T.ATW released the surveillance video at 21:00 in the evening, which is the time of day when the number of Weibo views is high.

At 21:45, Jiang Xun forwarded Weibo.

At 22:00, Gu Wei liked Jiang Xun Weibo.

After 22:00, after a brief discussion, the little hedgehogs forwarded Jiang Xun and T.ATW's Weibo to express their views.

[If I want to cry, I know that with Gu Wei's dance skills, it is impossible to copy the choreography. ]

[Thank you Jiang Xun, thank you everyone at T.ATW, and thank you for the family, we haven't been hacked for too long. ]

[@Those who have hacked Gu Wei, you owe Gu Wei an apology. ]

[Little future, please take the flower road. ]

At this time, there are still three days before the end of the mainland star popularity season list, Jiang Enyuan's votes gradually stagnate, and Gu Wei's votes begin to soar.

The video posted by T.ATW's official blog has more than 100,000 reposts and comments.

The monitoring of the dance room and the video released by Xuan Huitong finally gave a clear answer to the two-year choreography dispute—

The person who copied the choreography is Jiang Enyuan, and the choreographer is Gu Wei.

Just because Jiang Enyuan danced the dance first in front of the public, the video of the dance room was lost, and Gu Weiping was hacked for two years for no reason.

Jiang Enyuan was completely washed out.

The phone number of Jiang Enyuan's company was almost blown up, and several artists who had a good relationship with Jiang Enyuan were busy distancing themselves from each other.

Several members of T.ATW spoke first. CFG

@T.ATW-Fu Zhi: #江恩源apology# As the captain of T.ATW, I have always seen Weiwei's efforts, he likes dancing so much, how can you take choreography something to black him. @江恩源

@T.ATW-Chi Yunkai: #江恩源apology# Sometimes, I really want to be unqualified once.

@T.ATW-Luo Chenxuan: Anger.jpg

In addition, Jiang Ying has not stopped.

@jiangyingKANI: #江恩源apology# In view of the poor memory of some netizens, I kindly want to remind everyone. 1. Jiang Enyuan choreographed plagiarism, but framed Gu Wei instead. 2. Jiang Enyuan clearly knew that Gu Weitip was afraid. When recording a variety show, he took the needle in front of Gu Wei's eyes and refused to apologize after being discovered. 3. Jiang Enyuan deliberately brought up the topic of Gu Weidai many times in public.

At 24:00 in the evening, several celebrities who had hacked Gu Wei under pressure of public opinion published a long article to apologize to Gu Wei, saying that they should not judge the matter based on Jiang Enyuan's vague remarks.

At this point, the voice of Jiang Enyuan's apology on Weibo is getting louder and louder. Near 2 am, Jiang Enyuan's company was photographed brightly lit.

"Isn't the monitoring deleted?" In the entertainment company's office, Jiang Enyuan yelled at the agent, "Didn't you promise to protect me?

The agent has been tossing and turning for the past few days, and has no patience: "To put it bluntly, you shouldn't have borrowed his choreography."

"I don't need his choreography?" Jiang Enyuan said angrily, "Can I become popular with just the little resources they gave me? It's not that I step on him and let netizens Sympathize with me, and my popularity gradually rises?"

"What about Gu Wei?" The manager's face gradually became indifferent, "It's not because of you that people are so hacked by you, it's not because of yourself that they can choreograph, what can you do?"

Jiang Enyuan suddenly seemed to have lost all his strength and fell on the sofa: "But, he has T.ATW, and Jiang Xun, even people like Jiang Ying will help him, I... Nothing at all."

"It's good to know that you don't have anything." The agent said, "No one will protect you, the company's top management has changed, please apologize, come out in a few years, maybe netizens will forget already."

"But I'm the traffic." Jiang Enyuan said weakly, "I haven't succeeded in the transformation. In a few years, how could anyone know me."

Complaining, turned around and left the office.

"It's not as serious as you think, my fans won't leave me." Jiang Enyuan said, "They obviously like me so much."

The next morning, several big fans of Jiang Enyuan announced that they would close the station, and one of them also posted a long Weibo.

@Removing fans this number will not be used later: idols should be shining existences to us, we spend time and energy to like him, just want to see his growth, see him gradually become A good person, so that we will feel that everything we give is worth it. It took me three years to like Jiang Enyuan, and now I don't think it's worth it, even a little disgusting. Plagiarizing choreography is a very serious matter, not to mention that after plagiarizing, it will frame the creator. Apologize to @T.ATW-Gu Wei, voted for you, come on.

This kind of fan is a relatively rational fan, but the other fans of Jiang Enyuan's family are not like this.

Nowadays, the whole entertainment industry knows about the surveillance video. The name Jiang Enyuan is closely related to this incident, and even being a fan of Jiang Enyuan has become a shameful thing.

"I heard that their fans are shouting to refund the money for the album, and the cosmetics that were endorsed before are also being returned in large numbers, and the partners are scolding him." Early in the morning, Chi Yunkai's mood It's especially sunny, "It's still miserable or "The Journey", the script is good, and the director's team is not bad, but the main characters keep having accidents one after another, and now passers-by are crazy to give low marks to the TV series, which director will dare to look for him in the future what."

"The company will definitely not give him any more resources during this period of time, and the most important thing is that no one dares to cooperate with him, who knows if he will continue to be tricked by him." Fu Zhi said , "And he himself has no special features other than selling miserably. His fans are not sticky, and he is basically confused."

"Weiwei eat breakfast quickly." Shi Xinyan threw the bread to Gu Wei, "I didn't have breakfast to practice somersaults."

"The theme of the April concert has been decided." Fu Zhi walked in from outside the dance room, "The agent said, it's called 'Clouds and Mist'."

"The clouds dissipate?" Luo Chenxuan leaned against the wall, "Good name."

T.ATW put all her energy on the upcoming concert. The agent rejected all media interviews on the grounds of the upcoming concert. Snow Light Entertainment did not choreograph the choreography. anything to respond to.

The stormy waves of the outside world can no longer affect T.ATW. After all, in this matter, Jiang Enyuan's plagiarism of choreography has constituted a fact.

At noon, Jiang Enyuan's Weibo finally released an apology statement. The statement was written in sincerity. He said that since he took Gu Wei's choreography, he has been very anxious every day, and he regretted it very much. I did such a thing, and at the same time said that the previous variety show was not intentional. In the end, Jiang Enyuan apologized to Gu Wei in the statement, saying that he had suffered too much abuse in the past two days and had a tendency to break down emotionally.

Netizens expressed their disapproval of such an apology.

[This is not an apology, this is to clear the relationship. ]


[Forget it, I don't expect you to apologize, I wish you a good time. ]

[Are you broken down? As for Gu Wei, Gu Weiping has been subjected to cyber violence for two years for no reason. What can you do to make up for the harm he suffered? ]

In the afternoon, the agent received news from the film side and went to T.ATW's dormitory but did not find Gu Wei.

"Where's the man?" asked the agent.

Chi Yunkai: "Dance room."

Shi Xinyan: "The kitchen."

Luo Chenxuan: "The bedroom."

The agent sighed: "...Okay, I see."

Gu Wei took advantage of the lunch break and slipped to Jiang Xun's side.

A retired worker was wandering in TMW's training room, and when he turned around, he saw Gu Wei beside the door of the training room.

"You guys talk." Yi Qing, who was wearing the TMW uniform, raised her hands and made a big heart for the two of them, and went downstairs to train.

Jiang Xun led Gu Wei down the long corridor, pushed Gu Wei into his dormitory, closed the door and locked it.

"Slipped out?" Jiang Xun drew the curtains to block the bamboo on the windowsill.

"Yes, it's lunch break." Gu Wei thought about it, followed Yi Qing's movements just now, raised his hands, gave Jiang Xun a big heart, and shook his body from side to side, "Why aren't you surprised?"

"Actually." Jiang Xun said with some reluctance, "Your agent called me just now."

"Huh?" Gu Wei didn't expect his secret affair to be exposed so quickly.

"She said, T.ATW is about to go on tour soon, and I'm not allowed to touch you." Jiang Xun said helplessly, "That's probably what it means."

Gu Wei comforted Jiang Xun: "It doesn't matter, I just planned to come and see you."

Jiang Xun was unhappy and said with a stern face: "Little future, do you remember what I said when I sent you back to the company a while ago?"

Gu Wei: “…”

"Although I don't acquire much, I still have shares in your company. Yu Gong, if you don't report your trip, should you be punished?" Jiang Xun asked.

"What about personal?" Gu Weixin was lucky.

"Yu Si, you deliver it to the door yourself, only to see but not to touch, and you should be punished."

Gu Wei couldn't tell him, he was worried that Jiang Xun had been working too hard these days, so he took advantage of the lunch break to take a look, but he didn't expect to be caught by Jiang Xun again and said a bunch of crooked things.

"When your concert is over, we'll make it public." Jiang Xun sat beside the bed and hugged him, "Don't be in a hurry to get married, it depends on what you mean, but you have to let people know. You are mine, at least in the future when they let you shoot kissing scenes, you have to remember to ask me what I mean."

"Okay, then I'll make money for you in the future." Gu Wei looked down at the ring on his hand and asked cautiously, "Then I'm going back?"

"No." Jiang Xun said, "I won't 'touch you', I'll get close to you."

"Closeness?" Gu Wei began to think about the difference between closeness and kinship.

Before he finished thinking, Jiang Xun forcibly pulled him onto his lap and sat down.

"Your agent said, you can't leave a hickey, you can't let you down, and you want to be in the best shape during the concert." Jiang Xun repeated the agent's request to Gu Wei , "Then what can I do, I can only make you like me more."

Jiang Xun unzipped Gu Wei's zipper, opened the hem of Gu Wei's sweater, along the back hem of the sweater, stretched out his hand through the fabric, and pressed lightly somewhere behind Gu Wei After a moment, Gu Wei shuddered for a moment.

"My family's little future is definitely promising." Jiang Xun succeeded, bowing his head and kissing Gu Wei's neck fiercely.

Gu Wei hasn't sobered up yet, so he has no idea about what to expect in the future for the time being, and there is only one idea in his head, which is—

How about not leaving a hickey?

In the last three days of the quarterly list, more than half of Jiang Enyuan's fans gave up their votes, Jiang Enyuan dropped out of the top ten, and Gu Wei's votes continued to climb

On the last day of bidding, Gu Wei's popularity rushed to the first place in the popularity season list.

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