"What did you say just now?" Xiao Ke continued to stare at Duan Yu, asking excitedly.

"Well, really." Duan Yu smiled, looking at her with her chin on one hand, helplessly said: "Speak, what do you want."

"I want Brother Duan Yu to be my boyfriend..." Although Xiao Ke was a little embarrassed, he still looked at him with a pair of red eyes, summoning the courage to say this wish buried in the heart for five years.

"Xiao Ke..." Duan Yu's expression froze for a moment, and the smile on the corner of his lips gradually disappeared.

The whole room fell into silence.

Xiao Ke's heart is also in this silence, gradually sinking.

"Xiao Ke, I... applied for a Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge..." Duan Yu's voice gently sounded in this silence, a pair of deep and clear eyes separated by thin lenses, looking at the face in front of him The little girl with tears seemed to be hit hard by something heavy in her heart, a little pain.

"That means..." Xiao Ke froze for a long time before he recovered. "That is to say, no matter if I can't take the entrance exam to Peking University, you are not in Beijing anymore, are you?"

"Yes..." Duan Yu sighed softly, his voice softly whispered: "Sorry, Xiao Ke..."

"Then my wish..." Xiao Ke blinked his sour eyes and said hardly: "Can I change my wish?"

"Huh." Duan Yu smiled lightly at her and nodded. "Yes."

"You have to wait for me...After I graduated from university, I will go to the UK to find you, and then we will be together again, okay?" Xiao Ke's thinking is running at high speed in just one minute, a scene from the past five years It was revealed in the brain from the first time she saw Duan Yu on the second day of the second day, followed him to Jiangnan on the third summer vacation, and every weekend of high school, she was looking forward to him to make up for herself. Every look, every movement, every tone of speech is deeply imprinted in her mind. He is the direction of her faith and efforts for so long.

"Hey..." Duan Yu sighed for a long time, looking at the girl with a stubborn expression in front of her, how could he not know it, that kind of dark secret love would be excited for a person's smile The mood for many days, the kind of cautious but unhidden gaze, the feeling that could not be started but deep in the heart, he also experienced it...

"If Brother Duan Yu doesn't answer, I will assume you are the default!" Although Xiao Ke was suffering, he had the courage to be born with a calf that was not afraid of tigers. Seeing that Duan Yu didn't speak again, he hurriedly said.

"Xiao Ke..." Duan Yu's white slender fingers gently supported his forehead. When he wanted to continue to say something, a soft and warm feeling suddenly came from his lips.

His eyes were drooping, and he saw Xiao Ke's tear-stained cheeks close by, and her soft lips were gently touching her lips, with a girl's aura, touching and leaving.

"That's it, Brother Duan Yu, you are mine!!" Xiao Ke stood upright, his hands on his hips, looking at him with a proud look, and announced so loudly that he belonged to her. .

At that moment, Duan Yu felt that something was collapsing in his heart, as if a solid and tall wall finally had a crack, and the warm and dazzling sunlight finally shone into his heart. (Duan Yu articles-end)