Spring is warm in March, and the flowers stretch all the way.

After getting in the car to Xie's house, Ye Jing suddenly felt regretful.

A week ago, her non-existent father, Ye Yuannian, suddenly found her and said that the Ye family needed a business marriage and wanted her to marry Xie Shuo, the eldest master of the city's famous Xie family as Miss Ye family.

When Ye Jing was in elementary school, her mother, Ms. Xia Jin, divorced Ye Yuannian. At that time, the Ye family did not have the same family background as it is now, and there was no throne to inherit. Xia Jin won the custody of her daughter with a gesture of giving up everything.

Only a few years old, Ye Jing left the Ye family with Xia Jin.

Before long, Ye Yuannian remarried and had a new family.

In these years, Ye Yuannian has hardly fulfilled his responsibilities as a father, and the relationship between father and daughter is pitiful, even worse than strangers. So when Ye Yuannian asked her to talk about marriage, Ye Jian's first reaction was to sneer, and he almost didn't raise a cup of coffee to splash his face and let him roll as far as possible.

——However, she cannot.

Seven years ago, Xia Jin could no longer take care of Ye Jian for some reason. Ye Jian was sent back to the Ye family to take care of him. When he was desperate, he asked Ye Yuannian for a large sum of money.

Although Ye Yuannian did not clearly use this as a threat, she did not like to owe favors, especially the favors of the Ye family, because of the shortcomings. So in the end, instead of spilling coffee, she could not withstand Ye Yuannian's flicker. My mind got hot and I sold myself.

Seeing the blooming spring light outside the car window, Ye Jian raised his hand and put his forehead.

She is really a virgin, it would be a pity not to act in a drama.

"Proficient in..."

Just as he was swimming, Ye Yuannian's cautious voice sounded next to him.

Ye Jing turned his head, only to see him looking at himself, with a hesitant but very tangled expression on his face.

Ye Jian: "?"

After brewing for a long time, Ye Yuannian finally said, "You remember all the words that father said to you before, right?"

Because he was afraid that Ye Jian would temporarily repent of making a temper at the Xie family and ruining the friendship between the two families, before leaving, Ye Yuannian urged a long list of precautions, only to ask her to write a letter of guarantee in black and white.

"Don't feel wronged either. Dad is all for your own good. I don't want you to work too hard in the future... Xie Shuo's blindness is temporary, and there is hope of healing. Xie's family has already invited internationally renowned experts to consult for him on a regular basis. Maybe someday I will get better again..."

Ye Jian really didn't understand him. Since he didn't trust her, why would he come to her in a hurry? Did he get sick when he was old?

She sounded drowsy and interrupted him impatiently: "Well, I see-I didn't sleep well last night, I will take a rest, and you will call me when you arrive."

After speaking, he leaned on the seat, tilted his head slightly, and closed his eyes.

Ye Yuannian: "..."

After about half an hour, the car crossed the green road into the rich man's villa area with beautiful scenery, and stopped outside Xie's house.

Ye Jing was awakened by Ye Yuannian, opened his eyes in a daze, adjusted his expression, and followed him out of the car.

The moment his feet landed, the spring sun shone diagonally, and a faint fragrance of flowers swept across the tip of his nose.

The water in the blue lake in the distance was rippling, reflecting the sky light of clouds and shadows. She raised her head and her eyes were dazzled by the light and shadow.

——Sure enough, he is a famous family, everywhere exuding an aristocracy that ordinary people can't match. Although the Ye family is also rich, it is still much worse than the Xie family. At best, it is a nouveau riche with no foundation.

Standing in front of the oil painting-like gardens and duplex villas, Ye Jian suddenly felt that his decision was not so difficult to accept.

Isn't it just marriage? Isn’t it a blind marriage? She can!

The housekeeper of the Xie family stepped forward to greet him and led the two of them inside.

Xie Shuo's father Xie Baiyan had been waiting in the living room as early as his 50s. His hair was mostly white and his face was full of vicissitudes. He wanted to come and experience a lot of wind and rain.

However, he didn't get a middle-aged blessing like Ye Yuannian, and still faintly still retains some of the elegant and handsome when he was young.

Under Ye Yuannian's hint, Ye Jing called out politely: "Uncle Xie."

Xie Baiyan nodded in response, looked her up and down, showing a kind smile.

The young girl wore a white lady's dress, with clean eyebrows and a bright smile.

Originally, he heard that Ye Jian was the daughter taken away by Ye Yuan’s wife a few years ago. He hadn’t been raised in Ye’s family since he was a child, and he was still a little dissatisfied. .

The girl has bright eyes and white teeth, and her gestures are generous, and she is indeed not bad for his son.

After taking the seat, Xie Baiyan exchanged a few words with Ye Yuannian, and turned to ask Ye Jin in a warm tone: "Is the proficiency still studying?"

The two married, the Xie family estimated that she had already investigated her life and past, including whether she had talked about love or not, so asking this is just a conversation. Ye Jing maintained a standard lady sitting posture, glanced at Ye Yuannian who was afraid of her talking nonsense, and replied in a proper manner: "I have graduated, and now I have signed a studio, and I am working as a voice actor."

"Does it usually work hard?"

"It's fine."

One question and one answer is as serious as an interview.

Xie Baiyan nodded, and asked, "You haven't met Ashuo yet, have you?"

Ye Jian paused, and said with a smile: "I have seen his interview on the Internet before, should I have seen it after rounding up?"

She was so witty that Xie Bai couldn't help but feel happy, and the original serious atmosphere instantly eased a lot.

While talking and laughing, Aunt Zhou, the servant of the Xie family, came down from upstairs, walked to Xie Baiyan, and whispered: "The young master said he won't go downstairs, so you can take care of it."

Xie Baiyan frowned and had a headache.

Marriage is a matter of the two families, and the woman took the initiative to come to the door, but his son has avoided seeing him, which is really unreasonable.

Ye Yuannian heard these words too, and asked with concern: "How is Xiao Shuo's health recently?"

Xie Baiyan smiled and said: "The body is no longer a serious problem, but the doctor told him to rest, so it is not convenient to go out..."

No matter how much you need to rest, you won't even be able to go downstairs. Obviously, you are just making excuses. Ye Jing originally thought that at this time, Ye Yuannian would have to show his face, showing one or two points of displeasure of being neglected. Who knew that instead of not having it, he continued to laugh and express his understanding: "The body is important, then Let him rest..."

? ? ?

Is this a marriage? This is kneeling and licking unilaterally, right?

Ye Jing smiled stiffly, almost couldn't help throwing him a huge blank eye.

Is it too late for her to sever her father-daughter relationship now?

Xie Shuo refused to show up, and the atmosphere became awkward again. Ye Jing didn't know what to say, so he could only keep silent.

Xie Baiyan coughed slightly, and then suddenly asked her: "Well, do you know everything about Ashuo's current situation?"

Ye Yuannian hurriedly looked at Ye Jian.

Ye Jing understood it, and his acting skills went live in one second, and adjusted his worried tone to the right: "Did he hurt his eyes?"

Xie Baiyan nodded.

Ye Jing smiled slightly: "Dad has already told me, don't worry too much, now that medicine is so advanced, it will always get better."

Seeing that her eyes were clear, she did not show reluctance, but in turn comforted herself, Xie Baiyan felt a little relieved. Although it is a marriage, he doesn't want to be difficult for a strong man. Rather than getting into trouble after getting married, it is better to make it clear in advance.

Ye Jin thought for a while, then tentatively asked, "Uncle Xie, can I go up and see him?"

She didn't expect that she would take the initiative to see Xie Shuo. Xie Baiyan was surprised and said with a smile: "Of course you can.

He turned his head and asked Aunt Zhou to lead her upstairs.

Ye Jian got up from the sofa, ignored Ye Yuannian's doubtful eyes, and followed Aunt Zhou upstairs.

The entire second floor is empty and quiet, without a piece of fragile porcelain, and the floor is smooth and deserted.

Walking to the door of Xie Shuo's room, Aunt Zhou knocked on the door: "Young Master."

There was no response for a long time.

Aunt Zhou wanted to knock again, but Ye Jian quietly stopped: "Go ahead, I'll be fine."

Aunt Zhou glanced at her hesitantly, she didn't seem to feel relieved, but finally turned around and left.

After Aunt Zhou left, Ye Jing took a gentle and generous appearance, looked at the closed door in front of him, paused for a moment, raised his hand and knocked.

She knocked very regularly, first three times and then two times, as if playing some interesting game.

After a long time, there was finally a voice from inside: "Come in."

Through the door, the voice is not clear, but the impatience can be vaguely distinguished.

Ye Jian's expression changed for a moment.

She held the metal handle, her slightly curled eyelashes hung down, and it took several seconds before she unscrewed the door——

The dull smell came out from the inside, and there was a damp sensation that had not seen the sun for a long time, which made people feel chilly.

The curtains in the room were tightly closed, the lights were not turned on, and the light was dim, like a cage covering the curtain.

With the light thrown in from outside the door, Ye Jing saw the figure sitting in the room.

The man was wearing a dark sweater and sitting on the sofa, silent as a statue, almost blending with the darkness behind him.

His outline is handsome, his complexion is cold and white, the bridge of his nose is tall, and his eyebrows are gloomy.

He turned his face slightly at the sound of the door opening.

The deep eyes turned around, dull and unpredictable, and they were worthy of confronting her.

His eyes met, and Ye Jian couldn't help but shook his mind for a moment.

The outside spring was bright and beautiful, but she heard the sound of rain in a trance, thin and dense, and the cold was in her ears——

Like, the night long ago.

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