Shen Xin’s nickname is Dim Sum, which sounds cute, but only Shen Mo Chen knows that it means saving Dim Sum.

For small snacks, the world is grown-up, and only mother is her own.

But there are two nasty guys in this world who always hinder their intimacy with their mother.

A guy named Shen Mochen, well, her father.

There is another guy named Xiao Xiao, well, she doesn't know where this guy came from.

The most favorite thing about Xiao Snacks is that Dad is on a business trip, so that Mom can sleep with her every night. Mom's arms are warm and soft, no wonder Dad always robs her.

Xiaoxiao’s most annoying thing is that Xiaoxiao comes to play at home. Whenever this time, her mother puts her and Xiaoxiao together, saying that they hope that they will love each other, and that she is afraid that she is too lonely. So I hope Xiaoxiao will come to play at home often.

Nonsence! ! She will not be lonely unless she is accompanied by her mother.

Although my father will also rob my mother with her, but my father will compensate himself with delicious food, but after this fellow Xiao Xiao comes to the house, her mother will also share her delicious food with him... It is really worth the loss...

Therefore, she hated Xiaoxiao even more.

But Dim Sum's dislike of Xiaoxiao did not prevent Xiaoxiao from liking her.

Every time Xiaoxiao came to Peach's house, the first thing was to go to the small snack room and hug her for a fierce kiss.

In this regard, Xiao Dianxian had made a silent protest, because at that time she could not speak, so she could only dance to Xiaoxiao to approach herself, and a pair of small hands firmly held Xiaoxiao's face, rubbing left and right, just Don't let him kiss him.

In response to this scene, Taozi smiled toward Shen Mochen: "Her husband, look at the excitement of Xiaoxiao, she likes Xiaoxiao much!"

I like your sister! ! How could she like this person who applied saliva to her face! !

Later, after the little snack was a little bit bigger, he ran around the room, avoiding the enthusiasm of Xiaoxiao, but unfortunately his age was too small, his legs were too short, he was easily caught up by Xiaoxiao every time, and then continued to hold A fierce kiss.

Peach again smiled towards Shen Mochen: "Looking at the two of them, how much more fun they are, running around the room, playing hide and seek!!"

Catch your sister! ! She didn't want to be caught by Xiao Xiao, OK? !

By the time Xiaoxiao went to kindergarten at the age of three, Xiaoxiao was ten years old and was in fifth grade.

After school every day, he voluntarily ran to the door of Dim Sum's kindergarten and took her home.

Although Xiao Xiaoxin was crying and refusing to go with him, the aunt in the kindergarten still smiled and shoved her flick little hands into Xiao Xiao's hands, and then said happily: "Go back, go back, aunt knows that you don't want to leave school! !"

Therefore, every time the kindergarten held a parent meeting, the aunt always praised the dim sum in front of other parents, saying that she loved school so much that she was reluctant to leave even after school, crying and going to stay in the classroom, Unwilling to go home.

Love your sister! ! She doesn't want to go with him at all, okay? ?

Of course, the little snacks in kindergarten already have a meager resistance, so it is not so easy for Xiaoxiao to want to kiss her now.

So Peach often sees Xiao Xiao following behind Xiao Xiao's ass.

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