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Young Master Jun’s 100 Techniques to Spoil His Wife (The Empire's Mr. Jun Is Playing The Villain Again)

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Novel Summary

He is the sole heir to the Empire that can topple over the world, matchlessly noble and devilishly handsome.

She is Cinderella of the real world, abondoned by the groom at her wedding, mocked by her entourage. When she and her family were forced into a dead end, he swoops in to save her.

He said: “Marry me, I will pamper you, be a qualified husband and keep you safe”.

The second time he saves her, she said: “Mr Jun, I am willing. Will you still accept me?”

After her marriage, she takes revenge from her enemies. But he is distressed: “Are you hurt?”

She was spoilt beyond limits. Every night she was tossed left and right. She really felt like her waist would break.

“Mr. Jun, I want to rest”

Jun Mohan, as he unbuckles his belt, says: “Very good, we are going to sleep right away”

As the night passes, Feng Sujin felt like crying. She didn’t mean this type of sleeping. Jun Mohan softly says: “Don’t worry. Whatever you want, I can give it to you”

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Short Title:YMJ
Alternate Title:帝国第一宠:君少撩妻100式 / The Empire's Mr. Jun Is Playing The Villain Again
Author:Feng Yuan Tangguo
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#203
Monthly Rank:#241
All Time Rank:#165
Tags:Betrayal, Black Belly, Cold Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Wealthy Characters,

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