With You

You’ve always said youth will never stray too far. Yet, those times contain our most happiest memories. Do you remember your high school deskmate? The boy with the brightest smile and the girl with the best-looking profile? Shadow and chalk woven together, black and white split a.... Read more

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Chapter 73 Postscript: Zhenhua Middle School, happy graduation Chapter 72 The best of us Chapter 71 it's already over

Chapter 70 The best you Chapter 69 Stay with me till the end Chapter 68 The best of me Chapter 67 Classmates are not cheap Chapter 66 The season of falling flowers meets again Chapter 65 Some stories are not finished yet, so forget it Chapter 64 later Chapter 63 Some things are not finished yet, so forget it Chapter 62 Four words, two people

Chapter 61 The man under the pyramid Chapter 60 The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each depends on ability Chapter 59 Parting song

Chapter 58 Willing to bet Chapter 57 If i was breeze Chapter 56 Time flies Chapter 55 Let's sit at the same table Chapter 54 Travel Chapter 53 The future is important (2) Chapter 52 The future is very important (1) Chapter 51 Lao Tzu's people Chapter 50 new semester

Chapter 49 accident Chapter 48 Breakpoint (2) Chapter 47 Breakpoint (1) Chapter 46 Final exam Chapter 45 We used to be so good Chapter 44 The better him Chapter 43 I thought you looked pretty Chapter 42 Still gloomy Chapter 41 Beyond the world (2) Chapter 40 Outside the world (1) Chapter 39 I only adore you Chapter 38 The Yellow River is roaring (2)

Chapter 37 The Yellow River is roaring (1) Chapter 36 Have ulterior motives (2) Chapter 35 With ulterior motives (1) Chapter 34 Landline landline please answer Chapter 33 Re-behave Chapter 32 Straightforward (2) Chapter 31 Straightforward (1) Chapter 30 b Chapter 29 Fly to each other Chapter 28 Do you understand Chapter 27 Chen Xuejun Chapter 26 Inquire

Chapter 25 Night tour Chapter 24 outsider Chapter 23 Parent Conference (Part 2) (2) Chapter 22 Parent Conference (Part 2) (1) Chapter 21 Parent meeting (middle) Chapter 20 Parents' Meeting (Part 1) Chapter 19 Mid-term exam (below) Chapter 18 Mid-term exam (part 1) Chapter 17 Bicycle on the highway Chapter 16 I really like you Chapter 15 Anniversary (Part 2) Chapter 14 School celebration (middle)

Chapter 13 Anniversary (Part 1) Chapter 12 Other people's lives Chapter 11 Season of loneliness Chapter 10 Sorry i didn't understand Chapter 9 Find out Chapter 8 Formalism is rampant Chapter 7 Our life is full of sunshine Chapter 6 new life Chapter 5 Better than strangers Chapter 4 Hello, so let's sit at the same table Chapter 3 The other foot Chapter 2 Geng Geng Yu Huai

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