My name is Geng Geng.

Relatives all said that the name was not good, and that it was so exciting, as if holding a sigh of relief and struggling with someone.

but I like it. Whether the name sounds good or not is the second thing. It is not always the same when you get used to it. What really matters is the heart that is poured into this name.

My dad and my mom are both surnamed Geng. It is estimated that when they named their names, they were thinking of beautiful ideas such as "strong union" and "love crystallization", so my name is Geng Geng.

However, they divorced later.

Therefore, I am not sure whether my interpretation of my name is wishful thinking.


When I caught up with SARS that year in the senior high school entrance examination, all walks of life in the city were in turmoil, and as an ordinary student in an ordinary junior high school, I was very unkind and made a fortune.

The English comprehension part of the senior high school entrance examination was cancelled, the difficulty of mathematics was greatly reduced, the form of Chinese composition returned to the proposition composition, and the proportion of physics and chemistry in the total score decreased... This directly led to Geng Geng, who had never entered the top three in the previous model tests. He even got the third place in the school in the junior college entrance examination.

Later, my classmate Fei took me for a group photo in front of the Adidas flagship store in this city.

They said that this means IMPOSSIBLEISNOTHING, everything is possible.

Then, I was asked to take a photo at Nike with the big red admission notice from Zhenhua Middle School.

They said that this piece again represents the spirit of "JUSTDOIT".

I asked them if they knew the meaning of JUSTDOIT, and they said, why don’t they? Get rid of him!

I finally failed to get rid of Zhenhua. This is a story. And at a time when I was very depressed, I heard that Adidas was furiously renamed the slogan NOTHINGISPOSSIBIBLE because of something deflated.

This is the truth. The only constant in the world is change, and the only possibility in the world is impossible.


Our initial promotion is to apply for the volunteers before the exam. The three items I reported were Zhenhua School Headquarters, Zhenhua Self-funded, and Zhenhua Branch School.

I remember when I handed in the volunteer form, I was the last one to pass it to the teacher, concealedly, for fear of others seeing it.

You know, the number one in our class for ten thousand years did not dare to report to Zhenhua. She struggled for a long time, and still signed a contract with the High School Affiliated to Normal University. As long as her first choice applies to the High School Affiliated to Normal University, the admission score for the high school entrance examination will be reduced by 10 points.

Year after year, the High School Affiliated to Normal University used this method to rob a group of top students who might be admitted to Zhenhua but lacked confidence in themselves.

In the third year of junior high, every time the exam was over, our classmates would booze in front of her and said that she was a Zhenhua seedling. We naturally didn't have any malice, but after the last mock exam before the high school entrance examination, she lost her temper because of this joke.

Many people feel that she is unreasonable, ignorant of admiration, hypocritical... All the words are floating above the women's toilet like a cloud of smoke. I stood by the partition and listened to their irresponsible remarks, but did not dare to say the phrase "Actually I understand her."

Yes, I do understand her. We irresponsibly lifted her up with a few fluttering praises, but if she fell off, no one would catch her.

Later, when I talked about it with my dad, my dad commented very afterthought, "Geng Geng, you had the psychological conditions to be admitted to Zhenhua at that time." You can think about the problem from the perspective of Zhenhua Miaozi, very good.

You **** fart... I suddenly remembered that he was my dad, not my tablemate, and quickly squeezed the mantra among the classmates into my stomach.


The method of filling Zhenhua with the three volunteers is my father insisted. The score of Zhenhua campus is a few ten points lower than that of the main campus, but it can also get a share of excellent teaching resources. My dad’s goal is to let me keep the branch campus and strive to pay for it.

Maybe it is possible to enter the school headquarters.

I interrupted him, Dad, if this kind of thing really happens, it will definitely pay some price, for example, life loss.

Later, I actually entered the school headquarters in a daze.

Zhenhua's school headquarters!

In this way, the king of Hades forcibly loaned me a loan shark, and I seemed to watch the progress bar of my life "swish" and it was a lot shorter.


Our class teacher said that looking at the entire 13th Middle School, there seemed to be only three people who reported to Zhenhua, one was Yu Zhouzhou from Class 7, one was Shen Qi from Class 2, and the other was me.

Shen Di eventually failed the exam. That girl is rumored to have to carry a vocabulary book and memorize fixed phrases in English when going to the toilet. I don’t know what to say in exchange for this result for three years.

When I squatted at the door of KFC in summer, licking the new colored bean cone to avoid the sun, I raised my head and inadvertently saw Shen Qi passing by. She didn't use a parasol, and she didn't deliberately avoid the scorching sun. She still carried a big bulging schoolbag, her face was shiny, and she had acne on her forehead.

She turned her head and glanced at me, without stopping, her eyes were calm, like looking at a passerby.

But I was shocked to see it.

Maybe it is my guilty conscience. People may not even know which green onion I am.

But I felt like I had robbed someone else's cone and squatted in the corner with a smile and licked joyfully.

Later, I learned that she was going to make up classes. The end of the high school entrance examination is a stone in my heart, but for many top students who are prepared for a rainy day, a new battle has just begun. Shen Zi and the others have been studying the first year courses in advance throughout the summer vacation, and the teachers who lecture are all famous teachers from Zhenhua.

Yes, no matter who holds the cone, Shen Di is still Shen Di.

I suddenly admired her.

She is a person who can be remembered. Regardless of whether others like her or not, ten years later, when she recalls, she is still Shen Di. Every action and every persistence is Shen Di.

And me? They would say, that's the girl who was a little upright during the high school entrance examination.

That night, the melancholy of my girl made me call my mother.

My mother taught me with her usual fast speaking speed: "She has poor mental quality during the exam. What does it have to do with you? I think you are fed up!"

My mother never sympathized with losers.

So she divorced my dad.


Before hanging up the phone, my mother said that my wish to take the entrance examination was the only successful thing my dad had done in the ten years from her marriage to divorce.

I thought to myself, for the sake of my dad's honor, I will lose my life.

My mother always said that if she had time, she would raise me herself.

Because seeing my laziness look more and more like my dad, she felt intolerable.

I heard that when they got married that year, my grandma strongly opposed it. The fortune-teller said that my parents didn't match their horoscopes, and my mother had a hard time. Kerf, the old man believed in this.

My mother's family is not good, and her strong character makes her every move verified the judgment of the fortune teller. It is rumored that it will be at the dinner table of the in-laws, because grandma inadvertently showed that her home is in good condition, suggesting that her mother is climbing high branches, causing her mother's temper to break out and the scene was out of control.

I'm very surprised. It's all here. Why did they get married in the end?

Faced with my doubts, my parents all downplayed.

My mother said that he had to marry me and turned his face with your grandparents.

When I was young, I asked stupidly: "Why?"

My mother raised her eyebrows: "Why, your mother, I am not worthy of him to marry?"

At that time, my dad smiled stupidly: "It's beautiful and capable, of course it's worth it."

Not promising.

I can't imagine how a good-tempered dad would turn his face with his elders. My mother always said he was useless. However, he fought for her.

At the moment when he was the most handsome, she didn't even think about it.


With her own ability, my mother climbed all the way to the top of the city branch, responsible for the loan business of small and medium enterprises, and worked hard to become a sub-health and chronic disease. On the other hand, the father of the "financial family" has been mixing in the policy research room of the municipal party committee compound, raising flowers, birds and fish, and practicing Tai Chi.

I look like my dad from looks to personality, ability to IQ.

All in all, my mother's beauty and wisdom, as well as the tenacity of not admitting defeat, have not been passed on to me at all.

I can make the wrong choice when I choose one of two, so every time I choose one of four multiple-choice questions, I get wrong.

She is very busy, and I don't want to kill time on her phone.

After inquiring a few words about preparations before the start of school, she was ready to pick up the phone.

They all said, "Talk again in two days." When she was about to hang up, I suddenly shouted.


"What's the matter?" Her tone was habitually impatient. If it hadn't been for me to understand that she was such a quick-witted person, she might have weakened her knees and knelt on the phone on the ground.

However, at this moment I just hugged the phone tightly, not knowing what to say.

"What's the matter?" Her tone finally softened.

"My dad is getting married, do you know?"

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