyimen are greatly reduced, the negative emotions that can be extracted from them are just There are fewer and fewer, and there is a feature that it is often difficult to extract them after a major crisis.

It may be that emotions often go through such a process and will gradually weaken. Therefore, for Wang Yin, their use value is no longer large, and they will no longer continue to force those who want to get the medicine to attack Heiyimen.

Gao Xin and Xiuzhu went to negotiate and proceeded in accordance with Wang Yin's instructions.

After accepting things from others, and expressing lenient things to them, Gao Xin sent a message on the forum, saying that the man in black apologized to him and that he had forgiven them, and the next attack on the man in black cannot be used The pill is changed.

A farce finally came to an end, but it earned Wang Yin more than tens of millions of emotions.

In this period of time, Wang Yin has sold more than 500 true* Tongyuan Pills, of which more than 480 disciples have been admitted by Yongzheng Peak.

The other peaks are of course very dissatisfied, but for a person with a reputation like Yongzhen, other peak owners can only admit themselves to be unlucky, and even the disciples admitted by the leader are only a few people.

Yongquan invites Yongzhen to drink tea, and wants some disciples to go there. Every time Yongzhen will say: "Tea is good, people won't give it!"

Yongquan could only smile helplessly.

Hong'er and Lan'er have not yet awakened, and Su Wen is also in retreat.

During this period of time, Gao Xin didn't indulge in cultivation, and he still fought fiercely with that large group of outer disciples.

He had sent the pills before, so all the newly admitted outer disciples knew him, and they almost regarded him as the great brother among the outer disciples.

Many people still give him gifts in private, but this Gaoxin is also a sensible person. He knows that everything he gets comes from Wang Yin.

Therefore, he presented all the gifts he sent to Wang Yin and asked Wang Yin to pick them first, but Wang Yin didn't take them all. He just selected a few things he needed and gave the rest to Gao Xin.

Suddenly a voice came from the chat group of the heavens that hadn't been moving for a long time, "Daoist, I can't hold it anymore, come and help!" This was actually Lin Zhengying's voice.

"What's going on?" Wang Yin's thoughts moved, and he arrived in the world of "Mr. Zombie" in an instant.

Lin Zhengying was already injured, and the two apprentices were of course even more unbearable. Only Ren Tingting picked the main beam to fight a zombie.

In this world, there are actually zombies that can fight Ren Tingting without losing the wind?

Wang Yin is very curious, to know that under his training, Ren Tingting is already a top master in the world.

He handed Lin Zhengying a pill, and Lin Zhengying took it. He immediately felt refreshed and his injuries resolved instantly.

"Fellow Daoist is indeed a genius. With such a short effort, even the scriptures have reached such a realm. With a pill, all injuries are healed!" Lin Zhengying worshiped Wang Yin from the heart.

When this young man first saw him, his strength was average, but now he has far surpassed him, reaching a realm that he can hardly reach.

"You are welcome, fellow daoist, what happened to the zombie?"

"That zombie is a legendary general!"

"One of the four big zombie kings?" Of course, Wang Yin has heard of this name, but it should be in another TV series "I Have a Date with Zombies". Why did it get into the world of Uncle Jiu?

But regardless of this, Wang Yin directly blasted out a punch. The zombies just felt the sound of dragons and tigers roaring in the distance, and a huge fist instantly arrived in front of his eyes. He had been hit before he could react.

The whole head seemed to be turned into mooncakes by a sledgehammer, and the whole person turned back and knocked down countless trees?

"who are you?"

"He is my boyfriend!" Seeing Wang Yin, Ren Tingting couldn't help but blurt out.

"Awesome, you are not an ordinary person!" Jiang Chen wiped the corner of his mouth.

Wang Yin was also wondering that the strength of this officer has surpassed the ceiling of this world, how could he awaken here?

"What?" Jiang Chen suddenly felt as if there was a divine light shining on him, and his internal organs became transparent.

It was Wang Yin who used Xingjun's eyes on him.

Jiang Chen realized that he could not escape, his ins and outs were immediately clear to Wang Yin.

It turns out that this zombie king and general is actually the hidden boss of this world, and can only appear after reaching certain conditions in this world.

And this condition is that Jiu Shu's strength has reached the ceiling. Originally, when Wang Yin did not appear, Lin Zhengying in the world of "Mr. Zombie" was strong, but not the peak.

With Wang Yin's help, coupled with his frequent trips to and from the heavens, and rapidly improving his strength, this led to him having reached the peak state of this world, which triggered the final battle of the generals.

However, his strength is not as strong as the generals, if not for Ren Tingting to come in time, I am afraid he would have been seriously injured.

It turns out that, so to speak, as long as this zombie general is killed, then the world of Mr. Zombie can finally be completed, and Jiu Shu's Tianxin can finally evolve, and I can smoothly advance to become Lingwu Xiu.

Wang Yin has thoroughly understood that he had completed perfect missions in several other worlds before. Only the redemption state of this world was not enough. It turned out that the hidden boss has not been triggered yet.

"If that's the case, then you can go to death!" Wang Yin waved his hand, and a sword light that opened the world fell from the sky, covering the ministers.

Jiang Chen sneered, and a large amount of black air appeared on him.

In the countless shouts, UU Reading www.uukānshu.com's mountainous land suddenly broke open, and countless zombies sprang out from it. It turned out that this mountain was his zombie base camp. There were thousands of zombies hidden in it. He was preparing to interact with these Zombies are the vanguard, attacking the human world. At this time, when encountering a top player like Wang Ning, he can only take out his last hole card.

It's just that he didn't expect that his so-called hole cards were so vulnerable in front of Wang Yin.

Nothing can resist under the sword light.

Jiang Chen let out a loud roar, and his arms were blown out into ashes. The sword light reached the top of his head, and his whole body began to become illusory and began to melt.

Boom, Jiang Chen was directly destroyed, and all the little zombies he summoned disappeared. "Brother Xiaoyin, you are so amazing!" Ren Tingting jumped up and hugged Wang Yin. Her eyes were full of small stars. It was only a few days before Wang Yin's strength was seen, and there was an explosion of growth.

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