When Momoko was born, it was a cold winter month. Mom Mommy lay on the hospital bed and looked at Mommy Dad weakly, with tears in his eyes: "My dad, I want to eat Momoko..."

In a word, the 1.8-meter-height old man scratched his head, "My mother, this winter, where can I get you a peach? Apple can ask my aunt to pick some from the countryside and bring it to you ."

Mommy Mom sighed helplessly, staring at the little baby who had just been crumpled shortly after birth, thinking for a long time, and resolutely said: "If our daughter would call me a name, Momoko."

After Mommy Mom said this, Mommy Mom didn’t dare to sleep for a few days and watched his wife staring at her daughter hungrily, always afraid that she would secretly bite her daughter as a real fruit while she didn’t pay attention. A bite.

As a result, Peach was safely under the guardianship of Peach's dad, without a tooth mark on her body.

Peach’s first name is Su Tao, and she was more than happy once she grew up. Fortunately, her mother didn’t marry Huang’s or Yang’s dad, otherwise she’s going to be Huang Tao or carambola. Didn't say that she wanted to eat durian, otherwise her current name would be called Su Durian.

Peach is indeed as famous as his name, a small white and tender face, pink toot, is really lovable, when Mommy peach took her home from the hospital, none of the neighborhood neighbors met praised this The little girls are beautiful, and they all joked that they would beg their sons to be their wives in the future.

Mommy Peach only laughed when they were joking, and he said happily: "Okay, come to our house for a gift this New Year."

He does not mean that.

On the night of the New Year's Eve, someone really took the son with the New Year's goods and went to the peach house to give her a gift.

This person is Shen Mochen's mother-He Yue.

Shen Mochen was just two years old at that time, with a small face round and doodle, eyes big and watery, and a little arrogance had been brought between his brows and eyes, it was their famous little handsome boy who wanted to take him home to be his son-in-law There are also many neighborhoods in the neighborhood, but the little guy has a bad temper, and he is a little embarrassed to the people who tease him.

It was these two men who came to their homes to offer gifts, which really shocked Mommy Peach.

The seven aunts and eight aunts of the family, even grandpas and grandparents with peach, grandfather and grandmother, spent New Year at her house this year. I heard that someone came to offer a peach gift for their own peach and quickly greeted them warmly.

Shen Mochen leaned on her chin and followed Pride in He Tao with pride, although he didn't know what he was doing.

"Mister Chenchen, you are so polite, I was just talking casually." Mommy Mom pulled He Yue into the house and hurriedly poured tea and water to her, looking at her a little nervously.

Holding a hot cup of tea, He Yue smiled and said: "I, I always wanted a daughter. Your peach looks so cute, just give my family dust to be the daughter-in-law, it's not just for fun ."

"Uh..." Mommy Peach turned her head to look at Mommy Peach, only to find that Mommy Mom just looked at her with doubt.

"Wow!!!" Peaches cried loudly from the inside room, presumably after waking up and looking for milk.

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