The day after the proposal was Saturday, Ye Jing accompanied Xie Shuo to visit the father.

At dinner in the evening, the old man looked at the two people who seemed to have reconciled, and brought up the old things again, and began to give birth to a big plan.

In the past, Ye Jing was responsible for the response, but now the situation is different, she no longer has to deliberately pretend, so she kicked Xie Shuo's calf under the table.

Xie Shuo glanced at her, and finally opened his mouth: "Grandpa, the child is not in a hurry. I want to make up the wedding first."


Ye Jian was taken aback, raised his eyes and looked at him.

Xie Shuo didn't avoid her gaze, looking back at the past, his expression was faint.

When the two got married, Xie Shuo simply had a family banquet because of Xie Shuo’s blindness, but now it should be a make-up wedding. The old man paused, nodded and said: "I should do a good job, it's lively..."

Xie Baiyan was on the sidelines and did not object.

The topic that spawned was thus temporarily revealed.

After dinner, the two returned to Xie’s house. Ye Jing was still immersed in the surprise just now, his eyes were shining, and he turned his head and asked: "When did you decide on the wedding, why didn’t I hear you mention it before? ?"

Xie Shuo shook her hand and smiled slightly. He was preparing for this long before the proposal, but he never told her.

Ye Jian suddenly thought of something very important. He grabbed his fingers and asked eagerly: "Where's the wedding dress? Did you find someone to do it?"

Few girls can resist the temptation of wedding dresses, and Ye Jian is the same.

Xie Shuo smiled lightly and said: "The design drawings have come out and we are rushing to work. It should be completed by the beginning of next month."

I thought that Ye Yu would be excited, but she changed her face: "It's already set? Why don't you discuss the big wedding dress with me? What if I don't like the one you choose?"

Xie Shuo took her shoulders and lowered her head: "Go back and show you the design drawings. If you really don't like it, we will replace it and do it again."

Ye Jian said in a low voice, "That doesn't have to be..."

The hand-made wedding dresses are exaggerated.

As soon as he got home, Xie Shuo went into the study, pulled out the design drawings and photos just sent two days ago, and handed them to her.

Ye Jing reached out and took it. After reading it, he finally felt relieved.

Young Master Xie is still very good in aesthetics. The previous necklaces and the current wedding dresses are quite satisfactory.

That night, Ye Jing was holding the wedding dress design drawings, looked at it and looked at it, and was reluctant to sleep for a long time. In the end, Xie Shuo could only remove the design drawings in her hand and forcibly hugged her into his arms.

He leaned over and wanted to kiss her, but her shoulders were pressed: "The wedding dress will be ready next month?"

There was light in her eyes, as if she couldn't wait to see the finished product right away, Xie Shuo kissed her eyelids: "Well, I will accompany you to try..."

Ye Jing still wanted to ask about the wedding photo, her lips had been sealed by him, she struggled twice, and gradually became addicted to it, her hand loosened...

Outside the window, the stars are sparse, the breeze blows, and the moon blooms like water.


After some discussions, the two set the wedding date in June.

Xie Shuo originally planned to wait until October to hold a wedding on a foreign island where you can see the aurora, but considering the distance and other reasons, he had to give up and change it to a nearby manor.

Before the wedding, he accompanied Ye Jing back to his hometown to see Xia Jin.

This was Xie Shuo's first visit. Xia Jin opened the door and was stunned when she saw him.

Different from the indifference last time, this time Xie Shuo followed Ye Jing and called "Mom".

Xia Jin couldn't react for a while, nodded at will, and let the two of them into the house. In the process, she glanced at Xie Shuo's eyes several times to confirm that he had indeed recovered, and she was relieved.

Although she had always been dissatisfied with Ye Jian's secret to her private marriage, she hoped for her well after all.

What's more, leaving the blindness aside, Xie Shuo's own conditions are indeed not bad, and she now has to worry about whether he will fail her daughter.

Entering the room, sitting down and chatting for a few words, Ye Jing talked about making up the wedding.

When Xia Jin heard this, she was taken aback: "You didn't have a wedding before?"

She thought she was just getting married without telling herself, but she didn't expect to have the wedding so hasty.

Seeing her face changed, she seemed to be angry, Ye Yan hurriedly grabbed Xie Shuo's hand and explained: "It was not very convenient for A Shuo at the time, so we only had a family dinner. We originally planned to make it up later, but never decided. time."

Xia Jin's complexion was slightly dark, but she was still a little unhappy, and after a while she asked about the specific arrangements for the wedding.

Ye Jing talked about it with her.

Xie Shuo basically decided the wedding matters personally, without the slightest perfunctory, Xia Jin was satisfied after listening.

At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, Xu Jitong came over as usual. Ye Jin was not familiar with him, so he said hello politely, and then pulled Xie Shuo back to his bedroom.

Xie Shuo stood in the house, looking around at random. There were not many things in the room, and most of the items placed were relatively old. It was obvious that she didn't come back often.

As if guessing what he was thinking, Ye Jian sat down by the bed with his arm in his arms and said softly, "Actually, my relationship with my mother was not very good before. She was always right because of the divorce. I have strict requirements. I always want to compare me with others and force me to learn from this and that. Later, because of my going to the Ye family, I was reluctant to pay attention to me for a long time..."

Although Xia Jin’s attitude has changed significantly in the past two years, she is no longer as demanding as she used to be, but Shi Yishiyi is no longer a child, and now she wants to return to her childhood intimacy, she always feels bad. Something.

Feeling the depression in her mood, Xie Shuo took her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead with gentle movements.

Ye Jing was pregnant for a while, then suddenly he wrapped his arms around his neck, curled his lips and smiled: "But I have you now..."

Everyone will grow up. Even parents can only accompany her for a while. She now has a husband and her own home, and she will have her own children in the future.

They will spend the rest of their lives together.

She leaned over and hugged him, clasped her chin on his shoulders, and whispered: "You have to be as good to me as you are now, have you heard?"

The tone was a bit of her usual arrogance.

Xie Shuo took her lips, stroked her back lightly, and said "um" in her ear.



In mid-May, the wedding matter was basically finalized, and Ye Wei's long-awaited wedding dress was finally finished.

On the same day, Xie Shuo accompanied her to try on clothes.

The pure white wedding dress, the petals overlapped and spread out, and the skirt was covered with fine stars. It was exquisite and gorgeous, making people unable to move their eyes.

After changing it, Ye Jing turned a half circle in front of Xie Shuo with his skirt, caught the surprise in his eyes, couldn't help but stepped forward, hooked his neck, raised his face and kissed him: "You look good. "

Xie Shuo embraced her slender waist, lowered his eyes to look at her exquisite face, bright eyes and vermilion lips, fresh and vivid, like flowers blooming beautifully.

He smiled: "Well, that's not bad."

The wedding dress is ready, and the next step is the wedding photo. Ye Jing was originally worried about who he wanted to hire as a photographer. Who knew that he happened to ran into Zhuang Yinian when he was attending a party with Xie Shuo.

Hearing that she was looking for someone to take wedding photos, Zhuang Yinian recommended her own studio to her, saying that she could spare the schedule to help them shoot.

Zhuang Yinian's reputation in the industry is not low, and with her help, Ye Jian naturally couldn't ask for it, and Dang even readily agreed.

Everything went smoothly, Ye Jing felt as if he had never been so energetic, even if he was woken up in the early morning to take pictures, he was very energetic, and he was full of energy every day.

The wedding photos were taken very beautifully. After the film came out, Ye Jian almost couldn't help posting it to Weibo to show off, but thinking that she was already married to the outside world, it would be too deliberate to take wedding photos at this time. She is so black now. Not too many, it shouldn't be too ostentatious, so I abruptly suppressed it.

Since starting to prepare for the wedding, Xie Shuo's whole person has also undergone visible changes, and his emotions have obviously been exposed a lot, and a smile can often be seen on his face.

However, he is happy, and some people are uncomfortable-for example, Xie Yuran.

Because Xie Shuo was busy with the wedding, Xie Shuo couldn't take care of the company. Xie Baiyan had completely retreated behind the scenes and cultivated his character. Xie Yuran was transferred back to the headquarters to handle affairs on his behalf.

I don't know if it was because of the heavy burden or other reasons, Xie Yuran looked a little lifeless, as if inherited the indifference and gloom of Xie Shuo.


The days passed in the hectic, and soon, the wedding came.

That day, the sky was sunny and the wind was sunny.

The flowers in the huge manor were clustered and drove all the way lively and recklessly.

Wearing a light veil, Ye Jian walked across the flower path, step by step towards the end of the long figure waiting for her, the skirt gleaming like stars.

Xie Shuo was dressed in a groom's suit, watching her slowly walk over from the other end, and finally stretched out his hand.

Ye Jing put his hand in his palm, was caught by him, and brought it in front of him.

Everything around him seemed to turn into nothingness in an instant, and a smile opened in the eyes of each other.

The regret of the past has finally come to an end.

The banquet lasted until the evening. After the wedding process, the two changed into ordinary dresses to entertain the guests.

With Xie Shuo's protection, Ye Jing didn't drink much, only his cheeks blushed slightly.

The two did not stay overnight in the manor. After the banquet, they returned directly to Xie's house.

Xie Shuo drank too much. Ye Yan helped him into the bathroom to take a bath, but he was dragged by him to make a fuss in it for more than an hour. In the end, his clothes and skirts were soaked in water and fell to the ground in a mess, completely blinded.

Xie Shuo finally became more sober after the tumult, but Ye Jian was frustrated, especially after seeing the drunk and slightly drunk smile on his face, the anger became more uncomfortable. She rubbed her waist and wrists, too lazy to worry about him, wrapped in a bath towel, and went out of the bathroom.

It was sunny during the day, but at night it suddenly rained heavily, pattering and smashing it on the glass window.

Hearing the sound of the rain, Ye Yan's heart quieted inexplicably. She walked to the window and looked at the rain outside the window by the light in the house.

After that rainy night six years ago, Ye Jian dreamed of the situation more than once, and it gradually faded as time passed.

She once thought that she and him would never meet again, but she didn't expect to go round and round, and finally walked to him.

After a long time, there were footsteps behind him, and Xie Shuo put on his nightgown and came out.

"It's raining." She said without looking back.

Xie Shuo walked behind her, hugged her from behind, breathing lightly, brushing her ears.

The rain continued to fall, the mist filled the lights, and the reflected figure was blurred and melted in one place.

After the noise in the bathroom, Xie Shuo didn't hold her to do anything. The two of them sat crooked by the window for a while, lay down on the bed, and talked quietly.

The sound of the rain gradually weakened, and Ye Jian was sleepy, and slowly closed his eyes.

Before going to bed completely, she said in a daze, "Good night."

Xie Shuo dropped a kiss on her forehead and whispered, "Good night."

Sleep peacefully all night.

After five o'clock in the morning, Ye Jian suddenly woke up without knowing what was going on.

She was extremely awake and faintly excited. She couldn't fall asleep, so she opened her eyes and looked at the sleeping face close at hand.

It was still dark, and there was only a faint light outside the window, as cool as dew.

With this light, she stretched out her finger and fiddled with Xie Shuo's curled eyelashes.

Well, it feels really good.

Probably because of drunkenness, Xie Shuo slept very deeply, and let her move for a long time, but there was no response.

Ye Jing approached him again and kissed him on the lips, his brows and eyes were full of joy.

After kissing her lips, she kissed her chin again.

This time Xie Shuo finally woke up, swept her back and pressed her into his arms.

He bowed his head and leaned against her neck, his newly awakened voice with a slight muffled voice: "Why do you wake up so early?"

With the warmth across his neck, Ye Jing stretched his arms around him, greedy for the clean breath on his body, and said with a smile, "I can't sleep."

Xie Shuo felt the softness in her arms, closed her eyes, rolled over and pressed her down.

Ye Jian suddenly rose up and looked out the window and said, "Shall we get up to watch the sunrise?"

Her eyes were sparkling, and Xie Shuo was pulled from the bed before Xie Shuo could kiss him.

The two went to the top of the building, and the weather was clear after the rain, and there was still moisture and the fragrance of vegetation in the air.

The sky was gloomy, and the deep ink color spread all the way to the sky, before it was diluted to a little gray, and the light fainted, like a painting with water.

Ye Jing leaned on the handrail and looked into the distance, Xie Shuo stood by her side.

The long dark night gradually passed, and the morning sun came out from the sky little by little, the golden light was dazzling, and the mountains and vegetation were covered like tides, and finally the eyebrows were dyed.

Ye Jian's eyelashes were full of radiance, and his eyes were also shining. Xie Shuo looked at her profile, shrouded in the sun, and his heart moved slightly.

Many memories flashed through my mind again-

He stretched his arms to embrace her.

Ye Jing raised his face in his arms, looked at him, and suddenly smiled: "Is there anything I haven't told you?"

Xie Shuo lowered his eyes and reflected her smiling face.

Ye Jing leaned into his ear, his voice as gentle as the morning wind: "I love you too."

The night is clear, and the rising sun leaps out from behind the distant mountains, illuminating everything.

——You and I were once in the dark, but now, finally have a glimpse of the sky.

——End of text

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