Cat: Thank you very much for your companionship for the past six months. The half-yearly serialization is finally over. Are you happy?

Hu Yucheng: Wait, why didn’t you write about me and Xiaoxue? ?

Cat: (digging nostrils) Hasn't your love story been written in the text? ?

Hu Yucheng: But what about Fanwai? ? What about you? ?

Xiao Xue: (a stir-fried chestnut) Do you want the cat to write down how you are bullied by me every day? ?

Hu Yucheng: This...

Cat: Actually, I want to save you some face, but if you don’t think it matters, I’ll write it for you. Anyway, it’s not me who is ashamed...

Hu Yucheng: Then... forget it...

Cat: Well, you guys saw it, the fox didn’t let me write...

Reader: (throwing eggs, smashing vegetables) nonsense! ! Obviously you are lazy and don't want to write! !

Cat: It's all seen by you... Hey... you just know...

All right, thank you for your company. When you see a message from a reader, it’s like watching your child grow up. The cat feels very moved. Hey, although there are many disappointments at the end, I believe peach He will always live happily with Silent Aunt! !

Cat’s new book "I Love You: Misleading Brother Black Brother" has been published. It will be updated normally from tomorrow. The students who have jumped before the pit, what are you, love you, you can read more about Zhengde from tomorrow The story of the master sister and the youngest brother! !

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"I Devoted to My Heart: Misappropriating Brother Black"

The flower blossomed through the air.

Before crossing, the black and white impermanent brother asked her if she had any special hobbies. She opened a pair of watery eyes, and replied beautifully: "I want to have a magical skill, a wealth of wealth, a leisurely life, and respect!"

"Good! Let's go!!!" Hei Xiaochang agreed very readily, and then the sleeve robe waved, and the whole person leaned back, and a strong sense of weightlessness struck instantly.

Before falling into the reincarnation pool, Hua Kai saw black Xiaochang and Bai Xiaochang's sly expressions on their faces, and suddenly a bad hunch appeared in their hearts. These two guys...really unreliable...

Anyway, will she still meet her requirements? ?

"Have seen Master Sister!!!" A burst of deafening roar came suddenly, and Huahua rushed back to God, looking at the neatly arranged rows of priests in front of him, suddenly filled with black lines...

This...this...what a horrible situation! !

Hua Kai quickly recalled, Peerless Divine Achievement...A wealth of wealth...A leisurely life...A lot of respect...

Oh shit! This condition should be at least to cross to the palace? ?

Why is she in Taoist temple! ? ?

What the **** the priest of the earth shouted "Master Sister" towards her respectfully! !

Before Hua Hua responded, he heard an old voice in his ear slowly said, "Hua Luo, what are the younger brothers saying hello to you?"

what? ? Huakai turned her head stiffly and looked at the old Taoist with gray robes, white beards and fairy bones, and reflexively replied: "My name is Huakai...not Hualuo..."

"Is it..." The old Taoist reached out and stroked his long beard, smiled and nodded. "Then it's called Hua Weiluo, the flower blooming is not yet Lulu, are you satisfied with this name?"


"It's okay!" The old Taoist waved his hand. "The name is just the title. Entering my Taoism, all of your fellow teachers and brothers will be commensurate with the Taoist name. Well... let the teacher think about it... what to give you What about the track number..."


"Is it better to call Zhengde?? Do the best of humanity, justify the morality of the people; do the best of the nature, justify the morality. What does the Tuer think of this nickname?"


"Have seen Master Zhengde!!!" Hua Weiluo could not answer in the future. The priests standing underneath had already clenched their fists in both hands and shouted at her in unison.

"Look, your teachers and disciples think your track number is good!" The old Taoist nodded with satisfaction, patting the unworn shoulders and smiling kindly and kindly.

Your head! ! This kind of soil-scumming and man-like road number, master, how hard did you come up with it? ?

Hua Weiluo only felt that there was an old blood in his heart, which was surging and surging.

"Okay, since everyone has seen Zhengde, then this morning meeting can be disbanded, Zhiyuan, you take your master sister to visit around and familiarize yourself with the environment of Taoism!" The old Taoist pointed his finger, and his face was round and fat. The fat little priest walked forward with respect.

"To the circle?" Hua Wei turned his head suspiciously, looking at his master.

"Hehe... in the Taoist temple, the men's slogans are the most advanced generations." The old Taoist still smiled.

"Then I..."

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