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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Novel Summary

Big changes and bigger twists. In a drama inside of another drama, he’ll find his way to get prettier and prettier.

Shen Jintai gained access to a system that allows him to jump between stories of books, and it can make him more and more beautiful and sexy by completing missions.

He soon received his first mission: Stop being the leading man’s suitor, be his rivals in love instead. And took away from him the person he was meant to be with.

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Short Title:YRILGPED
Original Title:情敌每天都在变美
Author:Gong Zi Yu Ge
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#666
Monthly Rank:#678
All Time Rank:#969
Tags:Acting, Appearance Changes, Charming Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Protagonist, Showbiz, System Administrator,

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4 thoughts on “Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day
  1. Hello, I was just wondering whether you’ll be updating the extra chapters as well because it is missing. There should be 41 side chapters. There should be 232 chapters in total.

    Also, thank you for uploading the current chapters. I have been waiting for this novel.

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