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You Call This the Black Man Behind the Scenes?

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Novel Summary

Civilizations change and the era restarts.

The world returned to the age of steel and steam is full of chaos, madness, twist and evil.

Among them, a group of sorcerers called truth followers have done all their bad things.

They sacrificed to evil gods, besieged the Pope, assassinated the emperor, and even provoked the First World War…

All of this had nothing to do with the transmigrator Melon. When the world was in turmoil, he was the one who squatted aside and watched the show.

Until one day, this group of people came to him and insisted on recognizing him as the leader, and also said that he was the son of destiny. Everything they did before was because they followed his instructions…

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Short Title:YCTBMBS
Alternate Title:你管这叫幕后黑手?
Author:Wash your hands frequently
Weekly Rank:#8414
Monthly Rank:#6899
All Time Rank:#7628
Tags:Ability Steal, Clumsy Love Interests, Dragons, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Harem, Humanoid Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Perverted Protagonist, Romantic Subplot,
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  1. Ch.148 ★★★☆☆ 8 minutes ago was interesting at first. steampunk+hp kinda vibe at first. later the book become long love story of mc. (mc like his teacher, his teacher's daughter like mc, his teacher's best friend (married) like mc, etc) everything is about mc and his love interests interacting, riske scene and weird fetish. what should have been a good mystery style novel have been ruined by author with too much fan services stuffing in; to a point there was nothing important going on for 30 chapters except love story.

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