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You Plan To Kill Me With Meng?

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Qiao Qixi woke up one day to find himself transmigrated as a polar bear and he merely took more care of the injured bear next door when the other side see him in a different light.

A gay… bear?

Later he found out his guess was right. Shit, experts say the animal world is full of homosexuals, it is indeed true! He was not deceived!

And it’s happened more than once.

Afterwards, regardless of whether he was transmigrated as a lion, tiger or leopard… he would be targeted by the same sex.

Even as a peacock, there will be another peac*ck that will spread out its tail feathers to tempt him.

Is Qiao Qixi bothered by it, you ask?

No, he enjoys being fed by all the big guys.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:YPKMWM
Alternate Title:你打算萌死我吗[快穿]
Weekly Rank:#230
Monthly Rank:#116
All Time Rank:#2660
Tags:Age Progression, Amnesia, Animal Characteristics, Childcare, Cute Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, First Love, Kind Love Interests, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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29 Comments on “You Plan To Kill Me With Meng?
  1. I love this novel!! It's so cute... Yo if you people who don't like the novel and have nasty things to say about it, just don't say it. No one want to read the stupid comments coming from someone who only read the discribtion and only seeing the tag and are just like, "OMG this is just two guys doing it with each other!! Ewww!!" Its basically the same with romance novel, but i would need to confessed that Yaoi is much more interesting to read then those white lotus bitches... not saying that I hate the female lead... I'm sick of people going into BL novel and just comment hate stuff about it, seriously, the comment section are for you to comment on the novel 'after' you have read the whole thing and leave your opinion so that the author/translater etc would know where to improve and fixed. Gosh and the last thing that needed to be change in this novel is it's genre. 😌😊 Oh I love the novel by the way it's so cute and heart warming..😘

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