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Everyone saw the answer, and a large wave of negative emotions suddenly appeared, thinking that it was the people who had already purchased the medicine.

Wang Yin added another article below: "We are stepping up the refining of new pill. Don't worry if the pill is robbed, we will definitely deliver the pill to you as scheduled!"

So a wave of positive emotions surged up again, and everyone praised Wang Yin for scolding Heiyimen.

By the time Wang Yin returned to his own cave, the background continued to receive negative emotions.

This was the news that the disciple of the Heiyimen had been killed passed back to the sect, and the negative emotions caused by the news that the sect master received.

However, everyone did not expect that the more exciting is yet to come, and another message appeared on the forum.

"The old man who refines the medicine pill is very angry. He swears to be incompatible with the black cloth gate. He said that the black cloth gate seizes my pill and breaks the rules of the rivers and lakes. He offers a reward for the true * Tongyuan pill to chase down the black cloth gate. Killing a disciple of Lingwu Xiu or above will get one, killing a cultivator or above will get 10 pieces, and killing a sect master will get 20 pieces.

Next, Wang Yin released a set of questions, and all the questions contained in this set were investigations into the information of Heiyimen.

All kinds of detailed information were sent to Wang Yin through secret channels.

After finishing all this information, Wang Yin directly announced it on the forum.

Because he has Xingjun eyes, he still knows the general situation of Heiyimen. At this time, combined with the answer, he pieced together a complete image of Heiyimen.

Xiuzhu saw it in a cold sweat. This little junior is really too capable. He only used a few pills of medicine, which made many sect parties look at the black clothes. According to his news, many disciples and other sects have begun to fill the world. It's hard to say that the behavior of these disciples has nothing to do with Wang Yin's reward.

For Wang Yin, offering a reward to the black clothed door is only a means. His purpose is not to destroy the black clothed door, but to use this time to attack the black clothed door, collect their negative emotions, and at the same time inspire those blows. The positive emotions of the disciples of Heiyimen.

"Master, we seem to have offended people who shouldn't offend!"

Heiyimen is holding a meeting. ,

One of the gatekeepers reported: "The last time I went to rob the Zhentong source pill, not only did the pill not be snatched, it caused the alchemist to offer a reward. More than 300 of our disciples have been killed, and the master Xiangzhu also died. Ten, even the sect master was injured more than five. If this continues, we will become targets of public criticism."

"Who is such a bold person who dares to offer us a reward in black?"

"We suspect that someone might be behind it, and Tiancheng's Yongzhen is one of the suspects!"

"Yongzhen..." The main doorkeeper of the black cloth door almost couldn't come up.

This name, like a big mountain, made him breathless.

If it is the other peak master of the Tiancheng faction, he even has the means to communicate with the people of the Tiancheng faction and the two sides sit down and negotiate.

Heiyimen is a big faction, and it is also related to the Tiancheng faction and other decent factions.

As it is said that people are involuntarily in the arena, the Tiancheng faction is not monolithic, and has private contacts with various factions in the arena.

However, for Yongzhen, this set is completely useless. Since he has not stood up until now, it shows that he has acquiesced to this kind of hunting and killing reward.

As for his disciple, Heiyimen could only threaten but couldn't really kill him.

They can be sure that if Yongzhen Peak is killed by a disciple, Yongzhen will definitely kill the black clothed door and kill them all.

Ten years ago, an incident happened when an outside disciple of Yongzhen had offended some forces because he was a knight in the arena.

Those forces didn't know that he was a disciple of Tiancheng Sect's Yongzhen Peak, and directly destroyed his body.

Who knows that Tian Yongzhen alone carried a sword and directly killed the sect and executed all relevant personnel including the sect owner. Since then, the sect was removed from the arena.

After this battle, no one dared to offend the people of Tiancheng Sect Yongzhen Peak. Yongzhen was also famous for protecting his shortcomings. At that time, he was only avenging an outer disciple. If the inner disciple was killed, Who knows what he will go crazy? Maybe it will kill all the black clothes!

"It's really troublesome! Should we go to the head of Tiancheng faction Yongquan..."

"It's useless!" The main gate master shook his head, "Tiancheng faction uses that kind of pill and has collected so many star-gathering disciples. To be honest, that pill is too helpful to Tiancheng faction, it is equivalent to helping Tiancheng faction collect A lot of genius disciples! How good is it for the sect! Do you say that Yongquan will oppose it? Why is he making such a big thing in the faction? The elders of the faction have opinions on him, but no one has ever made trouble, and no one dares. This is the reason why we acted on that disciple! The Tiancheng faction needs him! So once we do act on him, don’t say that Yongzhen will kill us, I doubt that Yongquan will kill us!"

The boss was so depressed that he was about to vomit blood, and now he has no place to beg for mercy, but if he insists, their school will definitely shrink.

Although the sect master hasn't died yet, the disciple has already died more than 300. If this continues, I am afraid that there will not be many people left in the entire sect.

Moreover, he has heard that many disciples have secretly left the sect, announcing that it has nothing to do with the sect. Once the situation of leaving the sect is formed, the Heiyimen will be automatically removed from the arena without being attacked.

You can't hit or hit, you can't kill or kill, you can't beg for mercy, and the masters of the sect are so depressed that they vomit blood.

"The third child, what do you think?" the boss asked.

This third child is the most wise among the masters of the black cloth sect. He has not spoken a while ago, but his speech has always been eloquent.

"Dear masters, my idea is that we should take the initiative to admit our mistakes in this incident!"

"Admit it, we have died so many people..."

"If you don't want to admit your mistakes, more people may die, and the door may be destroyed in the future!"

The master of the three sects let out a sigh of relief, and said: "A sect is not just a few sect masters. If all the disciples are dead, what is the point of only a few sect masters?

"..." The opponents stopped talking, and what the Sanmen Master said was indeed reasonable.

"Master, in fact, in my personal opinion, although the alchemist is powerful, he does not have the idea of ​​killing us to death. He just used the pill to let people attack us, just let out a sigh of relief!"

When the Sanmen Master said so, the Damen Master showed a thoughtful look.

"Go on..."

"Now we take the initiative and give gifts~www.mtlnovel.com~ I think he will accept it!"

"Why?" the main gate master asked.

"Because he has already sent out a lot of true* Tongyuan Pills, and many schools have obtained these true* Tongyuan Pills. For them, the disciples they should train and send to the Tiancheng Sect have already received the medicine. There is no need to take the initiative to attack us anymore, so the power they can send to deal with us will be reduced. Moreover, our Heiyimen is not a **** sect without any background. Those who have not received the medicine are usually of average strength. For them, it is not certain whether they can gnaw hard bones like ours. Therefore, many people prefer to obtain the medicine by solving problems. Therefore, the power to attack our faction has been declining.

Now that the alchemist has earned money and anger has come out, we take this opportunity to show him weakness, he may not refuse to let us go! "

The three sect masters explained all the relationship of interests very clearly, and the other sect masters also nodded.

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