Hearing this news, Song Qingcheng was surprised.

After all, whether it is Gu Zhengshen or Yu Minghui, the impression left to her is not very good, perhaps because, whether it is misunderstanding or prejudice, they have made things difficult for themselves.

To some extent, Gu Zhengshen and Yu Minghui are similar people.

The male is a bit like being in the bushes of thousands of flowers, and the leaves are not touching the body. As for the female, Song Qingcheng remembers that Yu Minghui'married' in Bollywood.

Therefore, to pair these two Lalangs, she couldn't imagine the scene of a blind date.

Inexplicably, I feel a little funny.

When Yu Tingchuan saw her bend her lips with a rice bowl and smiled softly, Yu Tingchuan also smiled gently, wiped her hands with a wet towel, and asked her openly: "What is being silly alone?"

"...It's nothing." Song Qingcheng denied it.

As for the blind date between Gu Zhengshen and Yu Minghui, it was naturally unsuccessful.

On the weekend, when he returned to his old house for dinner, Song Qingcheng learned from Yu Mingrong that it was Gu Jinyun and Gu Hengyang's mother who made Yu Minghui the daughter-in-law of the Gu family.

Gu Zhengshen and Yu Tingchuan are the same age, and there is no stable marriage partner. With Gu Zhengshen’s current wealth, there is no shortage of women around him, but Gu’s family is unlikely to let small Internet celebrities come in. In the eyes of the elders, The right daughter-in-law is the guarantee of family and prosperity.

Mrs. Gu asked someone to look around, but she couldn't find a suitable woman.

One day, Gu Jinyun happened to be at the residence of his parents and heard an old lady calling someone to worry about Gu Zhengshen’s marriage, and said casually: "The conditions are similar to my family, isn't it in the Yu family?"

The old lady Gu was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered that there is still a third child in the Yu family who has not married out!

Regardless of whether Gu Jinyun was joking or serious, anyway, the old lady took it seriously. She asked her old sister to inquire about Yu Minghui that night, and determined that Yu Minghui had no object, and immediately went to discuss with Gu Lao whether the two families should have a marriage.

Because of the polished commander of the family, it is rare for Gu Lao not to say that his old wife is messing around.

The two have always had friendships. At the beginning, everyone thought that Gu Jiazhi would be with Yu Tingchuan, but in the end it was nothing...

Thinking of his daughter, Mr. Gu asked his wife, "How is the matter with Jiazhi?"

"Going abroad to perform again, there is no time to take care of the man."

Old Mrs. Gu sighed: "Mrs. Fang called me the next day. She likes Jiazhi. Of course, she hopes that Jiazhi will be the daughter-in-law of their Fang family. Her son is the same age as Jiazhi, and I have seen him. It's okay." After a pause, the old lady said again: "It's just a little bit shorter, but you can't tell whether it is on the surface. Jiazhi is not young, so pick and choose, and she will be like her brother in the future."

Old Gu groaned and said, "I remember the Fang family's family background is very ordinary. If Jiazhi doesn't like it, it is excusable."

"It doesn't matter if you have a normal family background." The old lady said: "When the time comes, our family will help. The main thing is that Jiazhi's age is there. Too high a vision is not a good thing."

Having said this, the old lady found that the topic was crooked, and turned back to her son: "What do you think about Zhengshen and Minghui?"

Old Gu didn't look very much. He probably knew that Gu Zhengshen had no shortage of girlfriends, and because of this, if you find a particularly good girl and you are afraid of treating others badly, Yu Minghui is not inappropriate.

Thinking of this, Old Gu didn't object anymore.

So, there was a case of Gu Zhengshen being tricked into going on a blind date with Yu Minghui.

In fact, Yu Minghui was also fooled by the elders in the family.

So in the end, the blind date broke up unhappily.

"The people in the circle know almost everything about their blind date." When it comes to this, Yu Mingrong is a little bit dumbfounded. Gu Zhengshen and Yu Minghui's temperament are not mild. In this failed blind date, everyone Unwilling to take a step back, Gu Zhengshen brought up the matter, and naturally said that Yu Minghui was not doing well, and Yu Minghui was the same.

Now these two people are ruthlessly belittle each other outside.

Song Qingcheng didn't expect the situation to be like this. The blind date and the enemy came. For the first time, she heard that according to Yu Mingrong, Yu Minghui and Gu Zhengshen are not Huanxi enemies, but they really look very unpleasant to each other. Seems to be disgusting by that blind date.

In early September, Yu Chiyun celebrated his two-year-old birthday.

Compared with the stumbling during this time last year, the little guy walks and talks in a better way, and he also takes the initiative to chat with guests who come to eat at home with his hands behind his back.

At the end of the month, William showed up at Nanda with an older French lady.

The other party was wearing a white shirt and black wide-leg pants with her hair in a bun. The moment she saw Song Qingcheng, the French woman showed a kind smile. William whispered something in her ear. She just kept nodding, and then William trot. Song Qingcheng came out of the classroom just after class.

Song Qingcheng also saw the woman.

William introduced that, who is a well-known photographer, Marine? She wanted to take a group of Chinese-style photos, but she wanted to make a breakthrough, and she didn't want to use those Chinese models with Danfeng eyes and high cheekbones. It happened that Marion was in the mainland, so he recommended Song Qingcheng to the other party.

Even though Song Qingcheng didn't want to get involved in the modeling industry, he had to sit down with the other party for a cup of coffee because of his love.

As soon as he was seated, William got up and went outside to answer the phone.

For a time, there were only two people left in the position.

It was Marion who spoke first.

The English spoken by the other party asked if Song Qingcheng was a student of this university?

Song Qingcheng nodded, smiled lightly, took a sip of milk tea, and heard Marion speak again: "You don't have to watch out for me, I have no malice, including William. I don't have any intention to deceive you."

Being defensive against strangers is the early experience that affects her.

Marion spoke again: "William told me that he has waited for you for two years, but you have been reluctant to try to be a model. I thought you were really not interested, but now I find that I am not sure." She was holding the wall of the cup with her hands, and her light brown eyes looked at Song Qingcheng: "You have something hidden in your heart. It should be the past that has caused you harm, so it makes it hard for you to trust people you don't know. The way to completely let go of yourself."

"The most indispensable thing in this world is intrigue. This is unavoidable everywhere, especially in the fashion circle, where competition is fierce. Many situations have become commonplace for me. Some people are depressed because of this, some people are biting their teeth, or gorgeous. Or desolate, the results are not the same, but in the process, their lives have taken a certain turning point."

Song Qingcheng is unwilling to engage in the highly exposed modeling industry. He can't explain the unclear past, which is a very important reason. Even if Shen Zhi helped her to clarify, there are some things like Lu Yunxuan framed her for hiding drugs. Because of the lack of evidence and the truth, she said that she was innocent and did not convince the public.

Looking up, she looked at Marion with a smooth gaze: "Even if I have been in jail, it doesn't matter?"

Marion was stunned, obviously she didn't expect Song Qingcheng to have such a past.

Before she could give an answer, Song Qingcheng said again: "When I was a teenager, I was sentenced for hurting someone and hiding drugs. Although someone later explained to me that it was not the person I hurt, the part of hiding drugs is still the same. In my file."

Models are similar to celebrities. Once they are targeted and dug out, bad details will affect the future, especially in the current society, where the Internet is so developed.

After a while, Marien suddenly said: "I remember you have a saying in China, "You only love the lotus to come out of the silt but not stained, to be clear and not demon, the lotus is noble, but it grows in the silt, no one To live a noble and beautiful life forever, we shouldn't criticize her because of this. What we have to do is to grasp the present and the future, right?"

These words moved Song Qingcheng's eyebrows.

Then she smiled slightly.

Such a smile comes from the heart.

At this moment, Song Qingcheng suddenly felt relaxed.

In fact, it was only herself who could restrain herself. She took the past too seriously. Although the past was like smoke, there was more or less hesitation in her heart, which prevented her from going forward courageously.

On the way home, Song Qingcheng's ears seemed to have something Marion said--

"If you can’t let go of yourself completely, it’s an opportunity to walk on the runway. No supermodel is born with them. They are all trained and tempered. When you are really engaged in this business, you will find that it’s not that difficult. Whether you succeed or fail, the most important thing for each of us is not how much wealth you get, but what you learn from this experience."

This evening, the family had dinner. Yu Tingchuan saw that his wife had something on his mind, and took the initiative to ask her. Song Qingcheng hesitated for a few seconds, according to the truth: "William came to the school to find me today, and there is a photographer."

Yu Tingchuan buttoned his hands together, his shirt cuffs were pushed up to the top of his forearm, and his elbow was placed on the edge of the table. He did not interrupt her, but waited patiently for her to speak.

Song Qingcheng said: "I want to go to Milan to try."

After the words fell, there was a brief silence in the restaurant.

She hesitated and had many worries, but in the end she still made this decision.

Yu Tingchuan asked: "It's decided?"

"Yeah." Song Qingcheng's heart was shaken when asked like this. However, before she questioned her decision, Yu Tingchuan's low voice came again: "Since the decision has been made, let's go."

Hearing this, Song Qingcheng looked at him again.

Such a calm result was somewhat different from what she thought.

"You are still young, it's not a bad thing to go out and have a look." Yu Tingchuan looked at her with almost doting eyes: "Temporarily let go of the family, let go of the children, go out for a break, don't have to worry, come back when I feel tired, I My son and my son will wait for you here."

Song Qingcheng's eyes were warm, and he asked slowly, "Aren't you worried if you let me go like this?"

Yu Tingchuan smiled, but the gaze falling on her face was particularly warm. Afterwards, his expression was slightly reduced. He said: "Even if you are worried, you can't be over-constrained. My wife has never lived for herself. Now there is a chance, she should let it go. She flew high, still the same words, just remember the way home."

"..." Song Qingcheng also laughed, tears flickering in his eyes.

The night outside the window was thick, her hand was held, and the dry warmth of the man's palm reached the bottom of her heart from the back of her hand.

She thought this might be the best.

Update announcement

During the years when Mrs. Yu was studying in Master's degree, she was often too busy at home. For this reason, the four-year-old Mr. Yun Bao did not complain.

On this day, Mr. Xiao Yu held his pants and pushed his younger sister to the fence next to the uncle in his seventies, complaining that a certain woman was irresponsible and incompetent.

"Have you ever seen a mother like this, when you give birth to a child, you will be the shopkeeper, don't you?

The old man repeatedly said yes.

Mr. Xiaoyu cried out about his difficulty: "Pity me, be a brother and a mother again!"

At this time, the car stalling sounded outside the fence.

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Yu opened the fence and came in.

Mr. Xiaoyu has led the dog to greet him: "Our beautiful lady is back, do you want me to get you a bottle of lactic acid bacteria?


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