In a scenic film and television city, the crew is shooting an ancient costume fairy tale movie.

"Three, two, one." The staff counted down, "Okay, get up!"

Gu Wei, who is wearing a costume, hangs Weiya into the air, and turns around in the air according to the requirements of the action guide.

The corners flew and said two of his lines to the camera.

The surrounding group fell down according to the director's request, and Gu Wei stably stopped in mid-air through Weiya.

"Okay, let's go." The director is very satisfied with this shot, "The eyes are in place, and the action is fine. It will look good when added later."

Gu Wei has dance skills, he can learn the movements as soon as he is taught, his face is good-looking enough, and his acting skills are improving rapidly.

The original sound was used, but Gu Wei's shots were always quite satisfactory.

"There is no drama for you in the afternoon, you go to rest." The director said.

"Come on, wipe the sweat." Assistant Mu Yue handed the tissue to Gu Wei, "Do you want to drink water?"


According to the agent, this is a very good role, although it is not the protagonist, it is hard work, but the character is lovable, the role is fans, and it is very good for him


"Brother, the assistant director praised me just now, saying that your acting skills have improved rapidly and you are very spiritual." Mu Yue handed the mineral water to Gu Wei, "He said that when you auditioned

At the time, my speaking skills were obviously not good, but now they are much better. "

"I need to practice more." Gu Wei smiled, "It's still far from everyone."

"It's already very good." Mu Yue couldn't see his modesty, "You are only twenty years old, and you have a bright future."

The improvement of her acting skills can be felt by Gu Wei himself.

He told Jiang Xun before that he liked acting, and Jiang Xun also said that he would find someone to teach him, but Gu Wei forgot after listening to it, but he never thought that Jiang Xun would really give him Find


Jiang Zheng, the movie emperor, taught by himself, can you learn it?

Three months ago, T.ATW's concert had just ended. Jiang Xun took Gu Wei home and said he wanted him to learn acting.

Jiang Xun's father, Jiang Zheng, is very pleased, Jiang Xun is addicted to games, Jiang Ying is addicted to fan circle routines, and finally a family is willing to film, so naturally he knows what he knows.

Xi Du kept teaching Gu Wei.

At this time, only Gu Wei and Jiang Xun's father could be heard talking in the living room. Besides, Song Jingxi was eating melon seeds, Jiang Xun was playing games, and Jiang Ying was holding the computer

Slept his dozens of trumpets.

"What are you doing?" Gu Wei asked Jiang Ying in his spare time.

From the beginning, Jiang Ying's small keyboard has been tapping endlessly, and as soon as she hears it, she is scolding some fans again.

"Jiang Enyuan, this coward, doesn't get hammered." Jiang Ying sighed in disappointment, "He was so powerful when he smeared you, and he was brittle when it was his turn.

After that, he'll be cold, I haven't had enough. "

"Your hobby is very special." Gu Wei praised.

"Don't do serious things all day." Song Jingxi sighed while eating melon seeds, "But our family is free to do what we like, and it's the same for you, Weiwei,

Don't be cautious, you like filming, we absolutely support it. "

Since Song Jingxi learned about Gu Wei's childhood experience from Jiang Xun, she was very distressed, and bought this and that for Gu Wei every few places, insisting that Gu Wei would be young

Make up for the vacancies.

"What?" Jiang Xun glanced at Jiang Ying's computer screen and asked, "What's in your hard drive? Gu Wei has 5 GB, Jiang Enyuan has 20 GB, and the one marked 50

Who is the G? Whose 50 G black material did you save? "

Gu Wei: “…”

Who deserves such an honor.

Jiang Ying closed the laptop: "It's nothing, nothing, personal hobby, not worth mentioning."

"When will you two get the certificate? You're in a hurry if you just get engaged and don't get the certificate." Jiang Ying changed the topic 180 degrees, "The majority of netizens urged marriage to follow me on Weibo, consciously

One point, show it on Weibo, and then post the marriage certificate. Can I teach you about this kind of thing. "

"Wait until the filming is finished and work is not busy at the end of the year." Jiang Xun said, "What are you in a hurry?"

"You can think about the wedding." Song Jingxi also said, "We will give Weiwei the best."

These were three months ago.

In the film crew, Gu Wei finished removing his makeup, changed his clothes, and received a call from Jiang Xun.

"It's over, I'll be waiting for you at the door." Jiang Xun said, "Remember to wear a coat."

Jiang Xun came to the crew quite a few times. Every time he came, he would bring a lot of food and drink to the crew. After a long time, the people in the crew would ask Gu Wei Jiangxun at every turn.

Can't come today.

"Does it hurt?" As soon as Gu Wei got into the car, Jiang Xun began to ask.

Hanging coercion is not an easy task. In pursuit of an elegant and brisk effect, Gu Wei's costume is very thin, and his body is often strangled by coercion rope.

Blocks. Jiang Xun didn't dare to use too much force when he bullied people for a while. I don't know if he complained several times because of distress or dissatisfaction.

"A little." Gu Wei said.

"Let's go back to Mom's side today." Jiang Xun said, "I said it was dumplings, let's go back to eat."

"Okay." Gu Wei said.

Gu Wei is usually busy with work and occasionally has time. He also returns to Jiang Xun's own residence and rarely comes to Jiang's house, so he is very curious about Jiang Xun's bedroom.

"What are you looking at?" After dinner, when Jiang Xun entered the room, he found Gu Wei lying on his bed, flipping through a photo album.

"Look at what our 'Lonely Xun' looks like." Gu Wei snickered and turned the page again, "Mom gave it to me just now."

This album records Jiang Xun's journey from childhood to adulthood. Song Jingxi attaches great importance to this, and takes pictures of Jiang Xun and Jiang Ying every year.

Gu Wei himself has never taken such photos to document his growth. Looking at Jiang Xun, I find it very interesting.

"This photo..." Gu Wei turned his hand over the album and stopped on one of the pages, "Where did you take it, it looks familiar."

"Which one?" Jiang Xun sat next to Gu Wei and took the photo that Gu Wei had turned up, "Ah, this one."

Jiang Xun in the photo was just in his early twenties. The photo was taken in a small restaurant. Around him were several of his teammates.

"At that time, TMW was still in its early stages, and if we couldn't make any achievements in our industry, then we were nothing." Jiang Xun explained to Gu Wei, "This small restaurant is good.

For example, it was near No. 9 Middle School. At that time, I couldn't get any results. Everyone was very disappointed. In the winter, I found a small restaurant and said it was a slow mood. "

"Near Nine Middle School?" Gu Wei heard the familiar name of the school, "Then I... Maybe I have seen you."

Three years ago, Jiang Xun was twenty-one and Gu Wei was sixteen.

Sixteen-year-old Gu Wei, at the end of the first semester of high school, got his final transcript and hospital diagnosis at the same time.

Mild depression and difficulty falling asleep gradually affected him. The doctor's suggestion was short-term hospitalization, and Gu Cai's suggestion was to enter the entertainment industry and find more people to talk to.

And taking care of myself, I still want to take the college entrance examination.

He was wearing the uniform of No. 9 Middle School, staring at his final report card in a daze in the small restaurant. On the table next to him, there were four people a few years older than him.

"Okay." Someone at the next table said, "Don't be discouraged, why do I think we have no spirit here."

Gu Wei raised his head and looked listlessly at the next table.

"That good-looking brother." The person who spoke just now waved at him, "Come and take a picture for us."

The other party handed him the mobile phone, and a small Pikachu was tied to the lanyard of the mobile phone.

The other party is several years older than he looks, and he still likes Pikachu.

He looked at the shaky lanyard on the phone, held the corner of his mouth and smiled, feeling depressed all day, and suddenly it became sunny.

"What a beautiful smile." The other party said, "Help us take pictures, brother."

Gu Wei did as he did, so it seemed that the mood of the two table people had improved.

"Good-looking brother, what's your name?" asked the man who asked him to take the photo.

"My name is Gu..." Gu Wei's cell phone on the table rang, he nodded at the other party, smiled, and went out to answer the call from Gu Cai.

The milk tea in the small restaurant tasted average, the sugar was too much, and it was too sweet. Gu Wei sat there and drank a whole cup of milk tea, and his heart gradually became less uncomfortable.

It seems that it is not as difficult as he thinks to cross the future.

"It turned out to be you who took it." In the room, Jiang Xun looked at the photo that was later printed out in his hand with surprise.

"I didn't expect it either." Gu Wei pursed his lips and smiled, "The people I took pictures of then turned out to be the future TMW."

"I didn't expect it either." Jiang Xun said, "The good-looking younger brother who didn't have time to tell me his name at that time turned out to be a popular traffic star in the future."

It turned out that they had already met before they entered the public eye and were ordinary people.

They have warmed each other before they dazzled.

Neither of them would have thought that they would find such a coincidence between them by occasionally looking through old photos.

"It's not a coincidence." Jiang Xun put together the album and brought people over, "We are a natural couple."

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