"I've ordered, betrothed to you."

The drunk man on the other end of the phone stumbles when he speaks.

"What to order?" Gu Wei rubbed his eyes, endured his drowsiness, and turned on the screen of his phone. The time was 4:30 in the morning.

Blessed to come."

Gu Wei opened the curtains and looked at the pitch-black night sky outside, feeling that he must have done a lot of bad things in his eight lifetimes.

Small to steal chickens and dogs, to big to murder and set fire.

In the middle of the night, did you book a ghost for him?

"Dad... tell me the truth, how much did you drink?"

At 4:30 in the morning, the chicken is still dreaming, Gu Wei doesn't want to discuss this out of nothing engagement with the drunk.

His father, Gu Cai, was a screenwriter. When he wrote the script, he was a mad critic. son.

"Not much, not much." Gu Cai said with a big tongue, "Just two bottles of white, mixed with some beer, smash, Dad is happy, I finally found someone to take care of you, my colleague , you know, her son, like you, doesn't like little girls either."

"Dad, stay awake." Gu Weixiao bald the flowers in the vase by the bedside, "Your son, I'm a traffic star, do you understand traffic? I'll be confused when it comes to love."

He is the main dancer of the popular top men's group T.ATW, the third-tier traffic star, the traffic is not bad, the black fans will catch a bunch of them.

He just relied on that little traffic to make him fall in love, that is—

Cut off people's wealth and kill their parents.

What's the difference between his father's engagement and suicide.

"You are all black powder, it's already a paste." His dad doesn't eat this.

"Black fans are also fans, who makes me unlikable." As a third-tier traffic star, Gu Wei has a clear understanding of himself, "Tell me the truth, who are you engaged to? "

Gu does not have sufficient evidence to suspect that this engagement partner does not exist.

"It seems, what's it called Xun." Gu Cai was drunk and couldn't remember, "It seems like a child who doesn't do a good job. His mother said that he doesn't make much progress by playing games every day, but he is a good person."

He smokes and drinks and burns his head, but he's not a bad boy.

The logic of the drunk is touching.

"Hurry up, give me back." Gu Wei ruthlessly refused, "Our traffic has no love."

Gu Wei hung up the phone, at 4:40, this beautiful love that fell from the sky made him completely unable to sleep.

It was nearly five o'clock, Gu Wei opened WeChat, found their group's WeChat group, and sent a few good morning greetings.

[Please give me money if you love me]: Early!

[Please give me money if you love me]: Be full of energy today!

Before five o'clock, naturally no one in the group paid any attention.

Gu Wei poured a glass of water, and felt more and more that he couldn't get up so early in vain, so he opened his Moments, edited a good morning, and brought a common emoji for chatting in the group, cheers .jpg.

People emojis, Gu Wei followed a lot of emojis.

I have been single for a long time, and I feel pretty when I look at the emoji.

Gu Wei doesn't watch much of the game. He has been there a few times with the brothers in the group. It is also often used when chatting with hair circles.

"The early bugs are eaten by the birds, hum."

With the picture, Jiang Xun is angry.jpg.

"Brother." Someone privately chatted with him, "Wake up so early?"

This is Chi Yunkai, who is also a fringe member of the group.

[Please pay me if you love me]: My dad committed suicide to send his marriage, and I can't sleep.

[Shou De Yun Kai sees moon cakes]: Then don't sleep, my brother will show you something exciting.

[Love me please give me money]: What exciting?

Chi Yunkai threw a screenshot of Weibo hot search over there.

Gu Wei quit WeChat, opened Weibo, and sure enough, he and Chi Yunkai hung side by side on the hot search.

#Gu Wei's sense of variety##Chi Yunkai grabs the c position#

That's a thrill.

Gu Wei has also been scolded for grabbing the C position. He is not curious about this, so he opened his own hot search, and the top one is a video, which has just been broadcast. A fragment of the variety show "Wandering Together".

That is a variety show that Gu Wei has been recording recently.

In the video, seven guests of the wandering group came to the streets of the ancient town of Jiangnan. One of the old grandmothers learns to embroider.

In this clip, he buckled the embroidery on the table with his backhand, and ran out of the studio under the surprised eyes of the old man.

Later version: It's too difficult, cry cry.jpg.

After the latest episode of the variety show was broadcast, this episode was immediately caught by Gu Wei's black fans. The whole network criticized him for his low quality and disrespect for the elderly. The hard-working netizens forgot the hardships of 996 and worked overtime all night Plus points put Gu Wei on the hot search.

Netizen 1: You look at him like that. When I was a child, I was afraid that I didn’t do any work, and I didn’t endure hardship. Is embroidery so difficult?

& nbsp;

Netizen 3: When will T.ATW be disbanded, our captain Fu Zhi, let's go solo, I don't want to see Gu Wei's unsatisfactory drag on my brother.

In the group of scolding, there were also several small fans of Gu Weijia.

Netizen 4: There may be some special reasons for filming. He is usually a very polite person, so editing can easily lead to misunderstandings. My brother is very warm, please don’t misunderstand him.

Netizen 5: Xiao Kawai just turned 18 years old, he still doesn't understand many things, we apologize, please be tolerant to Weiwei.

But a small number of fans who helped Gu Wei speak were immediately scolded by angry netizens to the point of losing themselves.

Netizen 7: Passers-by, but Gu Wei's approach is really unpleasant, fans are scolded obediently, don't wash the floor there, it's very popular.

Netizen 8: That's right, I didn't say, what did the show crew of "Wandering" think at the beginning, did they like Gu Wei's traffic? Gu Wei really doesn't have a sense of variety show.

This clip posted by a big v has been forwarded and commented on tens of thousands of times, and the fact that Gu Wei has no sense of variety has become a hot search.

Gu Wei closed the Weibo interface and was completely awake. He got up to wash up. The eyes of the person in the mirror were red, obviously due to lack of sleep. After he washed and dressed, he just received a call from his manager, Sister Zhao, when he returned to the bed.

"Wake up?" Sister Zhao said briefly, "Have you seen the hot search?"

"Wake up, Sister Zhao is early." Gu Wei's voice was slightly nasal, "I'm sorry."

The child's voice is soft and has no temper, Zhao Ya's stomach full of fire can't come out in an instant: "The car is downstairs in the dormitory, you hurry up, the magazine cover is shot over there The time is an hour earlier, and Mu Yue is waiting for you in the car."

"Well, I see, thank you Sister Zhao." Gu Wei looked at the mirror, simply scratched his hair, put on a coat, and rushed downstairs.

The studio shot by the magazine was by the river, a nanny car parked by the building, two people with sunglasses came down, and a group of bodyguards followed behind them.

"Brother, don't you have to train today?" Jiang Ying took off her sunglasses.

Jiang Xun shook his head: "No, I just finished the game last week. Tomorrow the team will go to Europe for vacation. Today there is an exclusive interview with a professional player."

Jiang Xun, the captain of TMW, the star team of the FPS game "Code" professional competition, led the team to achieve a number of honors in the professional league. .

Jiang Xun's interview location was to pass by the magazine's studio. Filming was taking place in the studio. Jiang Xun planned to go around intently, but he heard his younger brother Jiang Ying tut strangely.

Jiang Xun: "?"

"Three o'clock." Jiang Ying pointed to the front, "See, that is my opposite home, and there are more black materials than me."

Jiang Ying has a partner, Jiang Xun knows it, but he is busy with the team and the entertainment industry is so dark that it has little to do with him. Since they bumped into them today, Jiang Xun followed the direction Jiang Ying pointed.

Seeing this, Jiang Xun stopped.

The "opposite home" that my younger brother called, was filming the cover of an e-sports magazine. The little star was wearing a camouflage uniform, with two lines of oil on his face, leaning on an armored vehicle, with his shoulders on his back. Carrying a sniper rifle prop, all kinds of cameras around him kept flashing at him.

Jiang Xun's first impression was that this little star's eyelashes are quite long, which complements the original peach blossom eyes a little more charming, good-looking but not tacky, with delicate lips and slightly raised corners of the mouth It looks good.

The little star looked at the camera and carried the heavy-looking prop gun on her back, trying her best to create a "sharp" momentum as required by the photographer.

In Jiang Xun's opinion, little stars are not only not fierce, but also fierce.

"You're promising." Jiang Xun raised the corners of his lips, "Are underage children your right home?"

"Is it eighteen years and one month old?" Jiang Ying, the irritable brother, was not convinced, "It's all post-00s, he just looks small, so he usually looks good, black material. more than me."

Jiang Xun was noncommittal.

"What's his name?" Jiang Xun asked casually.

"Gu Wei, Gu in retrospect, Wei in the future." Jiang Ying said, "I went to take pictures, and I was actually ranked behind my opponent."

Gu Wei's eyes are too familiar, making Jiang Xun think of a game from a long time ago.

At that time, their team had just won seven consecutive victories, and the teammate pointed to a person in the audience to show him—

"That kid has been here a few times, staring at you all the time. He's your fan."

The child wore a hat and mask, and wrapped himself tightly, but the eyes that were exposed were so beautiful, Jiang Xun stared at the audience for a long time.

Those eyes, Jiang Xun has never forgotten.

Seeing that his brother didn't move for a long time, Jiang Ying retreated, pointed at Gu Wei, and made a conclusion: "So, brother, remember this face, this is your brother and me, Jiang Ying's opponent, what is his opponent, after that, in the entertainment industry, either he died or I died."

Jiang Xunruo nodded, "You die."

Jiang Ying was stunned, and pointed to himself with horror: "Am I dead?"

Who is your brother?

"Unfortunately, I have to wrong you." Jiang Xun raised his chin in the direction of Gu Wei, "That kid seems to be my fan, I protect the fan."

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