Yun Lei saw him die so terribly, and her heart was a little sad, she slowly stood up and looked at Zhang Danfeng. The battle situation on Zhang Danfeng's side is more complicated than her.

Yun Lei and Greed can act without hesitation. Zhang Danfeng couldn't. After all, this man is his father's body. He can't help but hold his hands up. Zhang Danfeng wants to push the power of God out of his father's body, and doesn't want to really hurt his father. To say that Zhang Danfeng's skill at this time is much higher than that of Quanshen, but the two rolled over two hundred or three hundred tricks, which is difficult to win.

At a glance, Yun Lei had understood the difficulties of Zhang Danfeng, and could not help but sighed, thinking as if he were in a situation like Zhang Danfeng, maybe he couldn't do it.

She jumped up and shouted, "Brother! Suppressing the soul, let's drive the **** of power together!"

Zhang Danfeng's eyes lightened, and he nodded. The two bodies rose into the sky at the same time. Bai Yunjian and Qingming Sword crossed the sky, whirling and turning. With the rapid rotation of the two swords, numerous blue and white light waves were emitted from the sword body, one wave after another covering the power god. The **** of power only felt that there was a big mountain pressing down towards him, he could not hide or push, he couldn't push or move, a body was suddenly pressed down by this invisible pressure, a face became blood red, the soul of the **** of power I just felt that there was a tremendous push in Zhang Aoshi's body. He couldn't hold it anymore, wow spitting blood, a ray of green light spilled out of Zhang Aoshi.

It gradually turned into a human figure in the air, turned out to be an emperor costume, wearing a twelve crown, a flat crown, and a brocade robe; with a thick eyebrow, he laughed wildly: "Zhang Danfeng, you think you can force me out Did you save your dad? His soul has already been eaten by me! Haha, he died when I came out! "He laughed aloud, and rushed towards Nuwa.

The son-in-law didn't expect that he would rush up to die automatically, sneer, stretched his hand, turned into a huge lotus flower, the petals were rolled, and the power **** was wrapped in layers. A flash of white light flashed, and the lotus flower was restored to a son-in-law's uncle's hand, and a green bead in the palm of the uncle's hand was flowing endlessly.

At this point, the five gods have all been conquered, red pot fairy, Biyuan and others are relieved. There was a joy on his face. Only Zhang Danfeng, after all, could not save his father, and his heart was a little depressed.

Yun Lei grabbed his hand tightly, snuggled up beside him, and smiled softly at him.

Looking at Yun Lei's gentle eyes like water, Zhang Danfeng warmed her heart and clenched Yun Lei's hand.

Just like holding a lifetime of support, he took a long breath and finally suppressed the sadness in his heart, glanced at the son-in-law, and said, "Non-woman, how do these five gods deal with it? Is that all right?

The son-in-law smiled slightly: "Naturally can't." Zhang Kaisu's hands, five beads of red, green, blue, yellow, and green, fluctuated in her palm. She took a long breath and suddenly took all the five beads into her mouth, swallowing them with a grunt! .