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A world without god.

A world where the rules are in the hands of wizards.

A world close to other planes, watched by greedy eyes.

A magical world full of changes, dark and bloody.

With a biochip with analysis and recording functions, he embarked on a powerful journey of genetic modification and even beyond the peak.

A fantasy type work, tells the story of an ordinary person carrying a gene chip and crossing into another world.

No ability to guard against the sky, no charm of love and blossom.

Without the power of a tiger’s body shaking, the little brother will worship.

In the mysterious and weird world, the most difficult problem is survival!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:
Alternate Title:巫术师
Author:Xin Lao Wu
Weekly Rank:#1866
Monthly Rank:#2253
All Time Rank:#1523
Tags:Ability Steal, Adultery, Biochip, Cold Protagonist, Genetic Modifications, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Human Experimentation, Jack of All Trades, Knights, Magic, Master-Disciple Relationship, Racism, Slow Growth at Start, Transplanted Memories, Weak Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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23 Comments on “Wizard
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  1. I must say im very disapointed with this novel. First the mc is just... well dumb, he always makes stupid choices, and im just like.. fk why is this guy not thinking about what he would gain and lose before doing things... Besides that i favor more ruthless and logic oriented mcs, this one is just naive, and another coment i know this guy is a mc but this is not a game with those stupid classes bullshit that you can only choose one profession, he has a feking bioshick why is he so fixated with only mental power and not even looked for methodos for body refining(knight breathing for exemple). Another coment that happens in many wizard novels is that those planes are simple.. well small, they pass the sense of being restrictive. Some powerful dude can just came and conquer a plane. I would like to see a wizard novel where the planes are simple huge with many diferent areas that are far away so you can simple spent centuries and decades traveling and never see the end passing the sensation of boundless, for exemple read "record of a mortal's journey to immortality" where the worlds the mc pass by, dont matter what cultivation he has, everywhere he goes even with many diferente transport formations takes decades or centuries. Another problem i have with many wizard novels is that its always base too much in humams, well its okay if the novel is based on humams but they must or should not be so rediculous superior, like the only race that has developed society an can be found pretty much everywhere are humams. It just makes the novel poorer, the worlds less rich and diverse. It would be owesome if the world had like many diferent races with developed strenght, society and numbers with huge lands being dominated by each race, i get exited only thinking about this fantasy world.

  2. I only read 15-20 Characters so far. And I m extremely fucking annoyed. The MC doesn't have the protagonist aura at all. The MC is like a little rodent running for his life in a dark forest with no sense of direction. I really feel like beating the MC into a pig head to vent my annoyance.

  3. Mas de 10 cap, contando como salio de un bosque nada de accion o interesante trama, desarrollo lento y aburrida mentalidad, mediocre personalidad del protagonista Nada que ver con WMW

  4. uff... en la descripción de la novela hay un tag que dice "weak to strong" eso quiere decir que la fuerza del "MC" se desarrollara lentamente por lo tanto si solo has leído 10 capítulos es imposible que el "MC" tengo peleas deslumbrantes y llenas de acción, y a la parte don de dices que la personalidad del "MC" es mediocre es muy en desacuerdo contigo pues solo has leído muy poquitos capítulos, realmente conoces la personalidad del "MC"? siendo que el autor de esta novela apenas la esta desarrollando y esta cambiaria y evolucionará con el crecimiento de la novela... así que tu afirmación es realmente inapropiada... digo si vas a poner 1 estrella cuando solo has leído 10 capítulos, creo que este tipo de novela no es lo tuyo, talvez te sientas mas cómodo leyendo cuentos infantiles, romances o Yaoi seguro que ahí puedes poner tus 5 estrellas felizmente.... .i.

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