Not long after returning from the institute, Xie Shuo flew to another place on a business trip again.

Ye Jing wanted to go with him, but because there was something wrong with a new movie from the studio, she was needed to save the scene temporarily, so he had to give up.

It was already four days after Ye Jian was finished and freed from the recording studio.

In the past few days, except for occasional breaks, she and Xie Shuo exchanged news, and usually there was almost no exchange at all.

When I didn't express my intentions before, I didn't think there was anything. Now I have only been apart for a few days, and I feel like a long period of three autumns.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Ye Jing returned home and lay down on the sofa to send Xie Shuo a message.

Ye Jing: [I'm finished with my holiday! 】

By the way, I threw a cute emoji package.

Xie Shuo was probably busy, and it took a long time to reply to the news, and it was very brief: [Get a good rest. 】

Ye Jing: [How long will you be back? 】

Xie Shuo: [About three days. 】

Seeing that he was really busy, Ye Jing did not keep pestering him, exited the chat page, held the phone for a while, and suddenly a thought flashed through his mind.

She turned over and sat up, booked a ticket for the most recent time, then quickly packed her luggage and rushed to the airport.

Xie Shuo's business trip was in Haicheng, and the plane landed at more than eight o'clock in the evening.

Looking up, the city was full of lights and Ye Jing was wearing a mask and stopped a taxi on the street.

She only knew the hotel where Xie Shuo was staying, and didn't know the specific door number, so after getting in the car, she called Zhong Fu and asked him to pick her up in the hotel lobby, and told him not to tell Xie Shuo first.

When he received the call, Zhong Fu had just come out of Xie Shuo's room, heard that he took the elevator downstairs, and waited at the entrance of the hall in advance.

The light was shining on the glass wall, and it was extinguished. About half an hour later, Ye Jing appeared outside the hotel with an embroidered silk scarf tied around his neck, waving in the wind in the night.

Zhong Fu stepped forward quickly, took the small suitcase in her hand, and called: "Madam."

Ye Jian pursed his lips and smiled, "Is he asleep?"

Zhong Fu said: "Not yet."

Ye Jing followed Zhong Fu upstairs by the elevator, and when he was about to get outside the door of Xie Shuo's room, he turned his head and asked, "Do you have a room card?"

Zhong Fu took out Xie Shuo's room card from his pocket and handed it to her.

Ye Jing took the room card and smiled and whispered: "Go and rest. I'll go in and find him by myself."

Zhong Fuying said: "Okay."

Ye Jing took the room card, opened Xie Shuo's room door, and walked gently into the hallway with the light on, and a clear sound of water came from the bathroom.

It seemed that he was taking a shower. Ye Jing was a little relieved, and walked inside confidently, hung the clothes in the suitcase in the closet, then took off the silk scarf and sat on the sofa to wait for him.

Not long after, the sound of water stopped and the sound of the door opened.

Ye Jian hurriedly got up from the sofa and hid quietly to the other side of the closet.

The sound of footsteps approached, and a long figure was reflected on the carpet. Xie Shuo appeared in a white nightgown slowly under the light, wiping his head with a towel, and draped wet hair on his forehead.

With his back facing Ye Jian's direction, Ye Jian walked behind him, raising his hand to cover his eyes like a prank.

The fragrance of the shower gel slipped into her nose, and she stood on tiptoes, leaning to his ear, and let out an ambiguous breath.

"Sir, do you need service?" She deliberately adjusted her voice to be completely different from usual, as if she was playing a role.

Perceiving someone approaching, Xie Shuo's first reaction was to frown. When he covered his eyes with his slender hands, and the familiar breath brushed over his ears, his expression instantly eased, and the corners of his lips slightly cocked.

"What service?" he asked.

Ye Jing covered his eyes with one hand, and put his other hand down, wrapped his arms around his waist, pressed against him from behind, moving his fingers restlessly around his waist.

"What do you mean?"

The next second, the slender wrist was pinched.

Xie Shuo forced her backhand and pulled her in front of him, swept her across the waist, and looked at her with low eyes: "Why are you here?"

Ye Jing raised his face in front of him, raised his eyebrows and smiled: "Come here to raid Chagang!"

As she said, she pulled up the front of his nightgown and stared at him fiercely: "A strange woman ran to your room and asked if you would like to serve. You dare to agree, are you too courageous?"

Xie Shuo looked at her, his eyes darkened, and the strength of his hands on her waist increased.

"Unfamiliar women can't, but wives can."

He whispered and kissed her lips sharply.

Ye Jing was forced to raise his chin, his breath was all between his lips and teeth, and all his breath was taken.

Gradually, she was a little unsteady, her green fingers clutching his nightgown tightly, her ears fainted and thin red.

Under the light of the overhead light, my vision was dim, as if indulging in a dream, with ups and downs.

After a long time, the warmth on the lips left a little, and went along the chin to the neck. Ye Jing was finally able to breathe freely, raised his hand to his chest, turned his face away, and stopped him from continuing: "I just got off the plane and haven't taken a shower yet."

Xie Shuo raised her head from her neck, put her arms around her waist, rubbed her fingers with her lips, and asked, "Have you had dinner?"

Ye Jing grabbed his hand and replied, "I ate some on the plane."

Xie Shuo's hands were slightly relaxed, and she embraced her and sat aside: "Are you still hungry? Shall I send someone a meal?"

Ye Jian shook his head: "No, I'm going to take a bath."

She got up, took her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Xie Shuo was no longer on the sofa, but was sitting in front of the desk with a laptop on the desk, and his slender fingers were tapping quickly.

Seeing her come out, he finally typed a line and closed the computer.

Ye Jing was wearing a nightdress with a suspender. The two legs under the skirt were slender and white. He wiped his hair with a towel and handed him the hair dryer unceremoniously: "Blow my hair."

Xie Shuo took it, got up and sat down with her on the sofa, spreading her scattered long hair with one hand, and the faint fragrance filled it.

The night was dark, the wind was blowing the curtains, and the scattered lights on the opposite side were faintly visible.

After blowing his hair, Ye Jian was a little tired, leaning in his arms lazily, unwilling to move.

Xie Shuo leaned on the sofa, gently rubbing her waist with his fingers intentionally or unintentionally. His nightgown had a loose collar, revealing a small piece of chest and collarbone, with a stern outline, making it extra sexy.

Having not seen him for a few days, Ye Jing couldn't help but glanced more.

These two eyes happened to be caught by Xie Shuo. He suddenly lowered his head and said with a chuckle: "Are you greedy for my body again?"

Ye Jian: "..."

Why did he remember what she said while drunk? !

Ye Jian's face became hot, a little annoyed, and he simply pulled down hard and pulled off his collar directly, looking straight and upright.

Just greedy you, what's the matter?

Xie Shuo's robe was wide open, revealing a lean and strong chest.

He smiled, put one hand on her waist, one hand across her knees, hugged her directly on his lap, and bowed his head to kiss her.

Ye Jing deliberately leaned back to prevent him from succeeding, with his hand on his shoulder, his eyebrows were fresh, and his face smiled triumphantly: "Who is greedy?"

Xie Shuo didn't answer, just bowed his head and kissed her.

In the next second, Ye Jing vacated his body and subconsciously wrapped his arms around his neck.

Xie Shuo hugged her and got up, strode to the bed, put her down, and then pressed it up, supporting her with arms on her side.

The shadow and breath cover the top, and there is a strong sense of oppression.

Ye Jing was stuck in the soft bedding, raised his finger and touched his Adam's apple. He hid while he wasn't prepared, laughed and made noises for a while, and finally couldn't match his strength and was held down by him.

The breath was taken again, and the light and shadow on the top floated up and down. Ye Yan clung to his back shoulder, his mind gradually turned into chaos, as if sea water poured in, drowning everything...

In the latter half of the night, Ye Jing curled up in the bed and fell asleep, while Xie Shuo leaned on the bedside, and under the dim light, he reached out and took out a small velvet box.


The next day, Xie Shuo got up early to discuss cooperation and let Ye Jin rest in the hotel.

Ye Jian felt bored, and was stunned to get up from the bed with his sore body, change his clothes, and go with him.

She used to read documents for him and talked about cooperation with him. She has accumulated a certain amount of experience. Now she is able to deal with such occasions with ease, and she can even understand what they are talking about.

After it was over, Ye Jing took his arm and joked: "You should pay me another salary."

Xie Shuoxiao looked at her and suddenly said, "Give you a share of equity and transfer you to the company?"

Ye Jian was startled, afraid that he would really do this, and said hurriedly: "That's not necessary, just pay."

If Xie Baiyan and the old man were to let Xie Baiyan and the old man know how to think about such a big issue of share equity, not to mention, she would not really be able to do anything in the company.

Three days later, Xie Shuo finished his business trip and spent a few days in Haicheng with Ye Jing before returning home.

As the spring cold passed, the weather became hotter day by day.

After returning home without rest for two days, Ye Jian ushered in an indoor variety show.

In addition to her and Xiang Quan, there are other well-known voice actors in the circle who participated in this program, mainly to promote the studio.

Ye Jing was not the first time to participate in this kind of show, so she had already adapted to it, and went on stage leisurely, bending her lips slightly, and finally swept the auditorium, she was stunned.

In the first row of seats, there was a familiar figure sitting—Xie Shuo didn't know when he came over. He was looking at her from the stage, his face was a little fuzzy in the light, and the corners of his lips were slightly smiling.

He was wearing a black shirt, his facial features were cold, and his aura was strong, Dang even attracted a lot of attention.

Ye Jing returned to his senses, and under the guidance of the host, he sat in his own position, but couldn't restrain his sight, and drifted towards him from time to time.

After the lively opening remarks, everyone's dubbing performance.

On the high platform, the lights were dazzling, and Ye Jian walked to the center, Guanghua instantly covered her body, and her brows and eyes were burning, bright and moving.

In the audience, the fans cheered, Xie Shuo sat there, watching her quietly, the deep eyes were also condensed, like the stars in the dark night.

After a long time, when the show ended, the audience left the stage one after another. Xie Shuo went backstage, with one hand in his pocket, waiting for her beside her. The two long legs wrapped in trousers were particularly eye-catching.

Ye Jing said hello to the people in the program group, carrying a skirt, and trotting up to him eagerly, his eyes were gleaming, and his face was full of joy: "Why are you here? Didn't it mean something is wrong with the company?"

Before recording the show, she called him. He said that there was something in the company and he could not come to pick her up tonight, but he suddenly appeared in the audience.

Xie Shuo smiled slightly, did not answer, just took her hand, and embraced her to walk outside in the eyes of the staff.

That night, Ye Jian's Weibo was boiling again.

Some fans took pictures of Xie Shuo watching the show offstage, and posted them on Weibo, which immediately caused a lot of heat. There are not a few people who lick their faces.


Ye Jian's heart was still beating violently until he was out of the recording scene, and his face was blushed by the night breeze.

"Going to eat?" Xie Shuo asked after getting in the car.

Ye Jing's eyebrows were crooked with a smile: "Okay."

Before recording the show, she simply ate a little bit, but she didn't eat much, and now she happens to be with him.

Soon, the driver parked the car downstairs in a restaurant.

When he got off the door of the car, Ye Jian always felt that the surrounding scenery had a feeling of deja vu, as if he had been here.

The light in the restaurant is soft and the atmosphere is romantic. Xie Shuo poured half a glass of red wine, and Ye Jing smiled with his chin: "What day is it suddenly so grand?"

Xie Shuo raised his eyes and smiled slightly: "Well, a very important day."


Ye Jing didn't know what medicine he sold in the gourd, so he took two sips of wine in cooperation and waited for him to make arrangements.

After dinner, the two of them came out of the restaurant, did not rush home, and took a leisurely stroll along the long street.

The night breeze is soft, a few cherry trees are planted by the roadside, and the air is scented with a touch of flowers.

After walking for a while, Ye Jing finally realized why he felt familiar—this seemed to be the way to her university campus.

Thinking deeper—he met her here and sent her back to school. This is where they met for the first time.

It was just raining that night, and tonight the moon was white and the wind was clear. It was a rare night.

The hazy light and shadow envelop the shadows of the trees, clusters of cherry blossoms are adorning the branches, and occasionally there are falling petals blowing across the skirt.

Over the past six years, the scenery and things have changed a lot, but the general layout is still there.

"Why do you want to come here all of a sudden?" She asked with a slight movement in her heart, hooking his hand.

Xie Shuo turned his head to look at her and smiled: "Remember?"

"Of course I remember." Ye Wan raised his chin, and the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously, "I thought you had forgotten it a long time ago."

Xie Shuo didn't say a word, pinched her finger and looked to the front, his brows and eyes caged in the night.

At first, I didn’t remember, because I didn’t take it to heart. Later, after she reminded her, the memory seemed to be restarting, slowly clearing up, even the skirt she was wearing and the expression she was sitting on the roadside at that time were all a little bit. Clearly came to mind.

The two of them walked for a while and turned to another street. Ye Yan suddenly said, "Do you remember the last time I pulled you out for shopping. That street is where you sent me back to school."

No wonder she asked him if he had been here. It turned out to be the reason.

Xie Shuo's mind once again flashed the image of the year.

Seeing that he hadn't spoken, and seemed to be thinking about something, Ye Jian yanked his hand and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Xie Shuo returned from his thoughts and turned his head to look at her, with a smile on the corners of his eyebrows: "I was thinking...why didn't I ask your name at the time."

If he was willing to pay more attention to distraction, maybe they could start earlier.

If she hadn't been obsessed with it and took the initiative to come to him, they would have missed it.

Ye Jian was startled and understood what he meant, and whispered: "Why else? You were just boring to me at the time. It's not bad that you didn't throw me on the side of the road."

Not anyone can get a love at first sight script for his first encounter. He grew up with the aura of the proud man of heaven. What kind of girl has never seen him, how can he be easily attracted by a little girl who bumped into him carelessly?

What's more, she was so embarrassed at that time, it is estimated that her beauty is long gone, and only Chuchu is pitiful.

He was willing to help her only because of compassion.

Taking ten thousand steps back, he had to really show interest in her at that time. With her extreme thinking at the time, he might be regarded as an investor, thinking that he was interested and took advantage of the danger.

Xie Shuo put one hand in his trouser pocket, rubbed the small velvet box between his fingers, looked at her eyebrows, and did not speak for a long time.

The two talked as they walked, and walked for half an hour before going home.

After arriving home, Ye Jing was about to go back to the bedroom, but he was dragged into the piano room.

The room was obviously arranged in advance, the fragrance was permeated, and there were large bouquets of roses, and the petals were delicate and dripping in the halo.

The cloth cover on the piano shelf has been removed, revealing the clean and clean body.

Ye Jian stared at the situation in a daze.

Xie Shuo tilted his head and smiled: "Don't you want to listen to the piano?"

He said, letting go of her hand, and went to sit down in front of the piano stand, put his slender, clean fingers on the keys, and played gently.

The soothing tune is like moonlight, flowing slowly.

The light enveloped him, outlined a handsome profile, and made him elegant and expensive.

Her thoughts seemed to go back to a long time ago. When she first saw him for the first time, Ye Jing stood in a daze, his gaze fell on him, and there was no return for a long time.

At the end of the song, Xie Shuo got up, pulled her to sit down in front of the piano, and took out a delicate velvet box from her pocket.

The box opened, and inside was a delicate diamond ring with a dazzling light.

During this time, he thought about various marriage proposals, repeatedly imagined and rejected them, and finally chose such a simple one.

"marry me."

The man knelt on one knee and raised his eyes to look at her, his expression focused, his eyes were as deep as the sea, reflecting only her appearance.

Ye Jian was stunned, his fingers curled up on his legs, and the corners of his eyes flushed unconsciously.

She didn't take the initiative to ask for some things because she was used to it, but she didn't expect him to keep it in her heart.

She kept her eyes closed, and held back the wetness from the corners of her eyes. For a long while, she pretended to be dissatisfied with a smile: "You also know that you still owe me a marriage proposal..."

Xie Shuo smiled, took her hand, put the diamond ring on her ring finger, and slowly pushed it up.

The white and slender fingers complement each other perfectly with the diamond ring.

He supported her with one hand, slowly got up, stroked her eyes with his fingers, lowered his head and dropped a kiss on the top of her forehead, his voice was gentler than ever.

"I love you."

I love you, not because of seeing sex, not because of compassion.

Just because, I love you.

The author has something to say: I propose to marry~ I changed several versions, and finally chose the simplest one~

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When he died, Lin Feilu reflected on his more than 20 years of green tea career, and deeply felt self-blame and regret.

She swears that if there is an afterlife, she will be a good person

Turned out to be the five-year-old princess of the Dalin Dynasty

The mother and concubine are not affected by pets and sickness, and the elder brother is stupid and mentally retarded. He can't get enough to eat and wear warmth, and he may be harmed at any time.

The living environment is very harsh

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