Chu Feiyang's bad words to him were just a slight smile, "Yeah, I must be crazy, otherwise, why would I like you so much that you love you like a lunatic. Do you know!" Chu Feiyang murmured With, "Since you are wearing a clean white coat and appear on my spiritual hall, I can only think of you in my heart, other people, other things, I can no longer take care of ..." he Raising his head from Jun Shuying's neck, he stretched out his hand and gently touched his face, "When you stood in the half-pillar incense before the spiritual case, your figure ... is very lonely ... as lonely as a knife, cruel Severely pierced into my heart. Even if I really die, if I see you in this situation, I must return to the world against the sky. Ghosts stop killing ghosts, God blocks God. Just crawling, I also have to go from Yin Cao Di Fu Come out and come back with you ... "

"You ..." Jun Shuying lost a moment of astonishment, as if shaken, and finally gave up and sighed, "I know. You let me go first."

But Chu Feiyang just hugged him tightly, buried his face in his neck, and let out a soft sob, saying: "Jun Shuying, promise me, don't leave anymore, stay with me. Our lives All life is together, this life is not enough, I have another life, the next life. If you dare to leave me, I will never find you again ... "

Jun Shuying felt the wetness between his neck, the tears of the iron man. He looked up at the blue sky above the valley and breathed a long breath.

Just like that, there will never be a person who can love him like Chu Feiyang. There will never be a person who can care more about him than Chu Feiyang. So why are they still separated?

This is the most beautiful ending and the most beautiful beginning.

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