I didn't tell Luo Zhi the plan in my mind, only that, I guess she would be satisfied.

The first scene was taken in the classroom.

Luo Zhi, sitting at the table writing composition, the hem of the white wedding dress has been spreading along the aisle between the groups. The bride held a pen with her right hand wearing white lace gloves, tilted her head slightly, bit her lip and wrote very seriously.

And behind her, Sheng Huainan in a suit, like a curious big boy, craned his neck and looked at the paper.

The second scene is outside the classroom of Sheng Huainan's original class.

I have also appeared on the scene. A young man dressed in school uniform is not ashamed and handed a notebook to the groom dressed as Sheng Huainan at the door of the class.

And in the distance, Luo Zhi, who is facing the photographer sideways, is turning his head to look at us, peeping silently and humblely as a stranger in a corner. The wedding dress on her body makes her the proudest and most proud of the whole picture. Highly focused.

The third scene was on the flag-raising platform. The newlyweds held on to the flagpole, turned to the man who looked up at her under the stage, and gently stretched out her hand.

Wouldn't the flag be raised like that because of nervousness again?

Never again.


The last scene is on the top floor of the administration building.

Luo Zhi was the last one to walk up slowly, accompanied by an assistant and makeup artist.

She raised her head and saw Sheng Huainan standing in front of the whitewashed message wall at a glance.

On the wall behind, he just wrote a sentence with the largest oil-based pen.

"Sheng Huainan Ai Luo Zhi, the whole world knows."

I was fiddling with the visor, and as soon as I looked up, I saw Luo Zhi crying pale.

My elder sister who will never change her face before the landslide, she cried and put on makeup before this line of words, carrying the skirt corners, and stepping on high heels, like a sixteen-year-old girl, ignoring all the strangers present. Man, rushed up the stairs and plunged into the arms of the person she had loved for ten years.

Yu Huai.

At that moment, I only thought of Yu Huai.

I remembered that Geng Geng, who had pushed the brother away that night, was like Luo Zhi at the moment. He rushed to Yu Huai next to him without hesitation and kissed him without shame.

He did not reject me.

The person who kissed him was not the guy who was sitting at the same table, who didn't have the courage.

it's me. I want to kiss him, hug him, be with him, feel sorry for his persistence and compromise, and want to face the unknown with him every day, it is me.

Can the past and the future really be so clear?

I looked down at the palm of my hand. This hand was not the right math problem, but it was photographed like water flows. I never split myself into two parts. Why should I figure out the source of love?

I miss him, I have never stopped missing him for so many years. Time has changed us, but not love.


I picked up my phone and sent a text message to Yu Huai.

"I'm in the late autumn highland."

The last text I sent him the morning I received the answer to the college entrance examination, I re-sent it to him today with a new phone number.

Our story was interrupted after that text message. Today I want to start again from here.

I didn't have anyone who waited for that summer, I will definitely wait for it today.

Things about us appeared in confusion.

He pretended not to see my terrible papers, laughed at me for wrapping a book cover, carrying a pocket of books and sending me home, pulling me with a nosebleed and rushing on the playground, correcting the function notes on the Tianzi grid overnight, and carrying a A tree sapling spans half a city... In the end, there is a sentence that could not be done; if you have me, don't be afraid.

He used to like such an ordinary me.

Now it's my turn.

Yu Huai, there is me. No matter what will happen in the future, I will always be by your side, don't be afraid. The meaning of love is that two people are together to reverse the fate of the wrist.

We are the best together.

I saw my boy coming from a distance. At first he looked estranged in front of the hospital, then gradually, gradually, he couldn't hold the smile on his face.

Laughing like a bad boy who succeeded.

I know he will come.

The unhappy teenager standing next to the big-bellied uncle on the phone;

The boy who stood in front of the red list and said to me, "The person on the left of my name is Geng Geng, and when connected with my name, it happens to be Geng Geng Yuhuai";

The teenager who wrote the "best time" in a casual manner, holding a pen sideways;

A teenager waiting lonely in the corridor outside the parent meeting;

The teenager who said loudly "You will continue to worship me" on the top floor;

A teenager who stood at the door of my house and said "there will be opportunities in the future";

Or the man who put down the handle of the red and white machine and said, "I can only do this";

He scratched his head shyly and said, "I don't know when it started. Life flies like a running account." The man;


He came whizzing with the years behind him.

It was like a flood news seven years ago, over a whole youth, and now it finally reaches my eyes.

We climbed the hill together to find the tree.

I muttered as I searched, "Isn't it really dead?"

"Not dead," he knocked on my head. "I saw it last week."

I smiled and looked at the leaking guy until he blushed and turned his head, took my hand and ran to a tall poplar tree.

Before I could react, he suddenly pointed to the trunk and said, "Look, the name of the person next to me is Geng Geng, who is with me, it happens to be Geng Geng Yuhuai."

I looked at him with a smile, and said, "I'm just being honest."

That was the beginning of our story.

So let's start again from here. It's not in vain that I have been cherishing for so many years.

(End of full text)