At the end of August, Nanda ushered in the school season.

Song Qingcheng recovered from a cold. One day, he received a call from Su Mian. After going to college, Su Mian had no worries and accurately positioned his job in the modeling business.

Knowing that Su Mian was going to participate in a costume show, Song Qingcheng flipped through the memo, determined that he was fine, and promised to go to Su Mian to join in.

The day before the catwalk, after five or six classes, Song Qingcheng went to Su Mian's part-time model to find her.

That is a small model agency.

In an office building located in the city center, several offices on one floor were rented.

When Song Qingcheng arrived, Su Mian and the others were training. There were seven or eight tall men and women in a spacious room surrounded by mirrors. Some practiced their pace with one hand on their waists, and some stood in front of the mirror, looking at themselves. From the side, observe whether you have a hump, and some put your hands on the back of the chair, and kick back with your feet straight.

The company’s website address is written on the glass door——

Song Qingcheng carried a bag on one shoulder, with his hands around his arms, without making a sound. He waited patiently in the aisle and watched the professional practice of the models.

Su Mian had just finished kicking and lifting his hips, and felt a little bit, turned his head and looked out of the glass, and saw Song Qingcheng, ignoring the sweat from his forehead, and ran out happily: "It's earlier than I thought!"

Song Qingcheng took a look inside: "The training is over?"

Su Mian grinned: "There are no hard and fast rules, you can end it if you feel OK."

Song Qingcheng also smiled, took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to her. Su Mian took it and rubbed his face indiscriminately. At this moment, the company staff passed by and saw Song Qingcheng, who was wearing a T-shirt and cropped denim trousers, and he was in front of him. Yiliang asked Su Mian casually: "Xiao Su, is this the new friend you introduced?"

"It's my friend." Su Mian explained: "But she came to see me."

Out of courtesy, Song Qingcheng also smiled lightly at the staff.

The staff looked enlightened, and then said: "It is a pity not to be a model for your friend's conditions. If you are interested, you can try a part-time job in our company."

When the staff left, Su Mian looked at Song Qingcheng, eager to try: "Are you going to give it a try?"

Song Qingcheng laughed: "Forget it, I'm still suitable for being an audience."

Su Mian slapped her mouth and shook her head and shook her head: "It's a pity, otherwise I will have another chance to hitchhiker." Then, she took Song Qingcheng's hand and took her to the studio at the end: "I'll go with Yuanxuan. Sister said hello, and then we left."

In the studio, it was still busy.

Some are preparing props, some are setting, and some are helping the models in dressing.

There are also female models already taking pictures.

Compared with ordinary people, models talk and laugh freely in front of the camera.

The model is wearing a short feathery coat with tight leather pants, wearing hating high on her feet, long black hair tied into a high ponytail, and her face is rich in makeup, but it is particularly eye-catching under the flash. Because the air conditioner was on, there was no sweat on the model, but the back of the assistant who was squatting next to him holding the light supplement was already sweating.

In order to create an elegant effect, a staff member held a small paper fan and fanned desperately behind the model.

As for the model's manners, she is confident, glamorous and generous.

Su Mian sighed: "I don't know when I can be like them."

She is still taking the pure route.

I also considered transformation, but never found an opportunity.

Like the show tomorrow, she is actually a substitute for another model who sprained her ankle.

If you want to be like these models alone in front of the camera, it is too early. Many models have been in this circle for seven or eight years, but they are still running errands.

After leaving the modeling agency, Song Qingcheng accompanied Su Mian to the mall to buy a pair of shoes.

After graduating from high school, Su Mian is Song Qingcheng's classmate who still keeps in touch even though he is studying at a different university. Su Mian's personality is more optimistic, and he will chat with her when he has time.

While trying on the shoes, Su Mian raised her head and said to Song Qingcheng: "I like the feeling of being watched by the public. From when I was very young, I wanted to be a woman like Audrey Hepburn. Unfortunately, I am not beautiful, only my height. The advantage is that I can't even touch the side of the show business circle, so I can only go to the model circle.

Song Qingcheng nodded: "It sounds great."

Su Mian sighed, and while the shopping guide walked away to get the shoes, she leaned in Song Qingcheng’s ear and whispered: "Last week, I went to a high-end club for dinner with others. I met a single person with a sponsor. The boss, in his 30s, looks good."

Song Qingcheng asked: "Is it the sponsor of tomorrow's show?"

"That's not true." Su Mian shook his head: "I just went to Cengfan. It was a celebration ceremony for the commencement of a real estate project. We invited more than a dozen models of our company to the platform."

As he said, Su Mian mentioned the unmarried boss again: "Everyone called him Mr. Gu. I later found out that his full name is Gu Zhengshen. My colleague told me that he was dating a new model from our company recently. I met at the celebration ceremony, alas, you said that it’s the same young model, so why don’t I have this kind of good luck for fishing."

After hearing Su Mian's long sighs, Song Qingcheng smiled and said, "It's not really good luck."

Su Mian turned to look at her suspiciously after hearing this.

Song Qingcheng explained: "The President Gu you mentioned has a very good family background. He is unlikely to marry a model. He is not a frightened young man in his twenties. He has a successful career and certainly hasn't been serious about the relationship between men and women. "

"Do you know him?"

"He is Yu Tingchuan's friend."

Su Mian suddenly.

Here, after Song Qingcheng and Su Mian discussed Gu Zhengshen and went home in the evening, she indirectly learned that Yu Minghui and Gu Zhengshen were arranged for a blind date by the family.

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