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This is an era when everyone can enter a thousand worlds, Sims.

At sixteen, everyone has a life lamp that lights up two free life sims.

In the simulation process, you must break through the limits of life in order to soar to the sky!


It will lose the lamp of life, and die in a short life under the erosion of the black fog.

Lin Qiye, who came across, failed the first simulation!

The second simulation, suddenly obtained the permanent talent of SSS level: Genesis Deduction!

The first life: [When you were 2 years old, you had a serious illness and became a big-headed baby with a low IQ. When you were 15 years old, both your parents died, and when you were 18 years old, you died of terminal illness as a teenager.]

“Creation deduction, show me how to break the game!”

[Congratulations on changing your life against the sky, getting an S grade, reward…]

Second World: [At the age of 15, the spiritual energy has recovered, you have not awakened your talent, and your childhood sweethearts have soared into the sky. At 16, you were killed by a strange man. 】

“Creation Deduction!”

[You arrange for the recovery of spiritual energy in advance, change your life against the sky, get SS grade score, reward…]

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Short Title:WSE
Alternate Title:全球模拟时代
Author:Crane White
Weekly Rank:#5251
Monthly Rank:#5412
All Time Rank:#3508
Tags:Cheats, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Special Abilitie, System,
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  1. Hi, i was just wandering about a novel simular to this one (MC going through the main world to explore other worlds and all), but i can't find. It's in the late 300 chapters ( and it's not i have awakened the dedication system).

  2. chapter 3, mc just doesn't use harmful milk powder after finding out thanks to his cheat, and then this brainded thing shows up : [Because the process of changing your life against the sky is too incredible. You get an extra bonus. 】 so obviously handing over another cheat, the isn't even trying.

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