"Dan League? What does the Dan League do?" Yun Chujiu asked curiously.

Huan Jiang said vaguely: "I don't know too well, it should be the managing pharmacist."

Yun Chujiu's eyes lit up: "The one who manages the pharmacist? Is Dan Meng also in the Buddha City?"

"How could the Dan League be located in the Buddha City?! This is the Buddha Prison!"

Huan Jiang felt that his tone was a little bad after speaking, and hurriedly pleaded guilty: "I have nothing to stop, but also ask Mei Yaoshi to forgive me!"

Yun Chujiu waved his hand indifferently: "I have said that, we love sisters, there is no need to pay attention to these.

It seems that Dan League is outside, I really want to see it.

Is it possible that anyone who is a pharmacist can enter the Dan League? "

Huan Jiang subconsciously said: "Of course not. The barriers to the pill league are very high, and only the prefecture-level pharmacists are eligible to enter the pill league."

Yun Chujiu blinked his eyes: "Is it difficult for a prefecture-level pharmacist? Maybe I will soon become a prefecture-level pharmacist."

Huan Jiang didn't say a word, and said his heart, you are really overconfident!

Pharmacists are divided into heaven, earth, mysterious and yellow levels, and each level is divided into nine levels.

Most of the people in the medicine room were Huang-level pharmacists, only a few were mysterious-level pharmacists, and most of them were first-level mysterious-level pharmacists.

The Yaoyao Zhuo who took Feiyi as a medicinal servant was already at the fourth level of the mysterious rank, so his position in the medicinal house was somewhat special.

Because he will soon reach the fifth rank of the mysterious rank and leave the Buddha Prison.

That's right, as long as you reach the fifth stage of the Profound Rank, no matter what your status is, you can leave the Buddha Prison and be free.

And the fifth rank of the mysterious rank is still fourth from the ground-level pharmacist, not to mention that many pharmacists will be stuck in the ninth rank of the profound level throughout their lives.

Therefore, it is not easy to enter the Dan League.

As for Mei You, becoming a pharmacist is probably due to dog and **** luck, and she wants to become a prefecture-level pharmacist. This is no different from the idiot's dream.

Of course, she couldn't say anything, so she changed the subject and talked about other things in the Buddha City.

Yun Chujiu interrupted from time to time, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Yun Chujiu wondered, how does Huan Jiang know so much?

Among other things, how did she know about Dan League in such detail?

People in the Buddha Prison know that the Dan League is already very good, and it is impossible to know what the entry barrier is.

Could it be that her relatives were from Dan League before?

The more Yun Chujiu thinks about it, the more he thinks this possibility is very high, because according to the old man from Sanshiya, the people in the eight evil prisons and the sixteen prison districts are the descendants of those felons, and the people in the Buddha City are basically He was imprisoned after making a mistake.

Thinking of this, this guy is eyeing Huan Jiang.

As long as she takes heart, no one can withstand the psychological offensive of this guy, it's just a matter of time.

Finally, ten days later, Huan Jiang's psychological defense was broken.

"The pharmacists who join the Dan League are also divided into levels, the lowest is Yiding pharmacist, and the highest is Jiuding.

My grandfather was originally a Liuding pharmacist of the Dan League, so let me tell you, Niu Lu is no more than a Siding pharmacist, which shows how beautiful my grandfather was.

Unfortunately, afterwards, my grandfather was murdered and carried a scapegoat. Our family was sent to the Buddha Prison.

That's not even counted. On the way to the Buddha Prison, it was calculated that, except for my brother and I who escaped by chance, the other relatives all died tragically.

Although his grandfather saved his life, he became a foolish man. "

Huan Jiang said with a wry smile: "Perhaps the person behind saw that we no longer have the possibility of turning over, so there is no more killer. I have survived until now."

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