"I especially like this game." I told him while playing.

The first level is the desert, the second level is the ancient city, the third level is the mechanical city, the fourth level is the marshland, the fifth level is a strange ancient city, and the sixth level is an extremely complex mechanical city...

Two off-road vehicles, one red and one green, move forward, destroy all enemies and mechanical equipment blocking the road, rescue the hostages, release them at the airport, and then fight the boss to the death.

"I bought this machine half a year ago and I was very excited when I played this game. When I was three or four years old, there was also a red and white machine at home. My parents often played together, "Tank Battle", "Squirrel" "Combat", "Contra", they cooperate very well. My mother is impatient and charged, and my dad is safe and covers behind. "My single mind and two uses are already the limit, and I didn't pay attention to whether Yu Huai was listening," Be careful, there will be rolling rocks falling down there!"

The red-brown off-road vehicle controlled by Yu Huai dodged flexibly.

He didn't brag, the game really played well.

This kind of proficiency is something that I have practiced for half a year, and it is only for this game.

"However, I still like watching my parents play this game the most. It is very exciting. I have always imagined that the snipers in these two cars are Stallone and the Schwarzenegger family. Watching the game is like watching a blockbuster movie. Little Children, instinctively like to see how their parents are so harmoniously matched, and they only don't fight when they are playing games."

I talked a little emotionally, and when I was distracted, I was hit by a small soldier's bullet, and the car exploded. The cross cannon that I had finally eaten just now was wasted, and I had to save it again.

Yu Huai laughed: "It's normal for your parents to not fight when playing games, but I really want to fight when I fight with you."

"It's normal to die!" I glanced at him.

"Yeah, what a stupid thing you do is normal."

I suddenly discovered that as the game progressed, Yu Huai, who had been in high school, came back without warning.


"My mother was 23 years old when I got married. She was 26 when I was 3 years old, which is exactly my age now. But I am not as good as her in the game now."

"The way you focus on the key points is really impressive back then," Yu Huai smiled. "What normal people should review is why your mom had your dad back then, and you were still playing games by yourself."


We were silent again for a minute.

I glanced at Yu Huai. He stared at the screen, but his face was suspiciously red.

I smiled calmly and continued: "In fact, when I was a child, I always wanted someone to play this game with me one day, because my parents have never played to the end. They have not had time to play this game. , I got divorced, so I never knew what the last Boss looked like."

Yu Huai glanced at me.

"Can you accompany me to the end?" I asked.

After a long time, Yu Huai said softly: "Okay."

The first time we died in the fourth level, the second time we collectively consumed all our lives to the last level.

It's already twelve o'clock.

I said: "Let's play one last time."

He still said: "Okay."

This time we all devoted 100% of our attention. After playing twice, Yu Huai remembered the positions of all traps and enemies firmly, reacted very quickly, and eliminated most of the enemies with his own power, and escorted me, a waste wood car forward, and I was stunned.

I looked at him. He stared at the screen intently, with a proud smile on his mouth, like a child.

My eyes fell on his left arm again.

"Geng Geng, where do you look? Do you want to die? You!" He suddenly yelled, and I quickly recovered, and I was almost shot by the soldier again.

This is Yu Huai.

The years in high school, like a curse he used to call, casually called back.

I knew I shouldn't be immersed in this kind of atmosphere, but I let myself go and let him command me round and round, playing around, and I was really getting nervous.

It turned out that the final boss will be transformed in two stages. I only have the last life left. Watching the Boss swiftly spitting fire after being transformed, there is nothing I can do.

"You hide in the corner, save your life and wait to see the ending!"

I immediately hid and watched him dodging from left to right. After spending a long time, we finally heard the sound of the explosion, and the boss died.

Yu Huai and I looked at each other and smiled, and both let out a sigh of relief.

In the end, it was just a simple piece of music and a few simple pictures. After the subtitles ended, the picture went back to the beginning.

Finally fulfilled a wish of childhood.

"My little master said that he can do it with you till the end." He raised his eyebrows triumphantly, then slowly lowered his eyes and smiled.

"I can only do this." He said.


It's half past twelve.

I turned off the TV, the living room did not turn on the lights, and suddenly we both plunged into darkness at the same time. Only the computer screen on the workbench in the distance was still on, passing a faint silver light, so that I could just see his profile.

His left arm is as close to me. Not all temperatures need to be spread by contact. As long as he is near me, I can feel the warm breath, like a gentle beast, lurking in the moonlight.

I suddenly jumped up, wrapped my hands around his neck, and kissed him hard. His eyebrows are so close to me, I can't see anything in an instant.

I don't know how to kiss someone, I only know that I want to kiss him, I miss him, and I still like him.

Yu Huai was just stunned for a moment, then closed his eyes, clasped the back of my head with one hand, and pushed him tightly and tightly.

I never felt that I needed a person's arms and body temperature so much. I slowly closed my eyes, and everything in the faint light returned to darkness.

But in the next second, he pushed away hard.


"Don't do this, Geng. I'm not here to take advantage of others."

He spoke slowly and laboriously.

I rushed over again to lift his sleeves, and he immediately grabbed my wrist and pressed me down.

"I have seen it," I said, "the tattoo."

Yu Huai lowered his head and said nothing.

"You got your essay in the summer of the college entrance examination, right?"

He still didn't speak.

"You actually received all of my letters, short messages and phone calls, right? I understand. If I were you, I would not want to see anyone. You didn’t accompany me to answer. This is not a big deal. I didn't blame you. But then, why didn't you come to me? You..." I took a deep breath, but my tears kept rolling.

"Yu Huai, don't you like me?"

Yu Huai suddenly raised his head to look at me, his eyes sharp and cold.

"Tattoos just want to bring myself a little luck. Does this mean anything? Why should I look for you?"

I was stunned.

"I don't think I am sorry for you anywhere," he suddenly stood up, "I don't know why you said that, it's too late, I have to go, I will go back to the United States the day after tomorrow, and I won't say goodbye to you alone before I leave. .take care."

Yu Huai stood up anxiously and turned around to leave, but I clenched his wrist tightly.

He turned his head to look at me, tears raging, like an emotional breakdown, and the next second will be forever.

Why are you looking at me like this?

You are the proud son of heaven. Although one year late, you still got everything you wanted. You are going to Tsinghua University, you are going to America. You succeeded, but I failed. Why do you look at me like this?

"You said you had something to tell me before the college entrance examination." At such a juncture, I still feel embarrassed when I say this. The twenty-six-year-old woman improves the exam, "That is what you owe me, you Should tell me."

"I don't remember," Yu Huai said, "we couldn't have it before, and it will never be possible in the future."


After Yu Huai left, I sat on the sofa alone without turning on the light.

I think I should not regret it.

What I want now, what I want to know back then, I have put my best effort into it. Including shamelessly going to force a kiss, including holding his hand to ask... At least I know that now we can't, and I also know that he had nothing to say to me back then.

Both the 19-year-old Geng Geng and the 26-year-old Geng Geng should be content.

So, what am I crying?