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Wonderful Life After Exchanging Fate

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There were two daughters in Jiang Family. Each of them was as beautiful as flowers and jades.

Time had caught up with the famine season. One must be sold to survive.

Jiang Yun Zhu pulled the shorter stick and was taken away by a human broker.

Seven years later, Jiang Yun Zhu’s face was even brighter. She was dressed in rich clothes and surrounded by servants.

At this time, she was already the young madam of Marquis An Ping Manor. It went without saying, she was extremely honorable.

It turned out that the human broker sold her to Marquis An Ping Manor back then.

At this time, Jiang Yun Xiu’s face was battered by wind and frost. Every day, she worried about firewood and rice.

After receiving the brocade handed over by her elder sister, Jiang Yun Xiu gritted her teeth until blood came out. If she was the one who was taken away by the human broker…

Returning to the day of drawing lots, Jiang Yun Xiu snatched the short stick first. This time, she wanted to be the one above others.

Jiang Yun Zhu smilingly took the long stick. She thought it was so easy to go from a maid to the Young Madam of Marquis Manor?

Note: The wealth and honor in the heroine’s dream was earned by her own struggle, not by being sold.

Don’t get sold, live even better!

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Short Title:WLAEF
Alternate Title:换命后的美好生活
Weekly Rank:#737
Monthly Rank:#856
All Time Rank:#2929
Tags:Ancient China, Cooking, Doting Parents, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Reincarnation, Second Chance, Siblings,
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  1. Mengapa novel ini tidak bisa dihapus, ada beberapa novel yg ketika ingin diedit di library tidak ada tempat setting progres dan delete nya.

  2. tl;dr lots about business building, food, and everyday joys of life. Romance adds to the story but is not the focus (mostly cute, PG-13 fare). Affectionate family dynamics and strong friendships. Lovely, refreshing little book! Classic storyline, but with enough originality to make it enjoyable. The book mainly focuses on business building; romance takes place but takes a backseat to the female lead's goals. Lots of descriptions of food and some clever strategies and intrigues. Small amount of imperial power struggle/harem drama happening in the background. Female lead is self-sufficient and does not rely on the ML's abilities or authority to succeed. Characters are very realistic and display vast amounts of common sense. Pretty great to see, actually! The author keeps the reliance on the FL's golden finger to a minimum. Villain characters are solid and did not become repetitive. This book was a great little read. Long enough to really enjoy the characters and let the plot develop, but avoids too many slow spots or repetition.

  3. An entertaining rebirth story where two sisters are reborn to earlier days in their youth. One realizes this and snatches what she thinks is her sister’s lucky break - ie. Becoming a maid and then a wife to a rich household. The other sister sees this previous life as merely a dream and works long hours as a cook to keep her family safe and healthy. Almost a novelized form of “Goofus and Gallant” - these sisters make their own life choices according to their own personalities - and the luck follows. A bit draggy in the middle - after all, how many times can you hear about cooking - but the business side is interesting as is how each sister approaches things they vaguely remember from the past. A plague? One sister runs but one sister grows medicinal plants and makes money. A flood? Palace intrigues? One is selfish and one is not. Not too political, not hugely palace harem-ish, some snuggles. Some good parents and some bad parents. Overall, entertaining. 3 out 5.

  4. Does anybody know about a novel where FL who is a doctor transmigrated to some Era where she is concubines daughter her father married her mother because of money when he became scholar he went to capital with his wife.so when the FL came to capital she meet with ML who is sick as per doctor he won't be able to live for 25 year ,but FL(who is a doctor also who has biggest restaurant in capital saved the ML and he fell in love with her).The ML was relative of emperor and he wants him to marry so somehow the bride will be FL,so FL will write a letter to ML that can he not take any concubines or outer room girls and the ML will say yes and they will get marry.

  5. Does anyone know of a novel where Fl is a doctor and Ml is in army and the Fl gets reincarnated and then married Ml and does operation on him and saves his life.?

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