Gu Wei never had trouble falling asleep this time, Jiang Xun was still talking to him, and he had closed his eyes deeply.

Without the help of drugs, without awakening, he seems to have not slept so deeply in a long time. In the dream, it was the scene of the concert, the flickering lights and

Gwanghae just fell into a dream.

In the future, there is a bully Jiang Xun in the dream.

No matter how much he screamed in pain or struggled, Jiang Xun would not let him go.

Gu Wei slept unsteadily, and felt uncomfortable in a daze. The place where he was bullied yesterday seemed to still have a residual feeling, and the feeling of soreness and numbness was getting deeper and deeper.

I was a little confused, and I thought that it was not finished, why did it start again.

He opened his eyes with some difficulty, only to realize that this was not a dream.

Gu Wei: “…”

Too much!

"Jiang Xun, I'm sleepy..." He was in a daze, and was tormented by Jiang Xun, "Why aren't you enough, what time is it?"

"Are you finally awake?" Jiang Xun's voice came from above him, "It's good, I think it's more interesting."

"Okay...Is it done?" Gu Wei protested, "I want to sleep."

Yesterday to the end, he was bullied by Jiang Xun to the point of crying, Jiang Xun coaxed him and said that after the previous accounts were settled, he would not bully him again.

Why now?

"Want to hear the reason?" Jiang Xun asked.

"Think." Gu Wei didn't wake up, his voice was a little hoarse.

Jiang Xun raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes: "Have you ever heard of such a sentence?"


"A man can't be trusted in bed."

Gu Wei: “…”

"Also." Jiang Xun stopped for a while, so Gu Wei temporarily slowed down, "Congratulations, little future, we have a new account to settle."

"I kicked you in bed?" Gu Wei was vigilant.


"I... bit you yesterday?" Gu Wei remembered the **** smell he tasted yesterday, but he didn't have time to care.

"Bite it, I almost forgot, then add one." Jiang Xun's **** had a Pikachu Band-Aid on it, "Forget it."

"Any more? Then I can't think of it." Gu Wei gave up.

"Remember the question I asked you yesterday?" Jiang Xun prompted.

"I like you." Gu Wei said.

"What else?" Jiang Xun urged.

Gu Wei: "..." He seemed to remember that before he fell asleep, Jiang Xun asked whether he was satisfied.

"Speak." Jiang Xun urged him with his actions.


"Really?" Jiang Xun smiled.

"Really." Gu Wei was wronged, "I can't say I'm dissatisfied."

He didn't dare.

"I see." Jiang Xunzhuang said with a good temper, "Then according to the little future, I am unreasonable, then I will calculate my account, you can do what you want."

Gu Wei really didn't understand, how could he be casual when Jiang Xun settled accounts, Jiang Xun covered his mouth, he wanted to bite again, thinking of the wound on Jiang Xun's finger, Bundle

The urge to bite was suppressed.

By the time Jiang Xun was satisfied, Gu Wei had no strength, so that Jiang Xun touched him, and he trembled slightly.

Jiang Xun sat up, let someone lean on his side, and opened the phone records, and then he began to explain what the account was just now.

"Bringing off the marriage?" Gu Wei was shocked, "When did I say that I would break off the marriage."

"Didn't you say it?" Jiang Xun didn't believe it.

"It's me..." Gu Wei remembered, "But... the last time I told my dad about my divorce was five months ago."

Five months ago, he felt that this engagement was very unreliable, and he also felt that a person like himself was not worthy of love, so he called Gu Cai and asked to break off the engagement.

He had wondered before, why he never told Jiang Xun about the divorce. Later, after the two had contacted several times, he completely forgot about it.

Is the delay in divorce too high? !

Gu Wei leaned softly beside Jiang Xun, but his thoughts gradually became clear, he seemed to remember—

Gu Cai wrote the script = disconnected from the Internet = isolated from the world, so it is not surprising that the divorce was delayed for five months, but the timing of the selection was too good.

He really didn't pick the time when he was a stupefied and cheap father to cheat on his son.

"I...wrong." Gu Wei tried to apologize.

"You don't need to apologize." Jiang Xun said, "If you are not satisfied, you can tell me that Xiao Mi's crying is too distressing, and I think you don't want it."

"I am..." Gu Wei argued.

"Understood, you are not satisfied anyway." Jiang Xun came to a conclusion.

"You know...that's not what I meant!" Gu Wei felt that he could still fight for it.

"You think about it before you talk, I'm still angry..." Jiang Xun said, "No matter how you say it, we are already engaged, and it is considered public, and we have done this kind of thing.

Now, think about it for yourself, is it a serious thing to break off the marriage now? "

Gu Wei: ", yes?"

There is clearly something wrong, but what Jiang Xun said seems to make sense.

What should I do if Jiang Xun is angry, Gu Wei inexplicably remembered that last night, Jiang Xun seemed to be coaxing him all the time, even though he was doing all the things that made him feel uncomfortable and unable to extricate himself


Gu Wei thinks he can say something nice to coax Jiang Xun.

"Brother." Gu Wei's voice was soft and slightly nasal.

"Huh?" A successful smile flashed across Jiang Xun's face.

"I am now a CP fan of the two of us." Gu Wei still remembers the thing about mutual fans that Jiang Xun mentioned before, "'Revelation' is true."

Jiang Xun raised his hand and pinched Gu Wei's cheek.

"It was late." Jiang Xun said.

"Why?" Gu Wei was puzzled, and when he heard Jiang Xun say that, he was a little nervous.

"I am your poison now." Jiang Xun announced.

Gu Wei: “…”

Don't be so **** yourself.

"Then what should I do..." Gu Wei was at a loss.

"You think about it yourself, if you can't figure it out, don't get up today." Jiang Xun's tone was full of emotion.

Gu Wei actually thought he was angry.

"I like you?" Gu Wei tried to say.

"I see, I like you too." Jiang Xun said deliberately perfunctorily.

"I love you?" Gu Wei said again, he once didn't understand what love was, but now he found that the word can be expressed smoothly.

"Of course I love you, little future." Jiang Xun said, "But that doesn't make me angry, right?"

Gu Wei had no choice, he gritted his teeth, and after struggling for five minutes, he made a difficult decision: "How, you sleep with me again?"

When he was talking, the scene of Jiang Xun bullying him appeared in his mind, and his eyes were red again.

In Jiang Xun's eyes, Gu Wei, who was about to be bullied, was wrapped in a quilt and pillowed on his lap. writing

The corners of his clothes keep him from getting angry.

"Let's do it next time." The little idol is too cute and cute at this time, Jiang Xun still can't bear to bully him, "Sleep, I will teach you later."

Gu Wei is really sleepy. After half-sleep and the anger of breaking the marriage, he became even more sleepy, rolled up the quilt, closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

At nine o'clock in the morning, netizens were still discussing the topic of yesterday's concert, T.ATW and the theme of the concert "Clouds and Mist" are still high in the hot search.


Gu Wei's discussion and popularity skyrocketed.

The scene of Gu Wei kissing the ring at the concert attracted a lot of people's attention. Some people found Jiang Xun's recent live broadcast and found that Jiang Xun was wearing the same ring on his hand.

At this moment, someone discovered that Jiang Xun had posted a new Weibo.

@TMW-Xun: Super happy.jpg.

Five minutes later, Jiang Ying forwarded it.

@江影KANI: OK.jpg. //@TMW-Xun: Super happy.jpg.

Countless netizens understand it in seconds.

[@Jiang Xun, you can't bully our idols, have you heard? ]

[Mom, this expression is really expressive, I can feel Jiang Xun's snoring across the screen. ]

[Waiting for the flower road, bless you. ]

[When will I get the certificate, urgent, online, etc. ]

Every day is New Year's Eve. ]

[Hahaha, the comments are all family members. ]

[Not yet! If Jiang Xun bullies you, a group of little hedgehogs will stab him hahahaha. ]

[@Jiang Xun, please return us first, there is a lot of concerts waiting for him. ]

"Drink some porridge." Jiang Xun put the porridge on the cabinet, sat down beside the bed, reached out and put a hand on Gu Wei's forehead, feeling the temperature, "It seems to have a low fever,

Blame me. "

"I don't blame you." Gu Wei shook his head gently, "Yesterday, after taking a shower and standing in the bathroom for too long, he probably caught a cold."

Jiang Xun knew what was going on in his heart, and he took good care of him for the remaining two days, never touching Gu Wei again.

Gu Wei was still thinking about the topic of "Poison Wei".

"Tomorrow...the holiday will end." Gu Wei lay on Jiang Xun's bed to practice singing, pretending to ask casually, "Do you still want to continue Poison?"

"Little future." Jiang Xun said, "Do you think you can't go to the concert tomorrow?"

Gu Wei turned around on the bed, got into the quilt, and didn't move.

Gu Wei swiped Weibo in the quilt for a while, only to find that the progress of CP fans overnight has grown by leaps and bounds, and it has reached the point of color.

"What are you looking at?" Jiang Xun lifted the quilt, took the phone from Gu Wei's hand, and glanced at the phone screen, "I can play without me, do you want to try it?"

Gu Wei: "...No."

The dance choreographed by myself, no matter how difficult it is, I have to dance. No matter how noisy it is tonight, I will not be able to dance the next day.

T.ATW's second concert was in City B. Jiang Xun sent Gu Wei to the airport. As soon as he got off the bus, he met many Yuji who came to interview him.

"Are you really engaged?"

"When did you start talking about marriage?"

"Are you planning to get the certificate now? Any plans for the future?"

"How far is your relationship now?"

"How far has it developed?" Jiang Xun repeated the question he heard and pulled Gu Wei to his side, "What I said is what you see.

Sample. "

"That's it." Jiang Xun said.

"I'm leaving." Gu Wei said softly.

"Go." Jiang Xun nudged Gu Wei's lower back and pushed him forward half a step, "Come back and settle accounts with you slowly."

The little hedgehogs who sent the plane in front cheered for a while. Gu Wei turned around and blinked at Jiang Xun who was behind him. The reporters around pressed the shutter of the camera one after another.

It was a sunny day after the clouds cleared.

The front of the road is the person who supports him, and the back is the person who loves him deeply, so he can face countless cameras without hesitation and move towards the future direction.

Because, the future is promising.

—End of text—

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