Zhang Danfeng and others were startled. Yun Lei couldn't help but shouted, "Wife-in-law, what are you doing?" Open your eyes and look at the son-in-law, lest she have any changes.

The son-in-law smiled lightly and said, "Don't be nervous, the power of the five gods can only seal and not disappear. And the best container to seal them is my body ..."

Zhang Danfeng and others were all stunned, how to believe, what to say. I heard a cold voice and sighed softly: "What she said is not bad, our body is the best container for the seal of the five gods. And I have lost the entity ..."

With the words, a white light flashed, and Fu Xi emerged from the air.

Yun Lei opened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief, and said, "How could that be? How could this be?"

Fu Xijing stepped forward, looking at her son-in-law with joy and sorrow, sighing: "Sister, it's rare that you are willing to make such a sacrifice. This time, I will seal it with you."

Yun Lei slammed a shudder, and trembled: "How to seal? Is it ... the same way as before?"

The five-colored light on the son-in-law's body flickered continuously, and she had a lotus palm print on her hand, and she meditated secretly. A faint white light emerged from her and turned around her three turns, and the five-colored light gradually disappeared ... ...

After hearing Yun Lei's question, she opened her eyes slightly, her eyes were calm and indifferent, and her smile was so pure as a lotus: "Girl, Yun, don't be afraid, this time the five gods have been conquered, naturally you can no longer use the old seal. .I will take them to the East China Sea bottom for purification ... "

Having said that, she closed her eyes and gazed at her with her five fingers, and swayed in the air, and a huge water mirror appeared in the air. The water mirror was an endless sea, with seabirds flying and waves rolling, which was the scenery of the East China Sea. .

The son-in-law turned back and smiled slightly at everyone: "Goodbye, everyone. Good-bye."

He flew up and flew towards the water mirror.

Suddenly Fuxi flew up and called out, "Sister, wait for me, this time, I will be with you ... I will always be with you."

I caught up with the son-in-law in an instant, and the son-in-law's eyes flashed, but she smiled sweetly: "Okay!"

The two flew into the water mirror together ...

Yun Lei was in the water mirror, and when he saw the two split the waterway, slowly sinking into the bottom of the East China Sea, somehow, tears rolled down suddenly. Zhang Danfeng clenched her hand and smiled, "Silly girl, to the son-in-law and Fu Xi, this is already the best ending. What are you crying for?"

Yun Lei's face was red and secretly said, "Yes, the son-in-law and Fuxi are gods of creation. No matter where they are, as long as they can stay with the loved one, it is a beautiful world ..."

Thinking of this, I could not help breaking my tears, Zhang Danfeng made a face and laughed, "Crying, crying, laughing, but why did you come?"

Yun Lei glanced at him and said, "Brother, you make fun of me again, I won't tell you ..." Suddenly I remembered something, and cried: "Well, where is Hua Baoyue? ? "

The expression on the red pot fairy's face was very strange, saying leisurely: "You ask that stinky fox ... he went some 600 years later ..."