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Everyone also fell silent, along with Xiuzhu and the short man who was fighting with him.

Xiuzhu asked in a trembling voice, "Junior Brother, are you okay?"

He saw Wang Yin standing motionless on the spot, there seemed to be no injuries on the surface, but what about the internal organs? who knows? Maybe the whole person will be blown to pieces in the next moment!

A war fighter, a heavenly spirit emissary, what is the end of a fist confrontation? Any celestial envoy would give a short answer-Zhan Wuxiu was bombed into scum.

However, in front of him, the spiritual envoy of the day had lost an arm, and this warrior Wu Xiu had a relaxed face, nothing happened.

This ease has deepened Xiuzhu's fear.

"I'm fine, it's fine!" Wang Yin's expression was relaxed.

"You hateful kid, I will never let you go! Broken stars!!" The heavenly spirit envoy raised his left hand, and the fire tree and silver flowers were displayed in his hands, like a grand fireworks party. These fireworks appeared from his hands and became More and more clear, more and more massive, one illusion, two illusions, four illusions, eight illusions and sixteen, so that the illusions become thousands and thousands, as if the entire sky is enveloped in it.

To break the stars is to destroy the stars with flames, burn the sky, and everything in the sky will be burned to ashes.

It is not so much broken stars as it is burning stars.

This is the four-level best martial arts of the Celestial Envoy. Few of the Celestial Envoys can practice the best martial arts. This was sent to him by the sect after he made great contributions. Therefore, he has been envied by others for a long time. It has always been him. The most proud of martial arts.

Don't say that it is a Zhanwuxiu Skywalker, even if it is the Heavenly Spiritual Envoy, there are already dozens of them.

Xiu Zhu was in a hurry. The two men were definitely not easy. Although they were not as good as him overall, he couldn't kill them in an instant to rescue Wang Yin.

He even had the idea of ​​calling Master and asking Master to save him, but now he doesn’t even have the ability to destroy the teleportation charm. The short man forced him so tightly that he was fighting him almost by burning his life. , Xiuzhu couldn't make any move.

"I really don't learn a lesson!" Wang Yin sighed in his heart. Are these martial arts practitioners stupid? Didn't he just feel that his strength is not at all afraid that the power of his heavenly spirit can be broken, but the power of his heavenly spirit can't break his own defense, is this not enough to explain everything? Actually there will be a second move, shouldn't you run away quickly?

Of course, I think so. Actually, Wang Yin knew that even if the other party escaped, he would never escape his palm.

But in an instant, Wang Yin suddenly felt something wrong, Xingjun's eyes swept across in an instant, and he already understood.

Almost at the same time, where he had stayed, the trees, rocks and vines withered and scattered in an instant.

It turned out to be a sonic attack!

Wang Yin heard a huge roar in his ears, like the roar of a lone wolf at the last moment of his life.

It was another stunt of the spiritual envoy of that day-the wolf swallowing the sky and howling.

However, this move is not the power of Lingwu Xiu, but the power of the cultivator, the cultivator, this is the realm above Lingwu Xiu.

This move can be issued without using hands, because the attack method he sent from his mouth has extremely strong penetrating power, and the rocks where he passes are broken into powder, not to mention trees.

Anyone who encounters it will be turned into ashes. Because this trick is made with the mouth, it is quite concealed. The tall man in black has used this trick to trick many cultivators.

However, for Wang Yin, it was completely useless. With a long roar, a sound wave stronger than Lingwuxiu burst out.

In the midair, thunder surged, and a thunder dragon entwined with purple lightning appeared in the lightning, and Xiuzhu's eyelids trembled.

This Wang Yin is simply crazy, I don't know how many other such methods he still has, and he actually used the identity of a warrior to straighten up the cultivator!

Gao Xin's face was full of admiration, and he seemed to be demented. "The boss is so handsome and cool!"

A crazy color appeared in Wang Yin's eyes, and a huge flame with burning light and distorted light radiated from him all over the radius.

Gao Xin's clothes, who had not been able to join the battle, had already begun to burn to ashes. He backed frantically. At this time, he would become coke if he didn't wait.

On the other hand, Wang Yin’s muscles are knotted, as if the dragons are walking under the skin, the mercury and blood are like pulp, which are blood dragons roaring, and his muscle strength has been exerted to the extreme, just because the dragon spirit stone sword birth has already After the shackles were released, it was no longer the rough-looking stone, but a real sword, the dragon sword.

There was a trace of hesitation and hesitation in the eyes of the black-clothed tall angel. The young man on the other side was so alive. It felt like an elephant facing an ant, and then the ant lifted up. It was a muscular hand, pulling the elephant by the nose and beating him fiercely. The feeling made the elephant cringe.

The Heavenly Spirit Envoy retreated while frantically resisting Wang Yin's tremendous coercion. He had lost all his courage and felt that all his attack methods were completely useless, and the only remaining method was to save his life.

"Vajra lotus body, immovable vajra seal, miluo seal..." In an instant he blessed himself with countless seals, the golden light all over his body was released, a lotus throne appeared on his legs, and countless runes were on his body. Upstream, this is another martial art of the heavenly spirit envoy-immortal immortal seal, which is a seal array formed by bringing together many seals.

Wang Yin's sword blasted, and the sky's flames blasted directly on the head of the Heavenly Spirit Messenger, making a crash.

A mushroom cloud appeared in the place where the two of them stood. The Heavenly Spirit Envoy was directly knocked down in the soil by this move. The whole person was half into the soil, all hair and clothes were burned out, and the whole head became a bare potato. , Eyes, ears, and nasal blood flow.

With Peng's cry, his immortal seal was directly shattered, and Wang Yin's dragon spirit stone sword fetus directly bombarded him, denting his chest, and hitting it as far away as a baseball.

The short man who was fighting with Xiuzhu heard the movement and almost shook his head with a sword.

He has been paying attention here, but he did not expect that the situation would turn into this. The appearance of this young man just broke out, causing them to have a sense of fear these heavenly envoys, as if they angered a docile angry dragon.

The angry dragon turned out to sweep the world, they are just chickens and dogs that can't stand a blow.

He was too distracted to defend, but was taken advantage of by Xiuzhu to insert a few swords. He and Xiuzhu were not much different in strength, but although Xiuzhu is not as high as him, after all, he is the strongest Tiancheng faction under Yongzhen Peak. True biography disciples are by no means comparable to those of ordinary sects.

It's just that Wang Yin was in a crisis just now. Xiuzhu was worried that he would not be able to exert all his power to save the talents. Now that Wang Yin is safe, he immediately concentrated and suppressed the man in black.

Xiuzhu captured the man in black, locked the acupuncture path, and threw it underground.

"Who are you?"

"We are disciples of Heiyimen, you let us go quickly, otherwise our master will never let you go."

Black-clothed disciple!

When Xiu Zhu knew this black door, his face suddenly changed.

Among the Heiyimen, the martial arts masters do not know wherever they are. The key is that it is not a decent school like the Tiancheng Sect, but a bandit den.

The ten masters inside are the ten bandits or bandits. The court and martial arts wanted to destroy them, but they never did so.

To be targeted by these people is to be locked in by the mad dogs and wild wolves. It is extremely troublesome to stop them. If they are released, they will be even more arrogant. If they hurt them, it will offend the whole school, as if stabbing a hornet's nest. Generally, Xiuzhu really has a headache.

Seeing Xiu Zhu's face changed, Wang Yin asked strangely, "Is the black door very powerful?"

"Very powerful. They have ten masters, all of whom are at the level of cultivation and above. The court and martial arts schools hunted them down, but they never succeeded. Instead, they lost a lot of manpower."

"In other words, they are actually villains!" Wang Yin interjected.

The two disciples almost suffocated their breath.

"You can say so!" Xiu Zhu didn't know how to express.

"They are indeed big villains!"

"How is the level of the ten masters? How about the peak masters?"

"That means that Master can crush them to death with one hand!"

"In that case, what are you keeping them for? New Year?" Wang Yin sneered, "Just kill these two guys!"

The expressions of the two disciples of the black-clothed door changed in an instant. Just now they wanted to use the black-clothed door to threaten Wang Yin, but he didn't expect that his backing was stronger, and he was not afraid.

"Even if you belong to Yongzheng Peak, we have black clothed doors all over the world. As long as you dare to step out of Yongzheng Peak, you are dead!"

"Dare to be so arrogant when you die!" Wang Yin kicked the dwarf's face and stepped his entire head on the ground. "Could you know that there is a saying that the villain died of talking, the more talking The faster you die."

"We admit defeat, we can compensate you, anyway, you have nothing to lose!" The two black-clothed disciples almost cried.

Originally thought that his two cultivation skills would definitely be able to deal with a few small fighting martial arts.

Even if Yong Zhenfeng had disciples come out to help, he couldn't have an address, and Xiang Zuo would definitely not stop them when he came out.

But they didn't expect that the other party didn't even hurt their hair, but they themselves had to die!

"Oh, what compensation do you plan to use for us?" Wang Yin became interested.

"We can give you Tianxin in the realm of Lingwu cultivation, spar, top weapon Tianxin..."

"Yes, yes, as long as you let us go, you will be our distinguished guest of Heiyimen, and we will ally with him on behalf of Heiyimen."

"You two little lackeys are also worthy to form an alliance with me on behalf of the martial arts?" Wang Yin was funny.

"As for the treasure, as long as you two are killed, what is not mine?"

When the two practitioners heard Wang Yin’s words, they were going to die depressed. They didn’t expect that although this young man was young, he was ruthless and stable enough to talk about business, and what he said was correct. He was not the kind of fledgling young man who could fool around casually. Rookie.

"You tell me the situation of the black door!"

The two looked at each other to see the fragility in each other's eyes, and reached an agreement, so they poured beans like a bamboo tube, and generally explained the situation of all the black doors they had made.

"That's it!" Xiu Zhu was taken aback. He didn't expect the Heiyimen to be even stronger than the legend. It is really troublesome to offend such a sect.

Although the master guards Yongzhen Peak, no one dares to make trouble, but as the two disciples said, if they leave Yongzhen Peak, it will be in trouble.

"Are you finished?" Wang Yin asked.

"That's it!"

"Very good, it seems that you are very confident that you can collude with me if you don't see it!"

The faces of the two turned pale in an instant, and they did not expect that their secret skills would be guessed by Wang Yin.

There is a technology in their door that allows people to collude with each other. Therefore, they used this method to escape many times when they were hunted by the court and by the martial arts. But he didn't expect that the young man in front of him would know their secrets and scared them to death. This time was really over.

"You don't count what you say, you have said that we said and let us go!" The two black-clothed cultivators were so depressed to death.

"First, did I say it? I just asked you to tell the truth, but you all lied to me, which made me very angry, so I originally planned to let your mind go and turn back. Now, I decided to kill you two liar bad guys!" Wang Yin was plausible.

"You didn't intend to let us go!" The two finally woke up.

"Yeah, you only understand that this reaction is really slow enough. It seems that the villain not only died of talking, but also died of slow reaction!" Wang Yin casually slashed the tall man with a sword.

"You really killed them!" Xiu Zhu was stunned, this little junior disciple was too courageous.

"Of course, how can there be fakes?"

"Kacha!" The other one was also chopped off.

The most excited person at the scene was Gao Xin. He was not afraid of anything, and he looked excited. In his opinion, the real boss is the one who is not afraid of the sky.

Although the level of Wang Yin and Xiuzhu are quite different, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, but in his opinion, Xiuzhu cannot be compared with Wang Yin, and Wang Yin's unrelenting courage is not what Xiuzhu has.

"Boss, do we still have to send this pill?"

"Where to send it, where is the pill? Didn't our pill be robbed by the man in black?"

"What! Can you still play like this?" Xiu Zhu looked dazed.

"Yes, the boss is right. Not only was this one taken away, but the remaining five were also taken away. By the way, they should be notified as soon as possible!"

So Wang Yin posted a message on the forum: "Shocked! I have already purchased the pill, but have not been able to get it. The reason is actually..."

The Tiancheng disciple hurriedly clicked in, and it said "The pill was robbed by the man in black!"

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