Jun Shuying looked up, but saw a face as dark as the bottom of the pot. The arms around his waist were tight and firm. The wound on the shoulder was painful, and Jun Shuying closed his eyes and unloaded his skills. At the same time, they felt that the person behind them had increased their arm strength and carried the sudden weight.

There was a familiar low laugh above his head, and Jun Shuying opened his eyes. The scene in front of him quickly swept backwards. The cool wind blew his face.

When he tried his best, the man stepped on the canopy, borrowed a little force, and jumped a few feet higher. The two flew towards the distance in the volley, with some pleasure from the wind.

Jun Shuying thought he would always take him away from Langyue Mountain, but they did not expect them to stop in front of a hidden cave. The sound of rumbling water echoed around the mouth of the cave, thinking there was a small waterfall nearby.

As soon as his feet fell to the ground, the man let go of Jun Shuying, but his hands reluctantly touched Jun Shuying's cheek.

Jun Shuying ducked a little and looked at the man expressionlessly. Neither of them spoke. The man smiled, raised his hand and touched under his ear, and peeled off a thin mask.

The gentle and smiling handsome face appeared in front of Jun Shuying.

"Why is it that I'm so handsome that even the leader of the monarch looks fascinated?" The two looked at each other for a while, and Chu Feiyang laughed first.

The color of Jun Shu's shadow was not very good. Chu Feiyang's smile made him even more dull and unhappy.

Chu Feiyang sighed lightly, touched his nose, and saw that the wound on Jun Shuying's shoulder was still bleeding, so he reached out to point him to a point to stop the bleeding, and sprayed some wound medicine.

Jun Shu Yingwu stood still and Ren Chufeiyang treated him.

Chu Feiyang said, "I didn't want to lie to you. I didn't want to do that day. I really don't want you and my master to kill each other. There is an organ under that cliff. The organ is my other one. The master set it—that is, the owner of the hut where you lived at the foot of Longyue Mountain at that time. I originally wanted to go to you immediately after I came up, and I slowly unlocked the master later. But I didn't expect ... "Chu Fei Yangdun After a moment of frown, he frowned slightly, and sighed helplessly: "I did not expect to offend a person who should not be offended under the cliff, and the delay was several months. In order to avoid that person, I had to make this strategy. But I feel so guilty for making them sad for me. "

After listening to Jun Shuying, he didn't care much about Chu Feiyang pretending to be dead. Instead, he seemed to be quite concerned about what he said later, and his complexion slowly became severe.

As soon as Jun Shuying was about to speak, Chu Feiyang continued: "It also made you ... worry about me too, really ... distressed ..." Said to take a step closer to Jun Shuying.

Jun Shuying backed away sharply, and raised his eyes to Shang Chufeiyang with a meaningful smile.

Chu Feiyang's attitude made Jun Shuying angry, but he was inconvenient to attack him. He simply took a few steps and took a step back, leaning on the oblong rock that protruded in front of the cave.

"I don't know if there is anyone else in this world that you can't handle, you have to pretend to avoid him!" Jun Shuying said, on the one hand, he wanted to divert the topic, but on the other hand, he was really confused.

"It's not difficult to be stumped. How difficult this person is. This person is not only very powerful, but also has some relationship with my master. I can't let go of my hands and feet without seeing the monk's face and the Buddha's face. I ’m not forgiving, and the means is clever enough. I have been writing a lot of words in the past few months. ”Chu Feiyang said, sitting next to Jun Shuying, and sighing,“ If I do n’t want to avoid, It's just invincible and annoying. "

Chu Feiyang said that he glanced at Jun Shuying again to see that he was a little uneasy because he was sitting with him deliberately, but he tried to cover up the pretense to be calm, and couldn't stay in his heart and smiled .

Jun Shuying suddenly stood up, took two steps forward, paused: "So, I'm not in a position to intervene in your business, and I shouldn't stay here for a long time. I'm going to take a step ..." .

"Stop!" Chu Feiyang yelled.

Jun Shuying heard the next meal, and had time to make other responses. A cool breeze blew behind him, and then he was tightly embraced by a pair of iron-hard arms.

"Jun Shuying, I miss you ..." A long sigh came from his back, shaking his chest and heart. The arms were tightened more and more, as if holding some lost and recovered treasure, with miss, reluctance, and greed.

Jun Shuying was a little hesitant for a moment. When he returned to God, he moved his body and wanted to break Chu Feiyang's arm.

Chu Feiyang tightened his arms to compete with him and kept on.

"Chu Feiyang, let go of me ..." Jun Shuying was a little impatient, and was struggling to break free.

"Ah!" A sudden pain in his neck, Jun Shuying exclaimed. Chu Feiyang actually bit his neck that was exposed outside, and continued to exert force, just like he was going to choke his flesh.

"Chu Feiyang, what are you crazy!" Jun Shuying yelled, backhanded, but Chu Feiyang, who had been guarding, was restrained.

"!" Suddenly his body softened, his strength was evacuated, and he was completely drained in an instant. Chu Feiyang turned Jun Shuying to face himself, holding him firmly with one hand, letting him lean on himself.

"Despicable man!" Jun Shuying was suddenly nodded by Chu Feiyang, unable to make any effort in his hands, he could only stare unwillingly, glaring at Chu Feiyang angrily.

Chu Feiyang's bad words to him were just a slight smile, "Do you know!" Chu Feiyang murmured, "Since you are wearing a clean white coat, as soon as you appear on my spiritual hall, I will I just want to do one thing ... "He lifted his head from Jun Shuying's neck, reached out and gently touched his face." When you stood in the half-pillar incense before the spiritual case, your figure ... is lonely ... I was so lonely like a knife that stabbed me in my heart. Even if I really die, if I see you in this situation, I must return to the world against the sky. The ghost resists killing the ghost, the **** blocks the god. It ’s crawling, I ’m going to crawl out of Yincaodifu, and come back with you ... "

"You ..." There was a moment of loss of mind in Jun Shuying, as if shaken, and finally gave up and sighed, "I know. You can unlock my acupoint first."

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