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Wife Can’t Escape

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Song Luan transmigrated into a book called “The Powerful Minister” and became the wife of the Male Lead. In the book, the original owner was snobbish, abandoned her son, and finally died in a fire. Song Luan, who had read the book, expressed a panic. Then, she prepared to be a new leaf and hug the male lead’s golden thigh.

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Short Title:WCE
Alternate Title:嬌妻難逃
Weekly Rank:#3324
Monthly Rank:#3071
All Time Rank:#1818
Tags:Abusive Characters, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Clingy Lover, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Obsessive Love, Reincarnation, Second Chance, Slow Romance, Transmigration, Villainess Noble Girls, Yandere,
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45 Comments on “Wife Can’t Escape
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  1. It is repeated chapters from ch 73... I think that ch 72 is the ending, in which the conclusion is the fl will never love the ml even if they cross path because of past life curse. It is a sad ending, so read with caution because sad ending to me is quite unsatisfying. It does amuse me that fl not loving the ml is repeated throughout the novel and she once said that she used to like him but not anymore. It all came around and just like real life, i wish it could be more...

  2. So, it actually does not end there, but the available website is a bit hard to handle and thus i decided to assume ch72 is the ending... The link from ch 72 bcuz it was cut short: https://m.101novel.com/ck101/216105/50368489.html

  3. It has a happy ending, i already checked the translation on another site. Fl will have a baby girl and live a happy life with her husband.

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