So Peach often sees Xiao Xiao following behind Xiao Xiao's ass. A pleased expression said, "Come on, let Brother Xiaoxiao kiss."

"Don't do it!!" Nodded and twisted his head arrogantly, moved his body, and pointed his **** at him.

Xiaoxiao didn't mind. He smiled and went around in front of Dim Sum. He continued to please: "Don't kiss, just kiss. Anyway, you were kissed so much by me when you were a kid. !!!"

"Don't do it!!" Dim Sum continued to turn his head, then turned around.

"Then I will dissolve all my three thousand beauties in the harem and let you be my grand wife?" Xiao Xiao thought about it with her head tilted, thinking that women should all care about their names.

"Don't do it!!" Dim Sum turned his head disdainfully and continued to play with the raging bear in his hand.

"Smelly baby, how about you kiss me!!!" Xiao Xiao was also angry, feeling that she was willing to dissolve his three thousand beauties in the harem. She was not satisfied yet, and it was a woman's heart.

"Don't do it!!"

"..." Xiaoxiao's good-looking eyes rolled around and circled again to the small snack, and asked with a smile: "Why don't you kiss me?"

"Don't do it!!"

"Then I won't kiss you!!"

"Don't don't..." The little dim sum has not been finished yet, and has been knocked down by Xiao Xiao, let's take a sip and firmly kiss her small mouth.

"Well!" Xiao Xiao nodded, looking at Xiao Dian's stunned expression with great satisfaction, spread her hands helplessly and said: "You don't want me not to kiss you!!"

Is it? ?

Xiao Xiao frowned, thinking back to the conversation between them just now, it seems... there is indeed something wrong...

Shen Mochen was sitting on the sofa, holding a newspaper in his hand, and looking at his daughter's dumbfounded look, he couldn't help but shook his head. Hey... Sure enough, this IQ didn't inherit her completely...

"Then you have been kissed by me, and you will be my big wife in the future!!!" Xiao Xiao looked at Xiaoxiao with a proud expression on her face and declared her sovereignty.

"Humph!" Xiao Snack tilted his head, moved his short legs, climbed off the sofa, and went upstairs to ignore him.

Um... yes, but it completely inherited his temper! ! Shen Mochen nodded, finally rested, and continued to read the newspaper.

Xiaoxiao stood looking at the little back of Dimiao Jiao Jiao leaving, scratching her head, but she couldn't understand why she ignored her.

Peach looked at Xiao Xiao's doubtful little back and couldn't help but sigh. Child, you want to get a snack, but it's not that easy...

But Peach looked back and couldn't help but feel sad for a while. It seemed that between her and Shen Mochen, she had always been running behind Shen Mochen... Woo... No wonder she is so statusless now...

Daughter, hold on! !

Peach quietly added oil to the little nod...

Xiaoxiao was already in his second year of high school when he was in fifth grade.

Entering the high school, it was the time when the boy began to develop. However, after two years of effort, his size has reached 1.8 meters, and his voice has begun to become low. A pair of deep eyes looks like a calm sea, with a camera Human power.

But the dim sum is still a little Loli, her long hair tied into two braids by her peach mom in a playful manner.

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