The trip to Northern Europe brought Song Qingcheng a bad cold.

It was late August when I returned to China.

In the middle of the night, Song Qingcheng developed symptoms such as stuffy nose and sore throat. He accompanied the two children to paint the next day. Even after taking cold medicine, he could not help coughing and fever in the evening.

When Yu Tingchuan returned home at night, he saw Song Qingcheng, who was looking wrong on the bed, put his hand on her forehead, made sure that her temperature was high, and sent her to the hospital overnight.

The couple went out without disturbing the children at home.

Because of the fever, Song Qingcheng's tonsils became inflamed. Yu Tingchuan greeted the doctor. During the infusion, Song Qingcheng was placed in a double ward.

Adjacent to the bed is a little girl with appendicitis sent to the emergency department.

The child’s mother was sitting by the bed, and seeing the men and women who came in, especially the man’s mannerism, it was inevitable to look more at it. After a while, the nurse came in and gave the young woman an infusion.

The needle was pushed into the vein, and Song Qingcheng felt a chill on the back of his hand.

After the nurse left, Yu Tingchuan put the suit jacket on her shoulders. When her back was against the needle, he sat on the bedside chair, wearing the left hand of the watch, and gently holding her infusion hand from beginning to end.

At first, the slight pain caused by the infusion disappeared because of the warmth on the back of the hand.

The mother of the girl next to the bed took the initiative to talk to them: "I had a bad cough, did I catch a cold at night?"

Yu Tingchuan said: "I just came back from abroad, the temperature difference between the two places is a bit big."

The other party showed a clear expression and saw that Yu Tingchuan was not like a difficult person, and continued to chat: "This girl, is it your niece? She doesn't seem to be very old."

"..." Song Qingcheng suddenly wanted to laugh.

Before Yu Tingchuan spoke, she first answered: "Yes, Auntie, your eyes are so good."

After that, she went to see Yu Tingchuan by the bed. Sure enough, seeing that the other party did not approve of her helplessness, Song Qingcheng raised the corner of her lips slightly, and heard the girl’s mother say: "Then your uncle is really nice. Where are your parents? Why didn't they come with you?"

"They are busy at work." Song Qingcheng sneered casually.

The other party listened and turned to ask Yu Tingchuan: "This kid is about to take the college entrance examination?"

Song Qingcheng didn’t feel that she was so tender. She quickly found the reason for the misunderstanding of the aunt. She was wearing a cartoon T-shirt with a ball head and wearing light blue jeans. She was more student-like in appearance. .

In the process of interpersonal interaction, age is a taboo topic, so it is not wrong to say that you are young.

Yu Tingchuan has already explained: "She is in college and will be in her junior year in the second half."

"Go to university locally?"


Yu Tingchuan replied: "I went to Nancheng University."

The girl's mother showed an expression of surprise, and then said: "That's amazing. Those who can be admitted to Nantah University are all top students in the school!"

It may be that Yu Tingchuan’s attitude was patient, and the other party said: “My son had just passed the provincial level in the college entrance examination last year, and he didn’t go down. He finally filled in a university in Xi’an that he chose by himself. Now he has not come back during the summer vacation. I found a part-time job and said that I would make my own tuition and living expenses."

Having said that, the girl's mother has a proud smile on her face.

Song Qingcheng smiled and said: "Then your son is also great. Few students look for work during the summer vacation of freshman year."

"We are just an ordinary person, we can't help him too much, and we still have to rely on him for many things."

In the middle of the infusion, Yu Tingchuan got up and went to find hot water.

The girl's mother asked Song Qingcheng softly: "Your family's conditions are good, right?"

"Not bad." Song Qingcheng smiled slightly.

After all, Song Qingcheng didn’t want to show off anything, so he didn’t talk deeply. It was the little girl who turned to look at her while lying on the bed. After a while, the seven or eight-year-old girl suddenly told her mother: "I will read it later. South City University."

The girl's mother smiled: "Then you have to study hard. Like this big sister, you don't play tablet computers on weekdays."

"Yeah." The girl nodded solemnly.

Then she looked at Song Qingcheng again: "Sister, in the future, I will be as beautiful as you when I go to Nancheng University."

Song Qingcheng laughed and nodded half-truth: "When you grow up, you will definitely be beautiful."

This night, Song Qingcheng finished hanging up the water, it was already midnight.

Yu Tingchuan went to pick up the car, fearing that her body would not be able to eat it, so he let her sit on a public chair in the lobby and wait.

Meeting Jiang Ning was pure coincidence.

Jiang Ning had cut short hair, dressed in mountaineering clothes, and raised her cuffs. She pressed the elbow of the other with one hand, and the fingertip was a piece of cotton wool dipped in iodine.

Song Qingcheng saw her goodbye, and at first glance he felt familiar.

At the second glance, he recognized who the other party was.

Jiang Ning's facial features have not changed much, but the publicity of the year is not there. Whether it is temperament or expression, Song Qingcheng feels a touch of peace.

Accompanying Jiang Ning is a middle-aged beautiful woman.

The other party confessed a few words to her, and walked towards the door first.

Jiang Ning's face was slightly worse, as if planning to find a place to sit for a while, and as soon as he turned around, he saw Song Qingcheng not far away.

This time, there was no rattling.

Two years ago, the scandal about Jiang Ning was exposed. Later, when Shen Zhi left Nancheng, Jiang Ning approached her to ask her whereabouts. Since then, Song Qingcheng has never heard about her.