After that day, Chu Feiyang stayed in Qingfeng Jianpai for a few days, until the right time, to explain to him the cause and effect of his last resort to fraud, and then left Langyue Mountain with Jun Shuying, fast horse Ran back to his residence.

Gao Fang was very happy to see the two returning together. Within a few days, I suddenly had an excuse to deal with something and left the book.

The ups and downs of the rivers and lakes resurfaced. A grudge that has been involved for many years, and a mysterious swordsman, who has finally calmed down for a few days in the Central Plains Wulin, has turned the world upside down. And countless rumors about Chu Feiyang's life and death have gradually disappeared in the growing waves of rivers and lakes.

The weather was hot and I heard the sound.

Jun Shuying's light shirt was lying lazily on an iced mat, and small stones crawled around him.

Chu Feiyang came in with a dish of brightly washed grapes. He put the plate on the short table in front of the bed, sat by the bed, picked up a grape and peeled it, and put it to Jun Shuying's mouth: "Taste it. I washed it for a long time."

Jun Shu's eyes didn't open, so he entered. I didn't chew twice, and suddenly I got up and lay on the bedside, retching for a while. Chu Feiyang patted his back, and the little stone climbed up to Jun Shuying's leg and yelled.

"What's wrong, isn't it delicious?"

Jun Shuying shook his head, suddenly as if remembering something, suddenly looked up at Chu Feiyang.

Chu Feiyang touched his nose somehow: "What's wrong?"

"Help me diagnose the pulse!" Jun Shuying reached out his hand.


A moment later, a roar burst into the hot air: "Damn blue wolf, come to design to hurt me again !!! I want to end your old nest !!!"

On the distant Canglang Mountain, the positive beauty suddenly sneezes, and the leader Qingwolf sneezes in the unrestrained Tianyi Church. "Who is cursing me?"

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