Chapter Eighty Five

Memories of the past flooded in, cramming all the empty spaces before.

Gu Ci remembered that it was a short and long process.

He thought of that picture, and thought of countless other scenes. At that moment, he found that the consciousness that should have dissipated had condensed again, and he seemed to have seen scenes that were not memories--

Seeing her, who seemed to have longer hair than then, was sitting on the plane, looking indignant at the phone, as if cursing something.

Then he lost consciousness and plunged into darkness again.

If the rebirth represents a strong existence, then there must be the weakest time-probably at this time, that memory is completely clear.

So he opened his eyes again...

Only then will I see her who is completely strange.


Gu Ci hadn't come out for more than ten hours since entering the bedroom.

Macabaka is ready to use the machine to smash the door.

I don't know if it is because the bond with Maria has not been lifted, or because the system is helpless with Gu Ci, she has an inexplicable intuition that Maria will come back soon.

Not only will she come back, but when she comes back to see her boss behave like this, she will definitely feel distressed and will scold her for inadequate care.

But is this something she can take care of if she wants to take care of it!

Macabaka was melancholy, what should I do, the bedroom door suddenly opened from inside——

When Gu Ci followed in, he dressed differently. He changed into a black sweater and trousers of the same color, probably because he always likes to wear dark clothes, which makes his complexion look bad. The feeling of a depressed beauty.

Macabaka thought of another thing.

Because Gu Ci arrived at their headquarters through her exclusive passage, he would automatically get him a suit from a science fiction movie, a tight suit that showed his figure, light blue, dark blue and gray.

With such cool clothes and that face, Gu Ci will be taken crazy for pictures every time he goes there. His photos have been uploaded on the gossip public network. Every time a group of people reported in detail when he came and left. After he left, the system went crazy again, and it has already gained a large number of fans.

Many people also expressed their desire to see the heroine in this story, so they came to inquire about Makabaka. Macabaka picked some to show them, so the beautiful photos of Maria were also circulated in a small area.

Everyone then sighed with emotions about the love of the gods, the improper system, and the big brothers cheering.

In short, the current system is the one that is the enemy of the whole world.

Makabaka watched Gu Ci come out, walked towards her without a word, and skillfully reached out to the world through her hands to clasp the robot's head.

Makabaka silently contacted his good friend, and asked straightforwardly: "Hey, do you think the body of the rebirth boss is stronger than normal humans?"

My friend is puzzled: "What is strong or not?"

"It's just... he hardly eats, at most one more meal a day, I always think he is going to do it, but he never went to the hospital..."

"Although rebirth is not a mutated gene, it will definitely be alive at this level. The main reason is-the general rebirth of those people has very strong willpower, you can't even imagine it."

Macabaka nodded deeply.

Too. Can you be born again?

"And the situation you said will definitely be alive, and one meal a day will not die!" The friend paused, and said again, "But...anyway, there will be no less sins. If your health is not good, there is a high probability that you will be very painful."


Macabaka is about to cry again, the culprit who took them apart for the ten thousandth time insulted.


Public network bbs.

[This bad job doesn't want to do it anymore: here it comes! he came! Here comes the boss! [image]】

[Guci's number one fan of the public network: Idol is here! ! ! \\\\Gu Ci/\\\\Gu Ci/\\\\Gu Ci/! 】

[Little Expert in Book Wearing: Hahahahaha I bet right! I guess he will come today, because I went to see the map of the world that day, and it has been changed by the boss nearly 50%]

[Raised through the host again and again:! ! Fifty percent, I remember that when 70 percent is about equal to the world being out of control, the system will have bad luck, hahahahaha, I love it! 】

[The next host who makes a wish is not fw: Even now, it is already bad luck at this level. He will not be punished lightly, hehe. 】

[Internship is so difficult: happy to hear, happy to hear! Unexpectedly, I could witness such a thing with my own eyes. No wonder the textbooks we learn never talk about the big guys who are reborn in this world. It turns out that they are the autocratic system! Hahahahaha! 】

[Control room janitor: News, the boss has entered the door~]


Gu Ci is familiar with this place, he walked to a few huge screens, and skillfully called up several sets of data and graphs.

"Fifty percent."

A faint curse came from the space, a very distorted male voice.

The so-called system is not always alone, they will be updated, just like a renewal. He communicated with him, or should be called the system spokesperson of this generation. During their tenure, they followed the rules to "supervise" countless worlds,

There is still a very painful depressive hum in the space-as long as Gu Ci appears here, the other existence will be particularly uncomfortable.

So Gu Ci will stay for a while.

A screen displays a list with densely packed names and avatars, through which they can directly enter their dreamland——

Many vulnerabilities in this world come from dreams, and dreams are also feedback from bugs. At the same time, if you want to give someone a hint, most of them have to go through dreams-like some stupid robots with insufficient permissions, you can only use let The dog played with toys for the last few days to imply that it was so dark that normal people could not notice it.

There is no option for Yan Luqing in the channels that can be hinted by the dream. She is still in a bug state at this time and is not on the list.

Gu Ci found another one and clicked on it.

The other screen shows the progress of a program.

It is the cancellation progress of the previous clearing instruction.

He did stop it at the last moment, but its process continued to move forward. At the moment it was completed, a cancellation progress was born next to it, which slowly increased from one percent to the current "99% progress."

Ninety-nine is loaded, but the last 1% is still needed.

The 1% that has been late means that we still have to wait.

Wait... an opportunity.


October 1st is the best place to travel. Huaiyu is also a well-known tourist city, but Yan Luqing stayed in Huaiyu for three days and didn't go anywhere.

She stayed in that very old small apartment for two days, and finally went back to live with the dean and his wife for a day, and then got on the plane back to school.

Before leaving, Yan Luqing left a note in a very secret place.

Although I don't know when the dean will find out, Yan Luqing almost followed this very strange and hypocritical note written by instinct, and what is even more strange is that she still can't tell the specific reason.

What I have to say...

That is probably an intuition.

Qiu Nuanlin's university was in the same city with her. Yan Luqing didn't go back to school immediately after getting off the plane. He went to Qiu Nuanlin first.

The two exchanged for a long time, Qiu Nuanlin keenly noticed her strangeness: "What's the matter with you today? Something seems to be wrong."

"I met a person who likes it very much... I can't tell you too much, but I will only like this person in my life."

Qiu Nuan Lin pupils earthquake.

These words are replaced by any love-brained little sister who tells her that she can be very calm, but this is Yan Luqing-this is the Yan Luqing who does not enter the knife and shoots the peach blossoms!

"Grass, baby, you won't be deceived, are you?" Qiu Nuanlin suddenly opened his mind. "I met a god-level sea king? I brainwashed you? I want to take you far away? Don't believe me!"


It took Yan Luqing a long time to swear again and again to prove that he had not been brainwashed by the god-level sea king, nor did he meet any god-level sea king.

When they were parting, she hugged her best friend, and also stuffed a note in her small bag by the way.

It’s almost the same as the one given to the dean before, the note says--

"In case I disappear one day, don't worry, I must have gone to the place I most want to go, and did the thing I want to do the most."


Back to the dormitory is five o'clock in the afternoon.

There was no light in the room, and it looked a little dim. When Yan Luqing entered the door, Li Xixi was sitting at the computer desk, and the computer screen was shining.

She has a lot of things to ask Li Xixi, such as how the Gu Ci she met in high school appeared in her book... For example, was her sudden plane accident not that simple.

She felt that Li Xixi would know all the answers.

Li Xixi turned her head when she heard the sound of the door, and when she saw her coming back, she stood up to greet her with surprise on her face. He whispered and said many things, mainly complaining: "I was almost suffocated in the dormitory during the holiday. ..."

"..." Yan Luqing choked back with all the questions she wanted to ask. She was taken aback, "What...what?"

Isn't it over?

"Ma Xinwen." After Li Xixi finished speaking, before Yan Luqing asked, he gave her a sudden hug.

Yan Luqing was even more shocked.

She heard Li Xixi say, "You are the first roommate to get along with me like this. You deserve to be my daughter--" Li Xixi was halfway through, and suddenly braked, changing his style of painting again. I can't bear you too much."

She whispered: "But the one in your family is also really... miserable."

Yan Luqing heard the clouds in the mist, and the last sentence she said was like a mosquito hum, but she didn't hear it clearly.

But she never interrupted Li Xixi.

Her heartbeat was abnormally fast, as if she had a foreboding that something would happen. Li Xixi gave her a push and pushed her on her computer chair. Yan Luqing was facing the screen, and Li Xixi said in his ear: "You remember that my column has an advance receipt, right?"

The protagonist and copywriting of the very perfunctory "Rescue the Miserable Beauty", the protagonist and copywriting are very bizarre.

[Protagonist column: Gu Ci; Yan Luqing]

[Copywriter: One of the protagonists is indeed Yan Luqing, but not the Yan Luqing you think. 】

Yan Luqing nodded: "Remember."

"I just wrote the beginning, you can help me see if it looks good." Li Xixi finished speaking, and turned around except for the dormitory. "I'll go pick up some water first, and you can watch it slowly."

Yan Luqing glanced across the screen——

The first sentence on it reads "Yan Luqing has crossed." Six words, but she still wanted to read some words, but when she faced the computer screen, Yan Luqing felt a blur in front of her eyes. Then there was a burst of huge suction from nowhere, like a motion sickness to the extreme, she closed her eyes reflexively.

After the vertigo, Yan Luqing opened his eyes.

Everything around her gradually changed from hazy to clear. She was sitting on a familiar floor, surrounded by familiar beds, decorations, tables and chairs... In front of her was a very familiar bedroom, the light from the window to the ups and downs of the bed-there was a person lying there. .

Yan Luqing looked there in disbelief.

Then it seemed as if some floodgate had been opened, and the moment she realized where she was, what she had forgotten in the original world, then naturally remembered in this world, and remembered everything about this place.

Tears preceded the brain, and even before she could react, her face was already wet.

Yan Luqing's current location is exactly the same as when she left, both on the floor.

She stood up on her legs, walked to the bed in an uncontrollable swallow, and sat down slowly.

The person on the bed quickly opened his eyes.

The moment I met the line of sight-

It seemed that he was back at that time, he was still that boy, he was obviously cold, but his world was a warm and bright summer.

Every time you come to this bedroom, you can see his handsome figure standing or sitting as soon as you push the door, as well as that face that is heartwarming at all times.

It turned out that they met so early.

They met in such a cold winter—even though it was cold, she spent his summer.

As a result, it became the warmest winter she had ever had.

Yan Luqing's eyes were blurry and clear, and the tears were clear for a while, but one fell out, and another one would soon condense.

Gu Ci'an looked at her quietly for a while, then raised his hand to wipe her tears.

His hands were cold, and her crying hot face seemed to have a calming effect.

"Gu Ci..." Yan Luqing called his name, barely stabilized his voice, and said clearly, "I miss you so much."

He gave a finger and suddenly smiled.

That smile was particularly good-looking, and Yan Luqing's nose was even more sore. She muffled and asked, "What is the laugh?"

"This time the dream is very different." He said.

Gu Ci's voice is very soft, his words are more like dreams than hers.

These words seemed to liberate the lacrimal glands that Yan Luqing had barely controlled. It was almost a flood. She was about to burst into tears, changing from silent tears to sobbing sobbing.

"Who is a dream! How could dreams be like this!" She cried and leaned down and hugged him, buried her face in the pillow next to him, "Why are you so thin...I have to raise again..." Then The more I cried, the more sad I became. In the end, I started to "woo woo woo", and the sentence was incomplete.

The long-lost noise is so densely transmitted into the eardrum.

It seems to be warming up with human blood.

Yan Luqing cried and cried, and inexplicable scenes appeared in his mind, and there was a conversation between them.

On her birthday, role-playing in the amusement park, they turned back under the girl's unreasonable harassment. The girl asked a question, and the boy opened his eyes and said nonsense for her.

She rubbed her tears, sniffed her nose, and said, "I have nothing now, no identity, a vagrant, poor and white."

After saying this, Yan Luqing suddenly felt a tight waist--

She was hugged tightly, as if holding some rare treasure.

She asked in a low voice, "But marry me, okay?"


He felt the warm and healthy temperature in his arms, and suddenly couldn't help but redden his eyes.

"it is good."

It's always good.

Gu Ci moved one hand to the back of Yan Luqing's neck. She lifted her face from the pillow and followed the force of his fingers to kiss his lips.

Pale and soft.

This is the first tearful kiss between them.

she thinks--

I finally came to your world.

The author has something to say: The poor panda king never has to worry about material things.

Because the princess of Sun Kingdom not only will always drop the gods, but also will always, far, fall and stick.



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