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Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

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Traversing into a cannon fodder whose biological mother died young, his stepmother calculated, and was thrown into the village by his father.

Jiang Xun expressed no panic, she always convinces people with virtue.

Thief: Stop fighting, I’ll change careers.

Gangbang: Stop fighting, I’ll pay you back.


At the Jiang family banquet, the guests laughed at her: “I heard that she has been raised in the country for 11 years, and she looks rustic. If I were the Jiang family, I would never let her come out and be ashamed.”

Jiang’s father: “You follow behind your mother, don’t talk, so as not to make a fool of yourself.”

Stepmother: “Qin Mufeng, the head of the Qin family, has a beautiful scenery, and is not close to women. Don’t try to cling to it.”

Jiang Xun had just asked who Qin Mufeng was, when he turned around and was blocked by a man in the corner.

Father Jiang was shocked: “Jiang Xun, why are you being held in Qin Mufeng’s arms!”

Everyone knows that business boss Qin Mufeng is indifferent and ruthless.

The man mistakenly thought it was her intentional design, and his eyes were cold, “I’m not interested in little girls.”

Jiang Xun kicked over, “I’m not interested in old men who are seriously ill!”

Dare to beat and scold Qin Mufeng again, everyone felt that Jiang Xun was finished.

As a result, in a live variety show, netizens saw Jiang Xun open the door that was knocked on at night, and the rumored indifferent and mean Lord Qin stood at the door with aggrieved expression.

“I was wrong, please be interested in me.”

“I’m young and my physical strength is very good, so I’m just right for you.”

Everyone was shocked!

What about not being close to women? ? ?

Later, Qin Mufeng turned the ring between his ring fingers and smiled provocatively, “I’m not close to women, but when I entered Jiang Xun, I was stunned.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:YMQKCM
Alternate Title:惊!揍了秦爷后他每晚来馋我
Author:like dawn
Weekly Rank:#177
Monthly Rank:#361
All Time Rank:#3298
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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  1. Can someone help me find this novel? Female protagonist is sick and is tricked by her female cousin to eat hot pot and stuff that worsens her illness. However, the female protagonist makes friends that are her age (story starts with fmc as a young child in school) that help to protect her. They form a "protect mc" quartet. The ml is one of the boys from the quartet's older brother or something, and he becomes interested in the fmc because she has an upbeat attitude towards life even though she's really ill. The fmc is really smart and gets school test champion or whatever, but falls really ill afterwards. The whole family worries for her and says that they don't want her to be so smart if it means she's ill. And then near the end, the ml is in a coma right before their wedding, but the fmc still decides to marry him. Please help me find the novel title!!

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