But the dim sum is still a little Loli, her long hair tied into two braids by her peach mom in a playful manner. A pair of big watery eyes, shining pure and innocent light, a small white face round, with a ruddy cherry mouth, how to see how to look at the little girl who came out of the girl cartoon.

Of course, these are just superficial phenomena.

The dim sum perfectly inherited Shen Mochen's black, arrogant book, and it was almost the same as the scum.

The only thing that annoys the dim sum is that every time the two families have dinner, her mother always discusses with Xiao Xiao’s mother. Is there anything wrong with her and Xiao Xiao’s future marriage? Only in the fifth grade, she is still a primary school student, she is not yet a teenager! !

mom! You are now discussing the issue of getting married, don’t you think it’s too early?

Shouldn't you catch the problem of premature love like other parents? ? ?

At this time, Xiao Xiao sat opposite her, a pair of black jade-like eyes looked at her with a smile, with long legs under the table, kicking her without a hit.

What are you doing! ! Great legs! ? ?

Xiao Snack glared at Xiaoxiao fiercely, and then pretended to turn around and talk to his father, but secretly used the pig's trotters stepping on Xiaoxiao.

I step on, I step on, I step on hard! ! !

"Huh? Xiaoxiao, what's wrong? Why are my eyes red?" Xia Yiran turned around, looking at his son's red eyes and tears, and asked casually.

"No... nothing... Mom, I just wanted to sneeze and couldn't make it out, suffocating..." Xiao Xiaoqiang swallowed the pain from his toes and explained to his mom with a smile.

"Oh..." Xia Su didn't doubt he was there, nodded, and continued to chat with Peach.

Shen Mochen and Lu Qingzhe glanced at each other tacitly, and then inadvertently glanced at the situation under the table, pretending to see nothing, and continued to talk about the project.

The turning point of her relationship with Xiaoxiao occurred in the second half of the sixth grade of Ding Xiao Elementary School.

The sun was fine that day, Dim Sum stood at the door of the school and waited for Xiao Xiao to bring herself home from school. Then, another girl with a smile on her face appeared, and the girl was chatting with Xiao Xiao while facing her own She came by bike in the direction of the school. In her watery eyes, she didn't hide the worship of Xiaoxiao. What's more, the guy Lu Yixiao was also smiling at the girl with a gentle face.

When the two of them rode in front of them, the girl glanced at the dim sum and then smiled and asked Xiao Xiao: "You come to pick up your sister from school? Your sister is so cute!"

Dim Sum looked at him and just smiled, but didn't answer. He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, but he asked Xiaoxiao with a smile on his face: "Brother, is this sister your first girlfriend again?"

Xiaoxiao just smiled, her jade-like eyes squinted into a slit, her lips etched a beautiful arc, revealing a row of white teeth, and then snacks heard his voice softly said: "Dim sum, she is mine Classmates, my wife is only you!!"

Dim Sum froze for a moment, then turned his head subconsciously and looked at the girl beside him with a somber expression, and there was a hint of darkness in his heart.

"Come on, go home." Xiao Xiao held the handlebar in one hand and held the snack in the other. Rarely, she didn't resist and let him lead him obediently, and then sat in the back seat of his car Go up and fly away.

Um... Actually this guy Xiaoxiao is also very good.

Dim Sum looked at his back, silently thinking...