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Worship Me, I Can Make You Rich

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On the first day of work for the little intern God of Wealth, Zhang Zhou was filled with confidence and complacency.

He looked at the man collecting junk from a pile of garbage and said: “Worship me, I can make you rich.”

The big and tall man stubbornly continued to collect junk, ignoring him completely.

Not wanting to lose his job on his first day at work, Zhuang Zhou did his best at persuasion: “Men can’t be so lacking in ambition. You can’t collect garbage for a lifetime, right? How will you find a wife in the future?”

The Imperial Admiral, Wen XiaoYun, self-destructed with the alien Insect Empress. Surviving by a fluke, he landed on a long abandoned tr*sh planet.

He could only search for installable parts from a pile of abandoned garbage to fix his mecha and mend his communication array.

The days spent on the abandoned tr*sh planet were very long and tortuous. Fortunately, there was a little friend accompanying him.

En. However, this little friend was a little s*upid.

It’s alright. He’s still pretty cute.

Returning home victorious, the Admiral-daren brought his sweetheart back to the Imperial capital planet, igniting the attention of the entire galaxy.

The reporters asked: “Admiral-daren, can you tell us what’s your criteria for choosing a spouse? What about Mister Zhuang Zhou attracted you?”

After thinking for a moment, the Admiral-daren said: “Many people approach me for my status and power. Only he, is willing to collect garbage with me.”

The entire galaxy: “????”

At this time, however, the little God of Wealth was silently hugging himself.

Oh no! Something unexpected seemed to have happened when he descended to Earth!

He had somehow arrived in an intergalactic era!

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Short Title:WMICMYR
Alternate Title:拜我,我让你发财
Author:Fly Far
Weekly Rank:#1521
Monthly Rank:#1437
All Time Rank:#3317
Tags:Amnesia, Caring Protagonist, Character Growth, Comedic Undertone, Cute Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Flashbacks, Futuristic Setting, God Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Past Plays a Big Role, Past Plays a Big Role Protagonist, Past Trauma, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Spaceship, Strong Love Interests, Tragic Past, Transmigration,
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  1. @MTLNovel bagaimana dengan kelanjutannya?? Jujur saja cerita ini sangat menarik dan saya menyukainya, tetapi ending sedikit kurang memuaskan dan menggantung.. Tetapi karena tertulis masih ongoin dan chap asli ada 64, saya harap @MTLNovel segera menindak lanjuti masalah ini agar memuaskan hasrat para pembaca yang merasa kurang puas dengan akhir or ending cerita..

  2. OMG I almost trashed my room because of that frustrating yet satisfying cliffhanger of an ending. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!! THERE ARE STILL 4 EXTRAS BEFORE THE NOVEL IS OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED AS COMPLETE! I don't know what you guys are saying about this novel being dropped since it says in the novelupdates that it has 63 main story chapters and 4 extras. Again, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!! THIS NOVEL IS SO GOOD!!!!

  3. setelah baca, ini jadi salah satu novel kesukaan aku dengan alur cerita yg ringan dan asik bareng dg novel "bird dude nie bufan". Ada part yg lucu, heart warming, ngeselin, deg degan tapi ringan dibaca. konplit deh. love it

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