The temple of heaven and man is also protected by many powerful star cores. With this basic guarantee, it can deal with many emergencies.

With the advantage of so many star cores, it is not a problem to want to do something to the stars.

So Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing's younger sister had to find out what the Celestial Temple was doing. If the Celestial Temple attacked the stars and successfully obtained the power of the stars, then Chen Xiang and the others had to be prepared to deal with them.

"Brother, what do you think the Star Spirit Clan will do? To be honest, I am more worried about the Star Spirit Clan, not the Temple of Heaven and Man and the Temple of Time." Sister Xiaojing said.

"I don't know...the protoss are indeed worth paying attention to, but we don't even know where they are!"

Chen Xiang stood on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, looking at the endless void of the Flame Domain. There are many protoss from the protoss clan, but they are all well hidden, it is difficult to find them.

"The Xingling people know the stars very well. In the era of star change, they will definitely get a lot of help through the stars." Sister Xiaojing said: "This is also their advantage. I am afraid that they will rise at that time, and then Come over and attack Tianguxing, so we must guard against them!"

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "I don't think there is any need to worry about them coming to the ancient star to make trouble, their character is just like that, they have always been so cowardly. I'm afraid that they will mess with the stars and make all kinds of terrible things!"

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The Star Spirit Clan is not too aggressive and aggressive, but their ability to transform stars is top-notch. Chen Xiang and sister Xiao Jing have both seen star core hearts, and this kind of thing can easily lead to catastrophe.

In the current era of star changes, if the Protoss can interfere with the changes of the stars and come up with something similar, it will be a big threat.

The Star Spirit Clan hides very deeply and is very stubborn, so Chen Xiang thinks that they are already secretly messing with something.

The Divine Mirror of Six Paths releases space waves, and after sensing the Temple of Heaven and Man, it makes several space jumps in a row.

Chen Xiang saw the Temple of Heaven and Man in the distance.

There are a large number of powerful star cores floating around the Temple of Heaven and Man, and those star cores emit strong light to form a large formation, protecting the huge and incomparable Temple of Heaven and Man in the middle.

The Temple of Heaven and Man did not move at this moment, but hovered in the void.

Not far from the Temple of Heaven and Man, there is a huge star that is passing through the catastrophe.

That star is very huge, exuding intense and scorching light, like a sun.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing's younger sister felt that something was wrong, because the Temple of Heaven and Man was obviously observing that star, and it was very likely that they would attack that star.

"Sister Jing, is there any movement in the Temple of Heaven and Man?" Chen Xiang asked, because he didn't sense it himself, and the distance was too far, so he couldn't see anything.

There is also a certain distance between the Celestial Temple and the star, and in order not to be discovered, Chen Xiang also keeps a distance from the Celestial Temple.

At this distance, only sister Xiaojing can sense it more clearly through the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

"Brother, there is a space channel between the Celestial Temple and the star! The Celestial Temple is sending energy to the star through that space channel!" Sister Xiaojing was surprised.

"Ah? What is the Temple of Heaven and Man doing?" Chen Xiang only felt that it was not very good.

"The star is going through the catastrophe, and the Celestial Temple seems to help the star to cross the catastrophe. It may also be that the Celestial Temple is transforming the star before the star crosses the catastrophe." Sister Xiaojing said: "The strength of the Celestial Temple is still very strong. Strong, they have this ability!"

Although Chen Xiang killed Xuanyuanling, it doesn't mean that he can fight against the entire Celestial Temple, especially if the Celestial Temple has multiple star cores, it will be even more difficult to destroy the Celestial Temple.

Chen Xiang's current strength should be equal to that of the Celestial Temple, but if this continues, if the Celestial Temple controls the star, and the star turns into a living thing, the Celestial Temple will definitely become stronger.

And Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing's younger sister can't interfere and destroy it now, because once they are targeted by the ancient catastrophe, they will be very dangerous.

The Temple of Heaven and Man is now taking the risk to help the stars overcome the tribulation. If they were involved in troubles in the past, if they were locked in by the ancient catastrophe, the gain would outweigh the loss.

"Are we just watching them succeed?"

Chen Xiang was very unwilling, but as soon as they approached, they would face an ancient catastrophe.

"There is something about this temple of heaven and man, they can avoid the ancient catastrophe, they are so close, and they are so closely related to that star, but they are not locked by the ancient catastrophe." Sister Xiaojing said to This is very puzzled.

"These guys, do they know something too? The Temple of Heaven, the Temple of Time, and the Protoss, they are all the same ethnic group, and they may be able to predict what will happen in the future."

Chen Xiang could only rely on speculation about the future direction, if he wanted to know more clearly, he could only go to Huang Jintian.

But during this period of time, Huang Jintian has also used the Sky Diffraction Technique, but he has not gained much. If there is a new discovery, he will definitely tell Chen Xiang immediately.

Soon, the star passed through the ancient catastrophe. The star was surrounded by golden mist, and the light it emitted was very strong.

"After this star passed through the ancient calamity, it seems to be a bit different!" Sister Xiaojing said in surprise, "What did the Temple of Heaven and Man do?"

"Sister Jing, can you see something?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Since the Great Tribulation of Heaven is gone, let's take a closer look, maybe we will find something!" Sister Xiaojing finished speaking, and then controlled the Magic Mirror of Six Paths to fly over.

When they approached, they could sense weak shock waves one after another.

This shock wave came from the inside of that star!

" seems to be a heartbeat!" Sister Xiaojing exclaimed: "Brother, is there a heart inside that star? A star core heart?"

After crossing the catastrophe, the star core heart still appeared?

"We have to sneak in and see what's going on!" Chen Xiang was also very puzzled, why was there such a thing inside Xingchen.

"Brother, could it be that this star has been transformed by the Star Spirit Clan long ago, and then happened to experience the Great Tribulation, so there have been great changes." Sister Xiaojing guessed.

"If that's the case, then the star core heart inside the star must be an incredible thing, and I don't know what the time celestial beings are going to do!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and then let Xiao Jing's younger sister enter the star core space, he wanted to go in and have a look.

Sister Xiaojing released a weak wave of space, which allowed her to judge the position of the inner space of the stars.

"Brother, let's go to the inner space of that star, let's go!"

Sister Xiaojing controlled Liudao Shenjing to jump in space, but the space fluctuated a bit, and she didn't jump out.

"Not good, there is strong resistance! We seem to have been discovered, let's distance ourselves first!"

Sister Xiaojing controls Liudaoshenjing to fly away from this place.

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