Where the Wujing: There are ten stages, from one to ten are the ten realms of refining, quenching, martial arts, Tongmai, infuriating, godly, sincere, divine, true, and perfect.

True Wujing: Nine realms, one to nine.

The three major realms: Lingwujing, Soul Wujing, and Bailian (both are divided into the first, middle and third phases)


Nirvana has nine robberies, and after nine robberies, even if it is completely nirvana, it becomes a fairy.

After Nirvana is the realm of immortals, the protagonist is still some years away from the immortal realm, not listed for the time being.

The realm of the Shinto:


The first stage: baby, toddler, growth, metamorphosis, maturity, perfection

The second stage: superb

Dan medicine: the level, the spirit level, the Xuan level, the land level, the heaven level, the fairy level (sub-product, middle product, top grade!)

The level of the alchemist:

The first-level alchemy teacher to the ninth level, and then the middle of the refining level is Da Dan, Dan Zong, Dan Wang,

Understand that alchemy is the first alchemy teacher:

Level 2: Need to know how to refine each of the top grades

Level 3: Spirit level three

Level 4: Spiritual Middle 3

Five levels: three grades

Six levels: three grades

Seven levels: three grades

Eight levels: three grades

Nine grades: three grades under the prefecture level

Da Dan Shi: Three grades in the prefecture

Dan Zong: Three grades at the prefecture level

Dan Wang: As long as you know how to refine the heavenly Dan is Dan Wang.

For the time being, I will add it later.

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