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Why Am I Such a Genius Still Accepting Apprentices?

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Lu Xiaoran traveled to the fantasy world, but the dog system was not activated for a long time.

Lu Xiaoran, who had no choice, could only cultivate in a low-key manner and grow steadily.

However, after Lu Xiaoran had become the strongest existence in the entire sect, the dog system suddenly activated.

Lu Xiaoran: Dog system, I have already cultivated myself into a top master, you can get out of here.

System: Top master? Are you a king? Are you supreme? Are you immortal? Or sanctified? Or become the Supreme Being of Creation?

Lu Xiaoran: ….

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Short Title:WAISGSAA
Alternate Title:我这么天才为何还要收徒弟
Author:Fire under the wood
Weekly Rank:#1115
Monthly Rank:#871
All Time Rank:#589
Tags:Alchemy, Antihero Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Misunderstandings, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist, Pill Concocting, Sect Development, Souls, Student-Teacher Relationship, System, Teachers, Transmigration,
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85 Comments on “Why Am I Such a Genius Still Accepting Apprentices?
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  1. I had my fun at the beginning in the 1st world but later it became more and more absurd... it waa villian hunting protagonists but First of all he isnt just a transmigrated mc, the body of mc has a big past and everything is about him like a protagonist... He is in the small world but he has already enemys in the strongest world like wtf... Later he he came into the 3rd world the highest world for and it started very good fast progress and many strong subordinates. But then it got told that everyones discples is a reincarnation of someone and guess what his 2nd discple he met in his small world of the 3000 worlds he met the reincarnation of sun wukong like wtf how is that possible and thats not all everyone of them is a well known big shot but without mc hey would all have died against the protagnists... but he meet them all on his way... it felt like it was fate otherwise its not logical how he met so many well known people... and than I got motivated because the mc would attack with his disciples and sect the strongest being, so thought it would be a big war, like always the subordinates start the war and suprsise everyone and the big shot come later... but i got disappointed... the mc came forward and met the end boss hong jun... they both fought and later the discplis started to fight at the side very boring after so much training they only fought at the side. Than again mc is the highest realm 3 and his enemy is highest realm 7, mc has no chances but guess what because of so many unkown extern factors the mc got powers from the other people and he climbed the realms like a protagonist... in the end he just won because some lucky turns od unkown not calculated reasons but his enemy still escaped... Overall its a good novel to read the mc is a villain but sometimes it feels like a protagonist in some situations.. The author made some disciions i disliked but its still good just the jokes and misunderstanding go to far everyone thinks something and the mc says no but they still believe some illogical stuff about the mc he never did. Its worth to try. (I wrote the comment without care)

  2. Novel yang mc nya mirip ini tapi dia tinggal di gunung trus tiba2 ada kru siaran langsung artis. Lupa judulnya bisa kasi tau?

  3. Saya tidak tahu tapi saya merekomendasikan.The Ultimate Live Superstar" dan “Exploring the World of Live Broadcast”

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