Late at night, ten miles outside Leizhou city.

A mule car stopped silently on the cliff of Shilipo.

In the moonlight, two dark shadows came down from the car, one of which was thin like a bamboo pole, and the other was a little chunky. After getting out of the car, the dwarf came to the car, lifted the curtain, then drilled in like a fat mouse, and the thin man came to the curtain and waited for him. After a while, a long dark thing was pushed from the car by the dwarf. When he got down, he was caught by the thin man, and the short man got out of the car. The two carried the thing together and walked towards the bottomless cliff.

In the moonlight, the long thing was actually a person or a teenager, but at this time, his eyes were closed and lifeless, and his face was pale like a zombie.

"Mad, this kid is really a long-term suspect. He dared to assassinate our young master without weighing his weight. With Chen guarding, who can approach the young master's body!" The dwarf took a sip and stretched his legs on the young man. Kicked a few feet.

"That is to say, the old man who wants to kill you should come back to this ghost place to carry a corpse, really!" The thin man also responded.

"Well, Mazi, who the **** is this guy? Why is it so desperate!" The cold wind blew through, and the dwarf was stunned for a while. In this rumored place, he had hair straight in his heart, but the young master The order cannot be disobeyed, otherwise he will be thrown into this abyss by the day like this boy. I was really scared in my heart, so I could only talk to the thin man to relieve my inner fear.

为了 "For what? Huh!" The skinny showed that he couldn't see him. "Master Chen, Leizhou City, is there any reason for being assassinated?"

Without waiting for the answer from the dwarf, Slim said to himself: "Nothing but, killed his family, robbed his family's land, maybe his mother, oh, this little guy is so young, maybe he ... "He paused, and then said," As for who, does it matter? When he dies, he dies, but he is a pariah who doesn't know what to do! "

Uh ...

Two people whispered, talking one by one, and then came to the edge of the cliff, swinging the corpse high, and suddenly dropped the bottomless abyss.

The car went away gradually, and the entire tranquility of Bailipo was restored. Only the whining cold wind wandered in the mountains, as if countless grievances were cheering and a new partner was added.

——Dividing line——

The popular day once again shines on the land of Leizhou.

There are countless sparrows clustering on Bailipo, a happy and peaceful atmosphere, no one can see everything that has happened here.

之下 Below the Bailipo.

On the beach of a slowly flowing river, a young man with wounds lying on his face was the boy who was dropped by two night pedestrians yesterday.

At this time, the boy was still still. Except for a few scratches on his body, there was almost no difference from the night, and he was a dead person.

Three poles the next day, the vapor of cloud and mist that had transpired above the river suddenly dissipated, and the sound of birds and beasts in the valley began to rise.

In the fog deep in the Luohe Valley, several sly beastheads suddenly appeared silently.

Luohe Valley Wolf! This is the most common and extremely ferocious carnivore under Pali.

The three river valley wolves seemed to be a family. They walked towards their food in a hurry, and no accident, the juveniles will definitely be their food. This is the experience of the valley wolves for many years. Although they can't think, every month more or less human beings are thrown from the cliffs that are so high and become their food.

He was approaching, and the male wolf among the three wolves called a few times, and seemed to be signalling the little wolf to hunt for food.

The jackal wolf showed a little excitement, sprinting a few steps, biting the teenager's shoulder fiercely, and the blood flowed down from the gap between the teeth. The wolf wobbled left and right to show his ability to his parents.

However, sudden changes occur!

The coyote who was preying on excitement suddenly sobbed, suddenly let go of the food, and flinched back several steps. Seems something terrible.

The male wolf was about to drive the little wolf forward to prey again, and the young man's body suddenly emitted a golden light, and then the young man actually hung upright with his head down, his hands and feet dragged, like a puppet held by a line, and The eyes opened involuntarily.

That's a scary pair of eyes.

There was only a piece of blood red inside, and the black and white eyes were completely invisible, like two rubies that were to bleed.

@ # ¥% …… & amp;

An ancient and vicissitudes of voice echoed throughout the valley, panicking the three river valley wolves. Although they did n’t know what the voice meant, the sense of power accompanied by the voice made them extremely fearful, even in the valley. Of the most powerful beast, there is absolutely no such fearful coercion!


Taking the young man's suspended body as the core, the invisible waves that can not be seen in a circle spread rapidly all around, and the entire valley exploded like a million tons of explosives were ignited at the same time.

Everything within a hundred-meter radius, whether it is hard granite, the rapid scouring river or the floating mist in the air, are all turned into nothingness by this invisible wave!

The three wolves didn't even have the whimper of fear before they turned into a void, leaving no trace of even a single fall!

After the cricket exploded, the rocks that were 100 meters away continued to fall under the impact, while the young man's body was like a puppet that had been cut off from the rope, and fell directly into the 100-meter deep pit at his feet.

For a short while, the vibration of the mountain gradually subsided, and the river water gradually resumed flowing, and the 100-meter deep pit was slowly filled up!


A string of coughing came from the deep pit, and a head protruded from the river. It was the young man who could not die anymore. He was alive and looked very mental. At this moment he was wide. With dark eyes, he headed to the water and breathed desperately, while swiping his hands and feet to swim to the shore.

"Where? What is this?" Wang Yin climbed to the shore, lying on the river beach with all her arms, panting constantly!

"Why did I come to this place? Could it be possible to cross?" At this time, Wang Yin's mind was in chaos, and two memories were in constant conflict in his brain, one after another, chaotic.

One of these memories told him that he was a student in another world, and came here because of an accident. But another memory tells him that he is the person in this world. All the experiences from the beginning of the memory are clear, and it is definitely not that the soul is attached to others.

The country in which he lives is called the Great Heavenly Dynasty, and the Great Heavenly Dynasty online novels are popular. Many of them cross the plot. He is his loyal reader, but he did not expect that one day he would encounter such a thing!

What is even more weird is that the names in his two memories are exactly the same, both are called Wang Yin.

what! Wang Yin touched her chest, and all the ribs that had been torn apart had returned to normal, and all the scars on her body had disappeared.

好 "It's strange! Didn't I get stabbed to death by the ribs of Pang Yifeng's thief, why did I come back to life, and even the wounds disappeared!"

Grace, yes!

Wang Yin pointed his right index finger on his forehead, fully focused, half a moment, no response!

"Did I really die? Even Tianxin disappeared!" Wang Yin showed an incredible expression, which was really amazing and weird.

Xuan Tianxin is a magical thing unique to this world, and its body is a glittering heart-shaped light ball. This kind of light sphere is usually contained in various magical creatures, and only happens by chance after these creatures die. They originated when no one can test it. All people know is that the heavenly heart can be integrated with people, and the people who have merged have all kinds of incredible powers. For example, people who can't swim can suddenly become masters of diving, and The weak can't help but become a super-hercules, more advanced can even let people learn the kung fu sword sword fist palms and other skills.

Wang Yin has a heavenly heart since he was a child. After the integration of this heavenly heart, Wang Yin can not only increase strength but also carry a set of iron palms.

The practice of more than ten years also allows Wang Yin to learn about many characteristics of the Tianxin. One of them is that once the Tianxin is fused, unless the fused person volunteers, the Tianxin will only return to the form of the Tianxin after the fused person dies Appears, automatically will not leave the human body. So Wang Yin found that he had lost his heavenly heart unconsciously. Obviously, he could only have died once. In fact, the previous memory also told him this fact, but it is too weird to come back to life, so Wang Yin is really hard to believe! Now with the fact that Tianxin was automatically lost, he couldn't believe it!

What a pity, this heavenly heart!

Wang Yin felt depressed for a long time. The value of Tianxin in this world is very great. Like Wang Yin's Tianxin, although it contains only a force, it also contains only a set of incomplete first-class Chinese iron. It works, but if it is auctioned, the price will be more than a thousand dollars (1 two gold = 100 two silver, 1 two silver = 1,000 copper), the average family of three with 500 copper a month is already very rich Wang Yin, because he was drunk and learned martial arts since childhood, and his mother also supported him to practice martial arts. Although his family was poor, he never had the idea of ​​selling it. He did n’t expect to lose it all at once. It really hurts.

"With my current kung fu, it is impossible to enter the nightmare cave to kill the heavenly beast to obtain the heavenly heart. Is it possible that Xiao Tuo ’s revenge will never be reported like this?" Wang Yin said to herself, gritted her teeth, accidentally His strength suddenly patted at a big tree beside him.


A big tree that can only be surrounded by two people was interrupted directly by his palm, and it fell suddenly in a creak, setting off a layer of dust.

"..." Wang Yin stared blankly at her palm, as if she was so surprised to see the legendary fairy descending from the sky.

How could the power of the iron palm become so great?

Wang Yin's Iron Palm Heavenly Heart contains not only a set of iron palm palms, but also a set of thousands of hearts that match the palm palms. This is a set of internal strength cheats, which belongs to the first class of Chinese products. Become another realm above the warrior-Skywalker.

Wang Yin practiced kung fu from a young age, and the iron palm was practiced more than 100,000 times. The hard work and the help of the iron palm Tianxin and the Qianshen heart method, he made rapid progress and ascended from the three realms of the military. At the age of 12, he reached the martial arts realm, at the age of 12 he reached the martial arts realm, and at the age of 14, he reached the martial arts realm. It is also a famous kung fu boy in the whole town, so I dared to go alone to avenge my little sister.

It seems that Wang Yin's body is inherently inadequate. Although he did not encounter any problems in martial arts practice, he has been unable to consolidate the cyclone, and there is no way to enter the realm of the skywalker. Therefore, when assassinating the enemy Pang Yifeng, he was killed by a Skywalker realm under his guard.

However, judging from the attack of the palm just now, its power is at least about 800 kilograms, which is very close to the force of the skywalker!

If cyclones can condense, then entering Skywalker is just around the corner.

After strangling to death, he lost his mind and made great strides. Wang Yin was caught off guard by happiness.

After groaning for a moment, Wang Yin observed the surrounding environment and jumped into a three-meter-high stone pit to sink into her mind and observe her body.

He didn't think there was anything unusual when he looked around, but when he concentrated his mind on the Yintang near the eyebrow, the abnormality happened.

Wang Yin only felt a cry, his body seemed to change the space, and a mysterious space he had never seen before appeared.

Over his head is a shiny golden ball, surrounded by dozens of huge bronze-colored gates surrounding the golden ball in a half-moon shape. The gate is as high as ten feet high. It is carved with a mysterious glyph that is not in this world. Vicissitudes of life.

What is this place? Wang Yin looked around and found no one else, only he was calling in front of a huge bronze gate like the gate of heaven, like a ant.

Wang Yin tried to walk towards the door directly opposite, and walked about a dozen steps. There was still a hundred steps away from the door. The door suddenly opened slowly and silently, and it was dark inside and could not see anything.

Wang Yin groaned over whether to enter the door, I wonder if there is anything behind it, whether there is any danger.

He turned and walked towards the other door. At a distance of about a hundred steps, the door opened silently. The inside was still dark and there was nothing to see.

After a moment of contemplation, Wang Yin took off her shoes and threw them into the door. After hearing the "pounce", the shoes landed, and then there was no movement.

I'll take a look!

Wang Wangyin finally made up his mind. There didn't seem to be anything in it, at least there was no beast or anything else, otherwise he would have jumped out and bitten!

Raising strength, Wang Yin was ready to fight at any time, and carefully entered one of the gates.

Entered the door and picked up the shoes that he had lost. Wang Yin looked around and found that there was still no noise quietly around it. It was strange that the inside of the door looked dark and not seen from the outside. Bottom, but when you look inside, you can clearly see the faint blue color in the distance.

Wang Yin continued to walk slowly towards the inside. Finally came to the place of faint blue color, it was another door bigger than the city gate-half covered.

Wang Yin opened the door and turned out to be a paradise of beautiful scenery!

The mountains are soaring, surrounded by green water, and a three-story cottage with a very strange style is built in front of the mountain river. It is by no means a building in any country in the world known by Wang Yin. There is a large open space with hundreds of steps in front of it On the open space, there was a shining figure across the body, watching silently Wang Yin who came out of a door suddenly appearing on the plain below the mountain.

"What is this place?" Wang Yin slowly walked towards the figure, stopped at a place about two hundred steps away, and secretly guarded.

That figure doesn't answer! I just came to the open space, opened my posture, and started punching.

"This is ... Iron Palm Palm!" Wang Yin couldn't see a few breaths, and immediately realized that this was exactly the Iron Palm Kung Fu he practiced, but when used in the hands of the opponent, it was in stark contrast to Wang Yin's past. Different, not only is it faster and sharper, but also has a kind of dynamic feeling like clouds and flowing water. Compared with him, Wang Yin feels that his previous method of playing is just as clunky as the old cow farming.

Then surprised Wang Yin with more excitement.

"This ... is it the eleventh ... there is another ... the twelfth ... the eighteenth! This is the complete iron palm method!"

The records on the heavenly heart obtained by Wang Yin are only broken iron palms, but there are only simple ten-style iron palms, and it is said that the complete iron palms have a full eighteen styles, and its power is not just The power of first-class Zhongpin is basically the first-class top-ranking method, but unfortunately it records the heavenly heart of the iron palm control method, and the price is not imaginable by poor people like Wang Yin. I did not expect to come to this place somehow today, and actually saw the complete iron palm method.

还有 "And there is!" Wang Yin was excited, but the figure continued to fight unhurriedly, and it was a completely different iron palm!

"Twenty-eight palms! How is this possible! Isn't this an iron palm, but the ten palms in front are exactly the same ..." Wang Yin's surprised mouth could be stuffed with four or five big fists!

After the figure hit twenty-eight palms, he quietly retreated to the side of Yanwu Stadium, stopped moving, and ignored Wang Yin's surprise and inquiry.

Wang Yin was puzzled, and showed the other man to show 28 iron palms to himself. It didn't seem to be malicious, so he walked forward and found that the figure was not a living person, just a sparkle. Shiny light and shadow! It only has the shape of a person, and even the eyes and nose are very blurred, it is even harder to see whether it is male or female. Facing Wang Yin's approach, he didn't react at all, like a wooden man.

Until Wang Yin walked into the martial arts field, Light and Shadow finally reacted. As before, he jumped into the field, posing in a boxing practice, and started to hit his 28-style iron palm with one stroke and one stroke, just an action. It's a lot slower than before. It looks like it's not practicing boxing, but it's like demonstrating, asking Wang Yin to follow it.

Wang Yin also understood that the light and shadow man actually wanted to teach him how to play this set of techniques, and now he was overjoyed, followed immediately, and began to learn one by one.

Wang Yin, who has already learned the ten styles, started immediately, but before I saw the demonstration of Guangyingren, I learned that the same technique has different mysteries, so I learned very seriously and got a lot of new insights.

After reaching the eleventh style, the difficulty increased immediately. After the twentyth style, Wang Yin could only draw gourds in the same way, without any feeling.

After the beat, Wang Yin felt that the palm of his hand was full of energy, and a strong sense of power filled his hands and arms. The power of the iron palm was at least 30% higher than before.

Wu Guangyingren did not stop, and then started again ...

Ten times, twenty times, thirty times ...

Wu Guangyingren seems to be able to easily judge Wang Yin's weak links. When Wang Yin can't keep up, he will slow down, and some moves are repeatedly practiced. The subtleties are presented one by one.

Wang Yin felt that he felt more about the iron palms than in the previous ten years of exploration, but just followed them for a long time, and his arms had lost any feeling, and even raising his hands felt as heavy as Mount Tai.

The light and shadow people didn't mean to stop and rest. Wang Yin finally lay on the ground tired and couldn't move. The light and shadow people looked at Wang Yin, who was constantly panting. He was completely expressionless, raised his hand, a piece of bluestone larger than the bull's head. Suddenly appeared in the air, slamming into the wind and thunder suddenly hit Wang Yin.

"Murder!" Wang Yin saw the flying posture of the stone and knew that it was definitely not bluffing. He would have to be disabled if he hit an undead. In the lightning flash, he had two palms of his hand to push it out. .

bump! Wang Yin's entire body was slid back three feet, and both palms and arms felt completely broken. Is this a bull's head stone? It is simply a giant tree!

I haven't waited for him to feel his emotions. The second bigger stone flew at him like a shell!

By bump, this time it hit Wang Yin firmly and hit him with a lot of pain, but it seemed that the power was not as strong as before.

I didn't wait for Wang Yin to think about it carefully. The third stone was smashed with a thunderbolt. Wang Yin gritted her teeth and raised the arm that felt broken. UU read the book It was still a pain, but it was still tolerable.

Then comes the fourth and fifth blocks. The light and shadow people seem to ignore Wang Yin's fatigue, and will only continue to fire stones to attack Wang Yin, causing Wang Yin to be bruised all over.

Wang Yin, who was only half-dead, slowly realized other things. This light and shadow man seems to be not only attacking himself, but also inducing himself to use the iron palm, so except the first stone made him hurt. Almost fainted. Although the back stone attack was painful, it was still within the range that it could tolerate. It seemed that the light and shadow people adjusted their strengths just to train Wang Yin to use the iron palm.

I smashed the stones over and over in the Stonehenge. Wang Yin didn't know how many stones he had hit. From being hit frequently at first, to slowly blocking off one or two later, he was able to resist most of them later. He has already understood one thing. This Stonehenge may be a special iron palm training method. The angle of attack is very unique. Only when Wang Yin uses the iron palm accurately can he block or even repel the stones. Otherwise, it will definitely hit his body and make him painful.

Under this crazy training, Wang Yin's grasp of the iron palm is almost a thousand miles away.

What made him even more ecstatic was that he slowly felt that there seemed to be a strange change in his hands, and there was actually a weak cyclone running in the arm meridians.

Swirling a cyclone, it was actually a cyclone. Wang Yin practiced a goal that he had been pursuing for more than ten years and had never been able to find. Now it is just inexplicable.

Wang Yin was so excited that he madly practiced the iron palms.

bump! Another big bluestone flew, Wang Yin was finally exhausted, too late to resist, and received a severe blow on his chest. The whole person was hit and flew out, and fell into the stream next to the wooden house ...