Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You

Gu Wei, the popular yet controversial lead dancer of boy band T.ATW. Jiang Xun, a god-tier professional esports player. One day, after a certain variety show aired, these complete strangers became a trending topic together. Gu Wei’s Anti-Fans: Do these two have anything to do wit.... Read more

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Chapter 91 Fanwai 1 born a pair Chapter 90 End of text Chapter 89

Chapter 88 Clouds dissipate Chapter 87 The future can be expected Chapter 86 go flower road Chapter 85 Then show him red! Chapter 84 Is this a friendship show? Chapter 83 get engaged Chapter 82 make a wish Chapter 81 want to set off fireworks Chapter 80 be surprised

Chapter 79 You group of unsatisfactory CP fans Chapter 78 retweet this koi Chapter 77 happy New Year

Chapter 76 This is God's will Chapter 75 @Jiang Xun, come out and explain Chapter 74 Low-key, to be low-key, cp fans must be low-key Chapter 73 let me think more Chapter 72 Is my brother next to you? Chapter 71 Hey yo, over the top Chapter 70 this Chapter 69 If you love him, give him money Chapter 68 What are you like?

Chapter 67 famous scene punch card Chapter 66 Little Hedgehog's Bread Crab Chapter 65 Happy mom, happy family Chapter 64 Hurry up! ! ! Chapter 63 Director, cut these two sentences! Chapter 62 Of course it deserves the name Chapter 61 Jiang Xun is a big hooligan! ! ! Chapter 60 can make you kiss Chapter 59 Wow Chapter 58 QAQ Chapter 57 The vicissitudes of elementary school? why you! Chapter 56 My brother's engagement partner, who is it?

Chapter 55 If you go back on it, take off the fan and step back! Chapter 54 is there a goose beside you Chapter 53 i don't sleep with you Chapter 52 Oh? Chapter 51 Can't think of it Chapter 50 Learn to be a CP fan Chapter 49 My brother is getting married... Chapter 48 like or not? Chapter 47 [husband] started a video chat Chapter 46 you, shrewd Chapter 45 You have been removed from the group chat Chapter 44 xx is very upturned

Chapter 43 your people are here with me Chapter 42 Not without a sense of variety show Chapter 41 Variety show starts Chapter 40 hot search physique Chapter 39 You also grab the emoji? Chapter 38 The emotions of CP fans are ups and downs Chapter 37 Sexy main dance, can you dance anything? Chapter 36 blushing Chapter 35 elopement? Cheating? ~ The second time, this was the only thought in Gu Wei's heart at this time. Chapter 34 x-map, do you want it? Chapter 33 I'm waiting for you to sleep together

Chapter 32 dirty adult Chapter 31 Go eat your engagement partner Chapter 30 Missing a fiancee Chapter 29 intriguing Chapter 28 Do you know about the black stuff at home? Chapter 27 words of tigers and wolves Chapter 26 what size are you Chapter 25 so nice Chapter 24 I want to surprise you Chapter 23 shock my mom Chapter 22 talk about marriage Chapter 21 annually? Let the professional come

Chapter 20 Grass figurines are wrong Chapter 19 The agent doesn't know anything about her Chapter 18 love hug Chapter 17 Did you see the hot search? Chapter 16 trending again Chapter 15 A Luoyang Shovel Chapter 14 Your little baby likes Weibo Chapter 13 I have been following you for a long time Chapter 12 little daughter-in-law Chapter 11 I like to watch the pull step the most Chapter 10 Itchy skin? Chapter 9 you're thinking about ass

Chapter 8 what do you sell Chapter 7 Who are you calling baby? Chapter 6 i wrap you Chapter 5 Your home and your brother are trending together Chapter 4 In case you can't give birth to a small expression pack in the future Chapter 3 Are you looking for a gold master? Chapter 2 People are stupid Chapter 1 I got you married

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