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Your Majesty Please Calm Down

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As a eunuch, Tian Qi’s ba zi* was harder than diamond-plated gold drill. Although her ba zi easily brought an end to three consecutive masters, the Emperor was not afraid to be the next casualty and got her to serve at Qian Qing Palace.

Although His Majesty looked like a handsome gentleman, his behavior was more like a hooligan. Once, the Emperor touched Tian Qi’s lower abdomen and started to wonder at the amazing flatness of the area…

*八字 a Feng Shui term that refers to one’s date and time of birth, or the destiny that one is born with

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:陛下请淡定
Author:Jiu Xiao Qi
Weekly Rank:#6712
Monthly Rank:#19570
All Time Rank:#4686
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Cross-dressing, Cute Children, Eunuch, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, Handsome Male Lead, Imperial Harem, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Money Grubber, Mysterious Family Background, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies,
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  1. He lost interest in his harem as soon as he fell for FL. IMO, this is one of the writer’s best works. The plot is fast moving and intriguing, FL is smart enough to find ways to protect herself, ML is cunning and wise enough to check for facts/info hence any misunderstandings with FL is short lived. I also like the chief eunuch that serves the emperor.

  2. Tang Tianyuan, the son of Tang Ruoring, and the good friend of the FL, is sent to the place where FL’s lost brother and his adoptive sister are. So the wheel of destiny will repeat itself. That is, Tang Tianyuan will be the one that unite the siblings. And likely marry the adoptive sister (writer left that to our imagination). The MTL translations are so bad, that many times the true meanings of the text were lost.

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