I heard that you want to break off the marriage because of dissatisfaction with your desires?

Gu Wei raised his hand and kissed the ring between his fingers. In the middle of a group of little hedgehogs holding a light sign, Jiang Xun did the same.

"Like you...and like you."

Yi Qing and Xuebing, who were beside Jiang Xun, were almost screaming, and Jiang Xun's name was suddenly shouted loudly.

Gu Weichong waved his hand off the stage, and said nothing, the lights in the venue dimmed again, and the first T.ATW concert tour officially started.

The whole concert was full of energy, T.ATW's concert was more fully prepared than ever before, and all the members showed their best performance. The last song is T. .ATW's debut song has been sung since two years ago.

It's obviously a lively song, and many fans cried when they sang along.

Because everyone knows how difficult it has been for T.ATW all the way up to now.

"We want to go on with you all the time." At the end of the concert, Fu Zhi stood on the stage and thanked the audience.

Fu Zhi took the other four and bowed to the audience at the same time.

The fans shouted their names, and they were reluctant to leave for a long time.

After the show, the core members of the Little Hedgehog Support Club were planning to take a group photo outside the concert venue.

"Doll, is the bread crab coming?" Xuebing conveyed the other three little hedgehog questions to Yi Qing.

"Let me ask." Yi Qing typed a few words on the phone.

"He said yes." Yi Qing raised her head.

"Five of you come with me." Mu Yue came out from the backstage and greeted several people with a smile.

Several little hedgehogs followed Mu Yue all the way to the backstage of the stage. Gu Wei was sitting in the dressing room and was talking to Jiang Xun. When he looked up, he saw Mu Yue who had pushed in the door. .

"How are you." Gu Wei said.

The snow cake was okay, I had met Gu Wei, Xianbei and two other little girls in person when I was in the small town, and almost screamed out of excitement.

"We agreed to take a photo, come on." Jiang Xun stood up.

Several girls unfolded the previously prepared banner and surrounded Jiang Xun in the middle.

"You take a group photo, won't you take me?" Gu Wei asked.

"Is it possible!" Senbei roared in excitement.

"Of course." Gu Wei walked to Jiang Xun's side, stood with Jiang Xun, and made a v for the camera.

The little hedgehogs left happily, Gu Wei only had time to ask Jiang Xun, "Why do you suddenly remember to take a photo?"

"Because I like you." Jiang Xun said, "Naturally, I have to take care of my fans, and I'm really your fan."

"I know and found it, Miss Bread Crab." Gu Wei revealed Jiang Xun's hidden identity.

"I'm getting more and more courageous." Jiang Xun said.

"The agent's public relations draft has been sent." Fu Zhi knocked on the door of the dressing room, reminding the two, "Weiwei is a holiday for the next three days, so you can choose whether to respond to the media or not. Bar."

For the relationship between Jiang Xun and Gu Wei, the public relations draft given by the team roughly means—

It is what you see.

The majority of netizens are not stupid this time.

[Gu Weidu kissed the ring at the concert, so obviously, that's exactly what we saw! ]

[Understood, good fortune! ]

[Did you get the certificate, I will urge marriage every day. ]

[I heard that during today's concert, there were people who called Jiang Xun's name, they were really suitable. ]

[Jiang Xun was at the scene, and someone took it. ]

[I can finally shout out proudly, nrxwszd. ]

At the same time when #yunxiaowusan# was on the hot search, the black and red traffic star Jiang Ying answered questions from netizens online.

Q: Are you and Gu Wei still right?

@江影KANI: Sorry, it's a family now, so I'm looking for a next home.

Q: Are Jiang Xun and Gu Wei real?

@江影KANI: Didn’t I say it? The quality of this group of netizens is not good.

Q: How far have Jiang Xun and Gu Wei developed?

@jiangyingKANI: I am also anxious about this issue.

"Are you going back?" Jiang Xun squeezed Gu Wei's cheek behind him, "Someone wants to see you."

The person who wanted to see Gu Wei sat in the living room of Jiang Xun's house, waiting for Gu Wei to come home.

Song Jingxi didn't know what Gu Wei had been through since she was a child, but when Gu Wei's mother came looking for it, she accepted it as a matter of course.

Gu Wei had not seen Ling Yixuan in five years, and already felt a little strange. Ling Yixuan was accompanied by a little girl of two or three years old, and her eyebrows and eyes were very similar to Ling Yixuan.

"Weiwei, I haven't seen you for a while." Ling Yixuan's face was a little tired, she pointed to the little girl beside her, "This is my sister."

"Well, long time no see." Gu Wei grabbed Jiang Xun's hand and avoided the topic of the little girl.

"I can't contact your father, I can only come here to find you." Ling Yixuan said, "You are so popular now, it is difficult for me to find you." "Weiwei just finished a concert , I need a rest." Jiang Xun said casually.

"I'll keep it short." Ling Yixuan saw what Jiang Xun said, "I read the rumors on Weibo a few days ago and found out, are you two getting engaged?"

"Yes." Jiang Xun said, "It's not about getting engaged, it's already engaged." Jiang Xun grabbed Gu Wei's hand. When Jingxi saw this scene, she smiled with satisfaction. Screenwriter Song had been in the circle for many years, and when she saw Jiang Xun's reaction, she probably also vaguely felt Jiang Xun's hostility.

"You haven't reached the age of twenty, and your life has not yet begun." Ling Yixuan said to Gu Wei, "Marriage is not a child's play. If you regret it later, what will you do?"

"I won't regret it." Gu Wei shook his head, "I'm not the same as you..."

"And." Gu Wei said, "For me...meeting Jiang Xun, my life really started."

Meeting Jiang Xun and T.ATW, he really lived.

The memory he remembered before had a slight influence on him, and when he heard Ling Yixuan's voice a little higher, he trembled a little.

"Aunt Ling." Jiang Xun stopped in front of Gu Wei, blocking Gu Wei's sight, "As you said, marriage is not a child's play, you gave birth to him, but did not treat him well He, so, let Weiwei make up his own mind about major events in life."

Gu Wei was pulled out of the house by Jiang Xun, and after driving all the way back to Jiang Xun's place, he was still a little dazed, he thought Ling Yixuan didn't want to care about him anymore, but he didn't expect Ling Yixuan to still be at this time Will appear.

His feelings for her are complicated, he has been hurt, but he never hates her.

Everyone is well, for him, it is the best state. "Don't worry, Mom will tell her well." Jiang Xun said, "No matter what, I managed to catch you, but I can't let it go. I knew she was going to tell you this, I don't want to. I'll let you see her."

"I've given you the ring, if you run away, I'll take off the fan and step back immediately." Song Jingxi's mouth is so powerful that it can make people dizzy, Jiang Xun doubted it for a while. It was only when Song Jingxi fainted while chatting that they talked about the engagement of the two.

"You're not chasing me." Gu Wei smiled, "I... like you too."

"When did you start liking me?" Jiang Xun pushed people into his own territory.

"I don't know." Gu Wei said reluctantly. "Is it when I changed your notes, or when I taught you how to play games, or when I called you 'little daughter-in-law'?" Jiang Xun noticed Gu Wei's reaction every time he said something. "Understood, when I called you 'little daughter-in-law', Weiwei liked being bullied by me, right?" "No." Gu Wei refused to answer the question directly, leaning over and hugging Jiang Xun's Corgi mvp.

"Weiwei." Jiang Xun took the mvp from Gu Wei's hand, put it on the ground, and patted Corgi's butt. Legs go away proudly.

"I turned you over from your mother, not for you to play with mvp." Jiang Xun said. Gu Wei: "...Then what do I do." "You don't have to do anything." Jiang Xun said, "I'll do it."

Gu Wei: “…”

"But you just said clearly that I just finished a concert and need to rest." Gu Wei argued.

"I don't remember." Jiang Xun said, "I always have to do something before they know you are mine."

"Go take a bath first." Gu Wei didn't bring anything, Jiang Xun put his pajamas in front of him and urged, "You come out early, we will rest early."

Gu Wei stayed in the bathroom for a long time, he was wearing a bathrobe, standing in front of the sink, the water droplets slipped from his hair to his cheeks, and dripped down his neck, He knew what Jiang Xun was talking about, but he...


People who lack love since childhood will find it difficult to accept intimacy, and every step they take is actually somewhat difficult for him.

But he understood what Jiang Xun meant and didn't want Jiang Xun to wait any longer, but he would still hesitate.

"What are you thinking?" Jiang Xun's voice came from behind him, "Two hours have passed, Weiwei, are you planning to hide here for a night if I don't come in? "

"I don't..." Gu Wei wanted to explain, but Jiang Xun covered his mouth.

"Don't talk, you have no chance." Jiang Xun said.

Gu Wei felt Jiang Xun's displeasure and shut his mouth obediently, then a soft cloth tape covered his eyes, the sudden darkness made Gu Wei feel a little uneasy , he wanted to ask, and remembered that Jiang Xun would not let himself speak, so he could only pursed his lips uneasily.

Jiang Xun patted his back, signaling him to be at ease.

Gu Wei, who was blindfolded, was very good. Because of his nervousness, his breathing was shallow, his lips were slightly open, and his cheeks were slightly flushed because he had just taken a shower.

The little idol who looked like a glittering little idol on the stage was leaning on Jiang Xun's arms obediently, not daring to let out the air. The more Jiang Xun looked, the more he wanted to bully.

"You stay here and don't go out, can I understand that you want to be here?" Jiang Xun suddenly exerted strength and pressed Gu Wei on the sink.

After a long time, Jiang Xun withdrew and carried Gu Wei into the bathtub.

"Little Future, do you like me?" Jiang Xun asked him.

"I like..." Gu Wei said with little effort.

"Are you satisfied?" Jiang Xun continued to ask.

Gu Wei was silent, leaned against the bathtub and fell asleep.

Jiang Xun kissed Gu Wei, took Gu Wei back to the bedroom, turned off the lights and rested.

*After five months, Gu Cai finally finished writing the script of a historical drama and returned to society.

The first thing about returning was written on Gu Cai's post-it note.


Jiang Xun and Gu Wei made trouble late last night. In the early morning, Jiang Xun was awakened by the sound of the vibrating mobile phone.

"Mom, what's the matter?" Jiang Xun answered the phone, worried about waking Gu Wei, his voice was very soft.

"Break out?"

"Why, why?"

"Gu Wei said not satisfied?"

Jiang Xun looked at Gu Weiwei who was sleeping peacefully on the bed and was still dreaming, and the corners of his mouth curved; "Well, okay, I see."