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Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This

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After a hard journey, you finally lifted the curse of the evil queen and came to the tower where the sleeping princess was imprisoned.

The beautiful princess was shy and raised her face quietly. At this time you…

[A. Gently kissed, awakened the sleeping princess, and then embarked on a love entanglement that was not recognized by the king. Completion reward: princess’s body*1, some gold coins*1]

[B. “Princess, don’t do this, I was hired by the evil dragon.” Completion reward: Dragon’s Treasure*1, Black Dragon MM Pilot License*1]

[C. Slowly picked up the princess and gave it to the evil queen. Completion rewards: Sexy Queen*1, Muggle King’s Green Hat*1, Sorrento Magic Kingdom*1]

Louis rubbed his face fiercely and tangled for a moment.

Finally, he lowered his head and kissed the princess, slowly picked her up, and headed to the queen’s bedroom. “Princess, don’t be like this, I was hired by the evil dragon.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:THDBLT
Alternate Title:殿下别这样
Author:Dagan's Power
Weekly Rank:#9999
Monthly Rank:#10151
All Time Rank:#8885
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Master-Disciple Relationship, Multiple Identities, Overpowered Protagonist,
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10 Comments on “Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This
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  1. (help me) this story is the first story I read a Chinese novel.does anyone know a story with a fl goes back to the past. he was raised by his grandfather, but his grandfather died, because he was beautiful many old men wanted to marry him but then he was helped by ML who was having training near his village. Ml is a soldier maybe. he has many younger brothers who are not related by blood. Fl died because he was shot by several organizations that were after him, but ML died while helping him. last time i read it it was a chp with a mysterious woman who looks like FL, but she has the opposite personality from FL and even tried to kill FL.the woman poisoned the forest (I think?),because of poison, many soldiers were poisoned, and FL researched the cure.FL has a system that can turn into a cute dog or fur ball.I think.FL is also a new actor.

  2. This story is too chaotic, i can't understand anything, i don't know what's happening in the story, i only know some main things like he introduced himself to princess as he is super talented then helped princess win something then he did something that i don't understand and its been 10 chapters and i don't understand what he is doing, when is he going to fuck the witch queen like in the description?

  3. Its like watching an anime and not knowing japanese so you can only understand some things from the video and few japanese words that you know like when a character says arigato you know he should be thanking for something and then story goes on, you can know the plot but you can not understand how things happen, what they are saying, what are the jokes you just can't understand, same is with this novel

  4. It really chaotic(the system,spell,etc). I only know that this novel has many HarryPorter elemental. Mc + Other Characters personality are weird?? So it only suitable when you are really bored.

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