These conditions are just right for Su Youlan to meet all.

Li Mingguan looked in Su Youlan's direction quietly.

Although he has been directing the play, he has not ignored the fact that Su Youlan has been watching Jiang Xun's performance nearby.

Su Youlan took a long time to shoot today's scene before she succeeded. She felt ashamed and hoped that Jiang Xun could be more NG and find a psychological balance for her.

Li Mingguan saw it all in his eyes and understood it very well.

Just not dismantled.

But now after thinking about it, Su Youlan is the most suspicious.

But Li Mingguan glanced in the direction of Su Youlan for only a second, but Su Youlan still noticed it.

She lowered her face, Li Mingguan wouldn't doubt her, would he?

Or is Jiang Xun trying to use this incident to completely suppress her?

Jiang Xun glanced in Su Youlan's direction, and said to Li Mingguan and Qin Mufeng, "Although Su Youlan is suspicious, I don't like her very much."

"It's because her suspicion is too obvious. If something happens to me, she will be the first to be suspected. If you look at it this way, she looks like a target that was deliberately set up." Jiang Xun said in a deep voice, "Su Youlan is this person. It's stupid, but it's not so stupid. In her crew, doing something obvious would be the first and most suspected bad thing for her."

"If you really want to do something bad, shouldn't you try your best to exclude yourself from suspicion first?" Jiang Xun said, "Suspicion on Su Youlan's head is too logical, but it makes me suspicious. Of course, Su Youlan can also do the same thing. Xiang operation. But with such a complicated idea, I doubt that Su Youlan has the brains and the courage to do so."

If the operation is reversed, she is suspected at first, and she still needs to find a way to exclude herself from suspicion.

This is too much trouble, it is better to let yourself not be suspected in the first place.

The staff in charge of the props hurried over, with panic and apprehension on his face.

"Director, I really checked it when I was preparing the props!" the staff hurriedly said.

"Let the props team come and gather!" Li Mingguan said.

"There is surveillance between the props." Qin Mufeng said.

"Yes!" The staff hurriedly said, and he also tried his best to prove his innocence, "There are surveillance cameras at the door and in the room!"

"Not only in the prop room, but the entire crew hid surveillance cameras in the corners," Li Mingguan said.

"Call out all these surveillance cameras." Qin Mufeng said, "Let me handle this matter."

"As for the filming process, I won't interfere, you can decide." Qin Mufeng said, "But the matter of changing the props and hurting Jiang Xun, leave it to me to investigate."

He didn't feel relieved to hand it over to the crew to check.

And the efficiency of these people is not necessarily high.

What Qin Mufeng said couldn't be denied, and Li Mingguan didn't dare to say a word.

"Then it will trouble President Qin." Li Mingguan said.

He was also happy to let Qin Mufeng come to investigate.

Qin Mufeng naturally has many means, and he is faster than him to find out.

He can also just use this to prove his innocence.

He really didn't know anything about the props being swapped.

"Jiang Xun, let's take a rest today, don't shoot." If such an accident happened, Jiang Xun had to rest for a day, and the filming was interrupted, so the performance must have been vented.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xun shook his head, "Continue shooting, and finish all the parts that should be completed today, don't delay the progress of the crew because of me."

"And it's all set up today, but suddenly I don't shoot, and I have to redo it tomorrow." Jiang Xun said, "This is a waste of time and everyone's work."

The props team was still there, and Qin Mufeng ordered the props room to be blocked. The props team was all present, and the assistant director and Li Mingguan's assistant were helping to count the number of people to see if there were many or few people.

At this time, I just heard Jiang Xun's words.

Although they didn't say anything, they had an excellent impression of Jiang Xun in their hearts.

Many actors and even directors never think about their work behind the scenes.

Some actors even acted as if these props were created out of thin air without any effort at all.

When I was filming, I said today that I don't need it.

If you say you don't shoot it, don't shoot it.

Few people care about the props they make all night by lighting up the lights and staying up all night.

But Jiang Xun cares!

She has been paying attention to how difficult it is for them to arrange props.

She was almost injured just now!

If it wasn't for Jiang Xun's own vigilance, he would probably lose his arm if he changed it.

After experiencing such a serious accident just now, Jiang Xun still quickly sorted out his emotions for the progress of the shooting, and went on to shoot.

They have seen a lot of actors, but Jiang Xun can really be called a real actor!

What if she just entered the business?

What if there is no systematic study of acting?

A lot of people are from a professional background, but how many are better than Jiang Xun in acting?

No one understands how difficult it is for them to arrange scene props like Jiang Xun.

For this reason, the colleagues in the props group who were present all looked at the colleagues around them and the colleagues who could clearly see each other's expressions as far as the eye could see.

There is no trace of guessing who is on the props in an attempt to hurt Jiang Xun.

They have to get him out!

Jiang Xun is so good, how could someone hurt Jiang Xun so cruelly!

There is no branch of Qin Yang in Fengnan City.

But Qingdu, next door to Fengnan, is the capital of the province.

Qinyang opened Qinyang Hotel, Huamucheng shopping mall, and supermarkets in Qingdu. Qinyang Real Estate also has a lot of real estate in Qingdu, so Qinyang set up a branch in Qingdu, radiating to nearby areas. .

Qin Mufeng made a phone call, and immediately someone rushed here from Qingdu.

Not surprisingly, it will be there in an hour.

Now the crew of the crew is using it first.

The head of the props team frowned and said, "Whoever did it, stand up It may be just a momentary carelessness. If you stand up now, Director Li won't tell the public about your mistakes. Other crews, you You can still get in."

"If you don't stand up now, and wait until the inspection and monitoring find out, it will not be the result of this treatment," said the team leader.

Yet no one admitted it.

Everyone else is looking at other people's reactions, and it seems that they really can't see that someone's expression is wrong.

On this side, Li Mingguan was very happy to hear Jiang Xun say this. Of course, it would be good not to delay the shooting progress.

But in his heart, he still looked at Jiang Xun with admiration.

Before, because of Jiang Xun's acting skills, Li Mingguan had completely changed Jiang Xun's opinion, otherwise he couldn't post a special Weibo praise.

But Jiang Xun was able to quickly adjust to such a big thing. In order not to delay the shooting progress, he insisted on continuing to shoot.

Such a professional spirit is really hard to see in today's increasingly impetuous circle.

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